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  1. Rule around the neighborhood that I was to be out there myself or with my, dad , Gretzky would prod next-door neighbor Brian Lizzette to play goal after
  2. Me and Paul playing together at that age than there are pictures of me and my, dad , " He was not included in John Lennon's will, and was annoyed that he had to
  3. Welsh on the other. My mom is very olive-skinned; I get my blue eyes from my, dad , " She credits her brother, Todd,as one of her most important sources of
  4. Some speakers, especially those with the Broad accent, the vowel in words like, dad , back and lag will be shifted toward ɛ. **In some varieties of Australian
  5. She also learns that J. D. is mom may have killed herself to escape from his, dad , Other students begin mimicking the perceived behavior of the popular dead kids
  6. Last Gunfight. Spielberg recalled years later to a magazine interviewer," My, dad ,'s still-camera was broken, so I asked the scoutmaster if I could tell a story
  7. His mother's maiden name). Henry said in interviews that, though he loved his, dad , he needed his own identity to make a career on stage, and told very few who
  8. New sitcom in thirteen years, After You've Gone, in which he plays a divorced, dad ,moving back into the marital home to look after his daughter (Dani Farmer)
  9. To have an effect," says Jones. " There's a connection there: the loss of a, dad ,as a source for Superman. " Seltzer states:" Your father dies in a robbery
  10. Is that I didn't keep my name as it was given to me. I knew it bothered my, dad , " Career Sheen has said he was greatly influenced by the actor James Dean. In
  11. If you would have us fall down and adore you, : Lock up your fat spouse, as your, dad ,did before you. The memoirs of the eighteenth century, particularly those of
  12. Phoebe rebut him by saying:" You can be a right twit sometimes Gary. I and, dad ,were down Cable Street in '36 standing up to Mosley and his Blackshirts. I know
  13. Message — one of forgiveness and the abundance of God's love. I remember my, dad ,always seating a mentally handicapped man in the front row and hugging him. And
  14. Strip include: *His Mum and Dad. In one strip in the Beans Book from 1957,his, dad ,'s name is revealed to be Bill, and he has occasionally shown to have been a
  15. Just thrilled, you know. And I remember walking over to Sumner school with my, dad ,that day and going up the steps of the school and the school looked so big to a
  16. S parents divorcing because of his mom's cough drop addiction, or Nelson's, dad ,in prison while his mom" has bigger problems" ), the canon story that has
  17. Phil, played by Will Ferrell, competes against his father in order to win his, dad ,'s Pele ball. Saint Poly carp (69 – 155) () was a 2nd century Christian
  18. Voluntarily. " Nikolai was a bat boy for the Giants and always sat next to his, dad ,in the dugout during games. In 2010,Nikolai was charged with five misdemeanors
  19. Lens was born, and we had our three other children that I grasped what a great, dad ,he is. " He has infinite amounts of love and patience for our kids," Plum
  20. Current president, Stephen Jones, replied," I've never been more proud of my, dad ,than the night he ... lifted that policy. " Apology for" racially hurtful "
  21. Plays a car park attendant dreaming of wanting to become a policeman, like his, dad , Industrial whistles are used for signalling and
  22. Jane Fonda accepted on his behalf. She said when accepting the award that her, dad ,would probably quip," Well,ain't I lucky. " After Fonda's death, some film
  23. Mood was light, and joke-filled, even introducing himself as" Billy Joel's, dad ," and stating" you guys overpaid to see a fat bald guy. " He also admitted
  24. And a fly out to right field. The younger Back commented later," If my, dad ,had been gracious enough to let Hank Aaron hit a home run, we both would have
  25. The school looked so big to a smaller child. And I remember going inside and my, dad ,spoke with someone, and then he went into the inner office with the principal
  26. Raised in that setting my whole life. My family went to church on Sundays, my, dad , was on church committees, my mom sang in the church choir, and I was confirmed
  27. Form is often used with words like" мама" ( mama, mom ) and" папа" ( papa, dad ,), which would be respectively" shortened" to" мам" ( mam) and" пап" (
  28. Girlfriend, Susan (Dana Delay). While Amy is initially hostile towards her, dad ,and Susan, she eventually grows fond of both. After a construction crew
  29. While some early episodes offer inconsistent histories (such as Nelson's, dad ,going insane and abandoning him,Nelson's parents divorcing because of his mom
  30. His subsequent wish that he could have the chance back to do good deeds for his, dad , Been decides to let Petals have the money. Meanwhile, Dolly and Anita discuss
  31. Father and husband. He said" I have to set sic real hard to think of being a, dad ,". Disgruntled with New York, Guthrie packed up Mary and his children in a new
  32. To video" among others). *Stan invariably reacts to any provocation with" My, dad ,was a Desert Rat ", and names an everyday task that his father had been forced
  33. These are some of the best people I've ever met in my life. " She added," My, dad ,has been a Scientologist for 20 years. He's the best man that I know in my
  34. To death. Bobby decided to stay away from the X-Men for a while to be with his, dad , Zero Tolerance came across and Bobby found and helped Cecilia Reyes who was
  35. Up with him) and Satan, and bassist Chancellor concluded:" I want to thank my, dad ,for doing my mom. " Extensive touring throughout 2001 and 2002 supported
  36. As far as the strip is concerned, they are important only as Calvin's mom and, dad , " Calvin's Uncle Max was in the strip for a week but could not refer to the
  37. Liner notes and photos, and bonus tracks. She also updated her biography on her, dad ,and published Frank Sinatra: An American Legend. In 2003, she reunited with
  38. And Wilcox. According to Tom Watson Jr., in his autobiography:" One day my, dad ,went into a roadside saloon to celebrate a sale and had too much to drink. When
  39. Do with his troubled first marriage, his perceived failure as a husband and a, dad , his father Harold's death, and Freddie Mercury's illness and eventual death.
  40. And Archangel. One day he took Opal to eat with his parents, however his, dad ,began humiliating her because of her Japanese heritage. As things were not bad
  41. Had nothing to offer him:" I'd been doing these drills since I was three. My, dad ,was very smart. " Where Gretzky differed from others in his development was in
  42. Toward him, saying " I've never really wanted to know the truth about how, dad ,was with me. There was some very negative stuff talked about me ... like when
  43. Ballad that was" probably a Ranchers, you know, on the car radio with my, dad , " By 1965,while attending Hilltop High School within the Sweetwater Union
  44. But I guess I couldn't blame her. I'd never thought about it much, but my, dad ,had an immortal wife. All his romances with mortals, including with my mom ...
  45. Or in order to express a high degree of affection (for instance: Mon pare 'my, dad ,', ma mare 'my mum '; in Valencian my Casey 'my home ', ma Vida 'my life' ).
  46. Of the band Marcy Playground. He is the son of a developmental psychologist, dad ,and a free spirited Bohemian mother. Solo career, Marcy Playground, and
  47. Superhero. Joseph confronts some bullies at school thinking he might share his, dad ,'s abilities, but is injured instead. David tries to console his son by saying
  48. His father, Ken Griffin Sr. badly. Also, when Griffin was a kid visiting his, dad ,in the Yankee clubhouse, Yankee manager Billy Martin would chase him out
  49. Postal worker, Ira Tower, three years later; Tower became a stay-at-home, dad ,to Jones and her older half-brother, Albert Kelly, until his sudden death in
  50. From toponyms, consisting of a few domestic words, which may include hubbub, dad , peat, bucket,crock, noggin,gob (cf. Gaelic gob),nook; and the dialectal

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