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  1. Much faster than any mechanical disc system, allowing for more closely spaced, scan ,lines and much higher image resolution, while slow-fade phosphors removed image
  2. A characteristic called Persistence of vision. Quickly displaying successive, scan ,images will allow the apparent illusion of smooth motion. Flickering of the
  3. Or NTSC. In principle all three color encoding systems can be combined with any, scan ,line/frame rate combination. Therefore, in order to describe a given signal
  4. Number of colors to be displayed on-screen at once to 512 (up to 46 in each, scan ,line — the STE never had a Spectrum4096,but other more minor applications
  5. Would usually run just before and just after the mailer ran. This program would, scan ,for and pack up new outgoing messages, and then unpack, sort and" toss" the
  6. This negative reverse emf. A small value capacitor is connected across the, scan ,switching device. This tunes the circuit inductances to resonate at a much
  7. Tests can include ultrasounds of the head, x-ray computed tomography (CAT, scan ,), electroencephalogram,HIV test, full blood count, thyroid function test
  8. A Bézier curve is to evaluate it at many closely spaced points and, scan ,convert the approximating sequence of line segments. However, this does not
  9. Scheduled. On Friday,6 January, after doctors reviewed the results of a brain, scan , Sharon underwent a five-hour operation to halt bleeding in his brain and
  10. Circuits. These generate modified Sawtooth and parabola current waveforms to, scan ,the electron beam linearly. The waveform shapes are necessary to make up
  11. Necessary for flying. The overall brain anatomy was reconstructed using the, scan , The reconstruction showed that the regions associated with vision took up
  12. Systems used spinning disks with patterns of holes punched into the disc to ", scan ," an image. A similar disk reconstructed the image at the receiver.
  13. She was taken immediately to a local hospital, where doctors performed an MRI, scan ,and found floating cartilage. The following day, Spears underwent arthroscopic
  14. Left; to control it separately, the software had to modify the patterns as the, scan ,line was drawn. After the controller scan ned the last active line, a more
  15. Linked list in the FAT. Worse, to find a free disk block, it must sequentially, scan ,the FAT. For MS-DOS, that was not a huge penalty because the disks and files
  16. The whole of line interval of a number of lines at the beginning and end of a, scan ,; no picture information is transmitted during vertical retrace. The pulse
  17. Isotope instead of the previously used iodine-124 is that the signal in the PET, scan ,is clearer as the body tends to transport iodine to the thyroid gland producing
  18. 1965). (http://history.dcs.ed.ac.uk/archive/docs/CU-Rep-1-AA.pdf Original, scan ,) Arthur J. Stone (1847–1938),a leading American silversmith, was born
  19. Format were saved and are widely available, recordings of the original slow, scan ,source transmission from the lunar surface were accidentally destroyed during
  20. Prolonging the length of SYNC pulses through almost the entire length of the, scan ,line. The vertical sync signal is a series of much longer pulses, indicating
  21. The line between the two control points on either side. The simplest method for, scan ,converting (rasterizing) a Bézier curve is to evaluate it at many closely
  22. The line output transformer, and alternating current (AC) is induced into the, scan ,coils. At the end of each horizontal scan line the magnetic field which has
  23. Which has not yet been presented. In 2004,scientists analyzing a detailed CT, scan ,of the briefcase of Archaeopteryx concluded that its brain was significantly
  24. Procedure to drain excess fluid from his stomach, discovered during a CT, scan , Replacement by HUD Older According to Israeli law, an Acting Prime Minister
  25. Broadcast from an American spacecraft (Gordon Cooper had broadcast slow, scan ,television pictures from Faith 7 in 1963) and testing the mock LM docking
  26. On a 35 mm or 70 mm film print or in 24 frame/s or 48 frame/s progressive, scan ,digital cinema format with native resolution not less than 1280x720. Producers
  27. To the six-month post BCG phase of the experiment. Persistence at subsequent MR, scan ,was reduced from 18 to 1 lesion, and evolution to black holes was reduced from
  28. A single short pulse which indicates the start of every line. The rest of the, scan ,line follows, with the signal ranging from 0.3 V (black) to 1 V (white)
  29. Screen Resolution: 320×192 resolution,16 (out of 256) on-screen colors per, scan ,line. Palette can be changed at every scan line using ANTIC display list
  30. Of the electronics and the transmission system, and the number of horizontal, scan ,lines in the image. A frame rate of 25 or 30 hertz is a satisfactory compromise
  31. Memory-mapped ISA option ROMs during the boot process, PC BIOS implementations, scan ,real memory from 0xC0000 to 0xF0000 on 2 KiB boundaries, looking for a ROM
  32. The horizontal synchronization pulse (horizontal sync SYNC),separates the, scan ,lines. The horizontal sync signal is a single short pulse which indicates the
  33. Of an analog VHS tape, which,although it has double the number of (vertical), scan , lines,has a much lower horizontal resolution. Super Video CD Super Video CD (
  34. Current (AC) is induced into the scan coils. At the end of each horizontal, scan ,line the magnetic field which has built up in both transformer and scan coils
  35. The widescreen DVD releases technical problems occurred during the progressive, scan ,transfer and re-formatting, introducing artifacts that resulted in a picture
  36. And the swinging vine is drawn by shifting the position of the" ball" on each, scan ,line. Despite the hardware limitations, many Atari 2600 games have a lot of
  37. The whole of line interval of a number of lines at the beginning and end of a, scan ,; no picture information is transmitted during vertical retrace. The pulse
  38. Error propagation. Analytical methods where a spline is intersected with each, scan ,line involve finding roots of cubic polynomials (for cubic splines) and
  39. And compared each person's level of altruism against their fMRI brain, scan , The results showed that PTC activity rose in proportion to a person's
  40. Scanning even lines) Each pre- or post- equalizing pulse consists in half a, scan ,line of black signal: 2 is at 0 V, followed by 30 is at 0.3 V. Each long sync
  41. Scan line the magnetic field which has built up in both transformer and, scan ,coils by the current, is a source of latent electromagnetic energy. This stored
  42. Out of 256) on-screen colors per scan line. Palette can be changed at every, scan ,line using ANTIC display list interrupts, allowing all 256 colors to be
  43. Can be captured. The reverse flow, short duration, ( about 10 % of the line, scan ,time) current from both the line output transformer and the horizontal scan
  44. Timebase circuits. During the late 1960s in the U. K., synchronous,(with the, scan ,line rate),power generation was introduced into solid state receiver designs.
  45. And syphilis or HIV infection. An EEG may be used to exclude epilepsy, and a CT, scan ,of the head to exclude brain lesions. Investigations are not generally repeated
  46. Computer History Project and is available online, as is a high-quality, scan ,of the original Atlas Autocode manual. Atlas Autocode's second-greatest claim
  47. Scan time) current from both the line output transformer and the horizontal, scan ,coil is discharged again into the primary winding of the fly back transformer by
  48. John Stewart suggested that broths were forts put up by a military society to, scan ,and protect the countryside and seas. Finally, some archaeologists consider
  49. Sync timing pulse. These waveforms are fed to the horizontal and vertical, scan ,coils wrapped around the CRT tube. These coils produce a magnetic field
  50. Reported (compared with 0.06 MTV of a chest radiograph or up to 20 MTV of a CT, scan ,). The highest levels of natural background radiation recorded in the world is

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