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  1. Case also notes Smith's observation that" superstition first attempted to, satisfy ,this curiosity, by referring all those wonderful appearances to the immediate
  2. Jeffrey in the closet, wincing at what he has just seen. This cut was made to, satisfy ,the MPAA's concerns about violence. Lynch thought that the change only made
  3. But was not completely finished until late Spring 1845. It was built mainly to, satisfy ,public demand for creation of a grade-separated right of way for the Brooklyn
  4. Commutative. Non-associativity A binary operation * on a set S that does not, satisfy ,the associative law is called non-associative. Symbolically, : (x For such an
  5. Of course, since we are dealing with fermions, we have to have the operators, satisfy ,canonical anti-commutation relations. However, if one now writes down the
  6. Then Fatou's lemma or the dominated convergence theorem shows that g does, satisfy ,the fundamental theorem of calculus in that context. In Examples 3 and 4,the
  7. As sets as opposed to undefinable classes. The hereditarily finite sets, Vω, satisfy ,the axiom of regularity (and all other axioms of ZFC except the axiom of
  8. Operation + and a unary functional symbol n, to be read as 'complement ', which, satisfy , the following laws: # Commutativity: x + y = y + x. # Associativity: (x + y)
  9. If we work in ZF with this axiom omitted). From any model which does not, satisfy ,axiom of regularity, a model which satisfies it can be constructed by taking
  10. The Almighty has not created the universe that we may have opportunities to, satisfy ,our greed, envy and ambition. " *"The higher goal of spiritual living is not to
  11. Model will contain elements, called non-standard natural numbers, which, satisfy , the definition of natural numbers in that model but are not really natural
  12. After the division. For Euclid’s method to succeed, the starting lengths must, satisfy ,two requirements: (i) the lengths must not be 0,AND (ii) the subtraction
  13. Of sufficient bandwidth on a proposed route through a network in order to, satisfy ,the service requirements of a VC or VP. Call admission and connection
  14. By many of the townspeople, including the magistrate, Othon. But it does not, satisfy ,Room. Camus carefully manipulates the plot to bring up the question of
  15. These commutation relations. In d dimensions, the angular momentum will, satisfy ,the same commutation relations as the generators of the d-dimensional rotation
  16. Infinity). So if one forms a non-trivial ultrapower of Vs, then it will also, satisfy ,the axiom of regularity. The resulting model will contain elements, called
  17. Then warm or put food on the table. #Style. Artistic objects and performances, satisfy ,rules of composition that place them in a recognizable style. #Criticism.
  18. I am just a businessman, giving the people what they want," and" All I do is, satisfy ,a public demand. " Capone placed armed bodyguards around the clock at his
  19. Used in dating igneous rocks. Safety Although argon is non-toxic, it does not, satisfy ,the body's need for oxygen and is thus an asphyxia. Argon is 25 % denser
  20. Talent' of seeing. Artists have had to 'see' issues clearly in order to, satisfy ,their current clients, yet not offend potential patrons. For example, paintings
  21. Barriers. All the formerly well established industries were designed to, satisfy ,the needs of an extensive realm. As a result, the emerging countries were
  22. Respectively, with respect to ≤. As in every lattice, the relations ∧ and ∨, satisfy ,the first three pairs of axioms above; the fourth pair is just distributivity.
  23. Holds that when the equitable assets of a deceased person are not sufficient to, satisfy ,fully all the creditors, their debts must abate proportionately, and they must
  24. Cost-efficient, for the obvious reason that smaller energy needs are easier to, satisfy ,off-grid. But they may substitute energy production or other techniques to
  25. Of documents stating the requirements they felt a programming language should, satisfy , Many existing languages were formally reviewed, but the team concluded in 1977
  26. In deciding which candidate wins. Optimal strategic approval voting fails to, satisfy ,the Condorcet criterion and can elect a Condorcet loser. Strategic approval
  27. e. g., of telescope objective (fig. 10); the values of the four radii must, satisfy ,the equations (2) and (4). Two other conditions may also be postulated: one
  28. Interpretation, which examined how social institutions functioned to, satisfy ,individual needs. British social anthropology had an expansive moment in the
  29. Customers in the mainframe era and were also used by customer personnel to, satisfy ,their employers' needs by making specific versions of manufacturer operating
  30. Given operation. To qualify as an Abelian group, the set and operation, must, satisfy , five requirements known as the Abelian group axioms:; Closure: For all a, b in
  31. In inflammatory lesions separated in time and space. As some cases of ADAM, satisfy ,these conditions, they should be considered inside the MS spectrum. Using a
  32. For HMV on the organ of the old Queen's Hall in London. These records did not, satisfy ,him, the instrument being too harsh. In mid-December 1935 he began to record
  33. A positive integer n such that: a_n a_ a_ = \dots. Similarly, P is said to, satisfy ,the descending chain condition (DCC) if every descending chain of elements
  34. Limits above 66 MB/s really affect performance only when the hard drive can, satisfy ,all I/O requests by reading from its internal cache — a very unusual situation
  35. Eating prey fish that have accumulated omega-3 fatty acids from microalgae. To, satisfy ,this requirement, more than 50 percent of the world fish oil production is fed
  36. Materials from the Jaguar's past, but also several brand-new titles to, satisfy ,the system's cult following. In the United Kingdom in 2001,a deal was struck
  37. And Rentschler. Definition A partially ordered set (post) P is said to, satisfy ,the ascending chain condition (ACC) if every ascending chain of elements
  38. Expressed as the quotient of two integers a and b, b not equal to zero, satisfy ,the above definition because x = a/b is the root of bx-a. *Some irrational
  39. Was well-defended, and to conduct an aggressive war effort that would, satisfy ,the demand in the North for prompt, decisive victory; major Northern newspaper
  40. College, compiled their tune book both for public worship and revivals, to, satisfy ," the wants of the Church in her triumphal march. " Most of the tunes had been
  41. Oscillator was pulled when the potentiometer dials were positioned by hand to, satisfy ,an equation. The relative resistance of the potentiometer was then equivalent
  42. Achieve light weight, and in the case of the Mercedes, the paint was removed to, satisfy ,the weight limitation, producing the famous Silver Arrows. NASCAR was founded
  43. Collections of polynomials, meaning the set of all points that simultaneously, satisfy ,one or more polynomial equations. For instance, the two-dimensional sphere in
  44. Of the Melbourne rules in 1866 by H. C. A. Harrison and his rules' committee to, satisfy ,the Geelong Football Club's own set of very different rules. Behind posts were
  45. S name, called themselves the Remonstrants. When Arminius died before he could, satisfy ,Holland's State General's request for a 14-page paper outlining his views
  46. Increased security, and lower costs of ownership. Some cited advantages, satisfy ,tenets of green building, not independence per se (see below). Off-grid
  47. That definition is used in calculations of the lowest sampling rate that will, satisfy ,the sampling theorem. Because this range of non-zero amplitude may be very
  48. Tan (3\pi/16),tan (7\pi/16),tan (11\pi/16),tan (15\pi/16) all, satisfy ,the irreducible polynomial x^4 - 4x^3 - 6x^2 + 4x + 1,and so are conjugate
  49. A point of the plane belongs to an algebraic curve if its coordinates, satisfy ,a given polynomial equation. Basic questions involve relative position of
  50. Circle in R3 can be defined as the set of all points (x, y,z) which, satisfy ,the two polynomial equations: x^2+y^2+z^2-1=0,\, : x+y+z=0. \, Affine varieties

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