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  1. On 12 March 2009. The United Progressive Party government was re-elected with, nine ,seats and supported by the sole member from Barbuda, affiliated to the Barbuda
  2. To retire from the university. In 1913 the council of Saint Petersburg elected, nine ,scientists honorary members of the university. Markov was among them, but his
  3. Siege of Petersburg, where the two armies engaged in trench warfare for over, nine ,months. Grant finally found a commander, General Philip Sheridan, aggressive
  4. And Port Adelaide Power. A local football league, the SA NFL, is made up of, nine ,teams from around Adelaide. Adelaide has developed a strong culture of
  5. Are about seven to eight heads tall, and extreme heights are set around, nine ,heads tall. Variations to proportion can be modified by the artist.
  6. Including the UK number 3 single" One of Us ", proving the last of ABBA's, nine ,number 1 singles in Germany in December 1981; and the swansong of their sixteen
  7. And six out of the state's seven congressional seats. Republicans hold all, nine ,seats on the Alabama Supreme Court and all ten seats on the state appellate
  8. An announcement that the new Constitution had been ratified by the necessary, nine ,states, set the first Wednesday in February 1789 for the presidential electors
  9. Of the States to be a government when Congress is not in session. # Requires, nine ,states to approve the admission of a new state into the confederacy. It
  10. Singleton injured themselves during Hutton's marathon effort, and with only, nine ,men, Australia fell to defeat by an innings and 578 runs, the heaviest in Test
  11. Man was taken across the street to Petersen House. After being in a coma for, nine ,hours, Lincoln died at 7:22 am on April 15. Presbyterian minister Phineas
  12. Of horses and deer; there are seal stone and fibulae. In the Archaic period the, nine ,villages that underlie Tea banded together in a synopsis to form one city.
  13. The world. Karol held the record for most consecutive tournament victories (, nine ,) until it was shattered by Garry Kasparov (14). In 1978,Karpov's first
  14. Danesh-e-Rag is called" On the science of the pulse ". This book contains, nine ,chapters on the science of the pulse and is condensed synopsis. Persian Poetry
  15. Milan). She had no relationship with her father, who died when she was, nine , As a young adult she took an interest in mathematics, and in particular
  16. Three long and three short vowels, which expanded in Later Egyptian to about, nine , The basic word in Egyptian, similar to Semitic and Berber, is a trilateral or
  17. Of the visual arts ". Warhol had so many possessions that it took Sotheby's, nine ,days to auction his estate after his death; the auction grossed more than US$20
  18. Basic: Cole fundamental (Fundamental School) Length of program:, nine ,years Age range: six to 15 Certificate/diploma awarded: Brevet
  19. Did not have a relationship with his daughter and he died in 1824 when she was, nine ,; her mother was the only significant parental figure in her life. Her mother
  20. In the heart of the city. Another shopping area is the Negev States:, nine ,narrow streets within the Grachtengordel, the concentric canal system of
  21. In the 1930s. According to Soviet data,100 percent of males and females (ages, nine ,to forty- nine ) were literate in 1970. Since independence, one of the first
  22. And starves them until the pigs get what they want. Although this results in, nine ,of them dying, their bodies are nevertheless given decent burials in the
  23. Internal communications within Gabon converged towards Nazarene. In the first, nine ,months he and his wife had about 2,000 patients to examine, some travelling
  24. Cases were left undecided. By the time that the trial wound its way through, nine ,years of legal battles, the U. S. prosecuting attorney had died and the two
  25. Southern periphery, including Crete and Rhodes. The Aegean Region consists of, nine ,provinces in southwestern Turkey, in part bordering on the Aegean Sea. The sea
  26. In 1988,Abdul Had Command became the first Afghan to reach space, spending, nine , days aboard the Mir space station. With the larger number of seats available on
  27. The Alabama Legislature; see Dixiecrat. In 2004,George W. Bush won Alabama's, nine ,electoral votes by a margin of 25 percentage points with 62.5 % of the vote
  28. By Louise Luck Namesakes *The name of Achilles has been used for at least, nine ,Royal Navy warships since 1744. A 60-gun ship of that name served at the Battle
  29. Essence was less impressed, suggesting to Speer that he should have taken, nine ,years over the project. The second Chancellery was damaged by the Battle of
  30. From which the English words are derived. In Greek culture each of the, nine ,Muses oversaw a different field of human creation: * Calliope (the 'beautiful
  31. Are two post primary schools MC Hale College and Soil Dominant. There are, nine ,National Schools Transport * Chill railway station opened on 13 May 1895,but
  32. And destitute. The film was shot quickly (by Kurosawa's standards) in about, nine ,weeks, with Kurosawa determined to show he was still capable of working quickly
  33. The Navy had an estimated 2,500 personnel whose major naval units consisted of, nine ,patrol/coastal vessels from Spain and France. There are talks with the German
  34. Jail for his participation in the" Beer Hall Putsch ". However, he spends only, nine ,months in jail, during which he writes Mein Kampf. * 1924 – The Royal Canadian
  35. The other gods tricked Hera into letting her go by offering her a necklace, nine ,yards (8 m) long, of amber. Lithographers agree that Artemis was born first
  36. 83 seats, the Alberta Liberal Party was elected as the Official Opposition with, nine ,members, and two Alberta New Democratic Party members were elected. Education
  37. Aspiring young screenwriter, Shinobu Hashimoto. (They would eventually write, nine ,films together. ) It was based on Cynosure Akutagawa's experimental short
  38. April, Speer was successful in building the large, impressive structure in, nine ,months. The structure included the" Marble Gallery ": at 146 meters long
  39. Alberta Health Services Board. Prior to July 1,2008,Alberta was divided into, nine ,health regions: Aspen Regional Health Authority: Calgary Health Region, Capital
  40. Technologies for organ preservation and growth ". Michael Debate and, nine ,other scientists received the prize, a bronze statuette created for the event
  41. The first to win six games outright, Karpov built a commanding 4–0 lead after, nine ,games. The next seventeen games were drawn, setting the record for world title
  42. In India. He defeated the Sikhs of the Maratha Empire in the Punjab region, nine ,times, one of the biggest battles was the 1761 Battle of Animal. In October
  43. Smallest sound that a person can hear, known as the threshold of hearing, is, nine , orders of magnitude smaller than the ambient pressure. The loudness of these
  44. Time (average age 3.8 years old, tested an average of 3.9 years later) and, nine ,were older (mean age 7.7y at time of ADAM, tested an average of 2.2 years
  45. Lands in court cases because of a faulty title. In Indiana, when Lincoln was, nine , his 34-year-old mother Nancy died of milk sickness in 1818. Located on the
  46. This series that the Ashes urn was crafted. Australia won the First Test by, nine ,wickets, but in the next two England were victorious. At the end of the Third
  47. A train derailed near Merino, Italy,after running into a landslide, causing, nine , deaths and injuring 28 people. Births *599 BC – Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara
  48. Connecting flights to British Columbia, eastern Canada,15 major US centers, nine ,European airports, one Asian airport and four destinations in Mexico and the
  49. Virginia Bolton published the newspaper called (), which was published, nine ,times in Rosario between 8 January 1896 and 1 January 1897,and was revived
  50. Lives within two hours walking distance of the nearest health facility, up from, nine ,percent in 2002. Infant mortality has decreased by 22 % and child mortality has

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