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  1. Position that led him to insult Chooses and Achilles, thereby bringing great, disaster ,upon the Greeks. After the capture of Troy, Cassandra,doomed prophetess and
  2. 1780,sparking the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War. The war was a military and economic, disaster ,for the Dutch Republic. Paralyzed by internal political divisions, it could not
  3. Inflicting great damage before timely British reinforcements prevented a total, disaster , With the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the war had begun. The militia
  4. Of Haggard Transcontinental. He is partially responsible for the Haggard Tunnel, disaster , *Chick Morrison holds the position of" Morale Conditioner" in the government
  5. Were declared unlivable. Brown County, which includes Aberdeen, was declared a, disaster ,area. Demographics As of the census of 2000,there were 24,658 people,10,553
  6. Accepted. Accidents For the worst accident in racing history see 1955 Le Mans, disaster , (See also Deaths in motorsports) Racing car setup In auto racing, the racing
  7. Synonymous with these aircraft. Then several accidents, such as the Hindenburg, disaster ,in 1937,led to the demise of these airships. Nowadays, a" balloon" is an
  8. Driven from Hungary. During the four years of his reign disaster followed on, disaster , and in 1695 Ahmed II died at Edible Palace, worn out by disease and sorrow.
  9. Playing at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario,the game proved to be a, disaster ,for the AFL as the Ti cats defeated the Bills 38-21 playing a mix of AFL and CFL
  10. Displayed a special message on the Apollo 13 spacecraft and its failure. As the, disaster ,happens, TV viewers were interested in the space mission once again. Apollo 13
  11. Believed epidemics to be caused by unfavorable celestial influences. The word, disaster ,comes from the Greek δυσαστρία, disastria, derived from the negative prefix
  12. Works of art and rare books. New conservation techniques were inspired by the, disaster , but even 40 years later hundreds of works still await restoration. Gallery
  13. Seats by 2011–12. AZ had a very good 2006–07 season, which ended, however,in, disaster , Going into the last game of the 2006–07 season, AZ led PSV and Ajax by
  14. Later take the pseudonym V. I. Lenin. The Emperor also survived the Bork train, disaster ,of 1888. At the moment of the crash the royal family was in the dining car. Its
  15. Not taken against this unintended side reaction, which caused also the Serves, disaster ,in Italy in 1976. In addition to this,2,4,5-T is hazardous in its own right.
  16. On civil services and are therefore safer and more comfortable during civil, disaster ,or military attacks. (Off-grid buildings would not lose power or water if
  17. And 1980,as well as at the sites of nuclear incidents, such as the Chernobyl, disaster , For example, the analysis of the debris at the testing site of the first U. S.
  18. Division of Haggard Transcontinental, who tries to prevent the Haggard Tunnel, disaster , *Dr. Bridgett is the scientist who pulls the lever to demonstrate Project X.
  19. Against the formidable Russian army. The invasion of Serbia in 1914 was a, disaster ,: by the end of the year, the Austro-Hungarian Army had taken no territory but
  20. Within 2 weeks of the storm, over 300 families had requested assistance from, disaster ,response agencies. By May 25,104 houses had been condemned due to the damage;
  21. President Richard Nixon *1977 – 28 people are killed in the Guatemala City air, disaster , *1978 – Former United States President Nixon aide John D. Ehrlich man is
  22. Which flopped and is now universally regarded as Ayckbourn's greatest, disaster , His fortunes began to revive in 1963 with Mr. Whatnot, again premiering at the
  23. It was claimed that union would enable Scotland to recover from the financial, disaster ,wrought by the Darren scheme through English assistance and the lifting of
  24. Mughal's empire, initiated so-called Child's War with the empire which ended in, disaster ,for the English. In 1690 the company sent envoys to Aurangzeb's camp to plead
  25. Australia causing A$2.3 billion in insured damages, the most costly natural, disaster ,in Australian history. *2002 – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returns to
  26. Leaving behind monoliths and artifacts. Unfortunately, the experiment was a, disaster , creating a hundred-million-year evolutionary cycle ending in the death of all
  27. Twenty people are killed in Handle, Trenčín Region, in the deadliest mining, disaster ,in Slovakia's history. Births *1360 – Francesco Barbarella, Italian jurist (d.
  28. Specializes in responding to emergency situations of war, conflict,and natural, disaster , Their programs in nutrition, water and sanitation, food security, health care
  29. Accidents occur, sometimes with a large loss of life, such as the 1988, disaster , at Ramstein Air Base in Germany and the 2002 air show crash at Lviv, Ukraine.
  30. In Briefly Hill in the Black Country, England. It is 'Arguably the worst, disaster ,ever to occur on British railways '. *1864 – The Union Navy captures Fort
  31. Fort Ticonderoga, where the invasion had begun. While the invasion ended as a, disaster ,for the Americans,Arnold's efforts in 1776 delayed a full-scale British
  32. Or the near-future) to the past or to another time-line via a natural, disaster , the action of technologically advanced aliens, or a human experiment gone
  33. Voyageurs National Park is established in northern Minnesota. *1985 – Bhopal, disaster ,: India files suit against Union Carbide for the disaster which killed an
  34. Maintained. This may include checks done to back-up facilities, procedures for, disaster ,recovery, training for end users, maintenance procedures, and security
  35. Bombing in West Germany that killed two U. S. servicemen. *1989 – Hillsborough, disaster ,: A human crush occurs at Hillsborough Stadium, home of Sheffield Wednesday, in
  36. This is the Wetumpka crater, which is the site of" Alabama's greatest natural, disaster ,". A -wide meteorite hit the area about 80 million years ago. In 2002
  37. Is set on a futuristic arcology to preserve humanity after a natural flooding, disaster , Role-playing and table-top games *In the table-top strategy game Warhammer
  38. Evolutionary cycle ending in the death of all animal life. After the, disaster , the aliens split into the Manifold Caretakers, who opposed further
  39. An organization that lobbies for small businesses, called the ADA“ a, disaster ,for small business. ” Pro-business conservative commentators joined in
  40. Jews remain essentially alien in the surrounding societies. (3) Jews bring, disaster ,on their 'host societies' or on the whole world, they are doing it secretly
  41. Of Baden and was driven from Hungary. During the four years of his reign, disaster ,followed on disaster , and in 1695 Ahmed II died at Edible Palace, worn out by
  42. In Gunman Prefecture, Japan,killing 520,to become the worst single-plane air, disaster , *1992 – Canada, Mexico and the United States announce completion of
  43. To exhaust our supply of effective antibiotics, a global public health, disaster ,appears likely. Poor financial investment in antibiotic research has
  44. Native Americans, an indefinite prolongation of a costly war, and the risk of, disaster ,as the French and Spanish assembled an armada to invade the British Isles. The
  45. 1985 – Bhopal disaster : India files suit against Union Carbide for the, disaster ,which killed an estimated 2,000 and injured another 200,000. *1987 – Los
  46. Space flight. This revelation caused some speculation whether the Apollo 1, disaster , might have been averted had NASA been aware of the incident. Hatch design The
  47. Where a rearguard was wiped out by Basque and Gascony rebels (this, disaster ,inspired the epic Chanson de Roland). Now ABD Brahman could deal with
  48. Plant in the Soviet Union (now Ukraine),creating the world's worst nuclear, disaster , *1989 – The deadliest tornado in world history strikes Central Bangladesh
  49. An IRA bomb explodes on the Grand Place in Brussels. *1988 – Ramstein airshow, disaster ,: three aircraft of the Recce Tricolor demonstration team collide and the
  50. Wetumpka Meteor Crater Wetumpka is the home of" Alabama's greatest natural, disaster , " A -wide In 2002,Christian Robert with the Institute of Geochemistry

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