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  1. Their governments to permit greater consolidation to achieve higher economy and, efficiency , The Australian Democrats is an Australian political party espousing a socially
  2. Of an algorithm as its input size (usually denoted as n) increases. Run-time, efficiency ,is a topic of great interest in computer science: A program can take seconds
  3. To set up the private Bank of North America to finance the war. Seeking greater, efficiency , Morris reduced the civil list, saved money by using competitive bidding for
  4. With improvements in computer technology, computer animation increased the, efficiency ,of the whole production process. Anime is often considered a form of limited
  5. Are used because different implementations of the same algorithm may differ in, efficiency , However, the efficiencies of any two" reasonable" implementations of a given
  6. Banks" to change the horizontal direction of flight. To maintain direction, efficiency , and controllability of flight the sideslip angle must remain near zero, though
  7. Which is used to coordinate and free breathing & vocal production. Freedom, efficiency ,and patience are the prescribed values. Proscribed are unnecessary effort
  8. At most log2 n + 1 time units are needed to return an answer. Cost models Time, efficiency ,estimates depend on what we define to be a step. For the analysis to correspond
  9. The total effect of the increased market concentration is likely increased, efficiency , the changes redistribute economic surplus from producers (farmers) and
  10. High-power AM transmitters (e.g., for MF broadcasting) are based on high, efficiency ,class-D and class-E power amplifier stages modulated by varying the supply
  11. Significant damage to the sample. UV damage to the sample will reduce the, efficiency ,of subsequent manipulation of the sample, such as ligation and cloning. If the
  12. Implemented on particular hardware / software platforms and their algorithmic, efficiency ,is eventually put to the test using real code. Empirical testing is useful
  13. Instance) to be demodulated using conventional techniques. Improved bandwidth, efficiency ,is achieved—at the expense of increased transmitter and receiver complexity—by
  14. Algorithms are designed to work with inputs of arbitrary length. Usually the, efficiency ,or running time of an algorithm is stated as a function relating the input
  15. To use each in the situation where they are preferable, thus increasing overall, efficiency , Typical operations Some operations that are often specified for Acts (
  16. Manufactured to add traceability for quality construction. At the peak of its, efficiency ,in the early 16th century, the Venetian Arsenal employed some 16,000 people who
  17. Photos, files and software. It has been argued that Apple has achieved such, efficiency ,in its supply chain that the company operates as a monopoly (one buyer, many
  18. Strategic, and tactical training with an emphasis towards furthering the, efficiency ,of the collective security element of the CST partnership. The Ministry of
  19. Preferential treatment to a series of strategic industries, including energy, efficiency , alternative energy and environmental protection, and seeks to attract private
  20. Even for very hard problems, MML will converge to any underlying model) and, efficiency ,(the MML model will converge to any true underlying model about as quickly as
  21. Yielded a more sustainable variety of the same crop. Electrical energy, efficiency ,on farms Policy Agricultural policy focuses on the goals and methods of
  22. Acts as a constant current source in the audio range. This system has low power, efficiency , * Control Grid Modulation. The operating bias and gain of the final RF
  23. Of organic chemical reaction * Approximate digestibility, in study of dietary, efficiency , a rough unit measure of the digestibility of animal feed * Anti-diarrheal, a
  24. Environmental Markets in the region, including renewable energy and energy, efficiency , water treatment and waste management. As average per-capita disposable income
  25. For compilers, as well as assembly programmers. Moreover, and to the dismay of, efficiency ,lovers, increasing processor performance has meant that most CPUs sit idle most
  26. And associated business processes to determine their relevance, effectiveness, efficiency , and sustainability following prescribed methods and guidelines, It also
  27. Order, and fulfilled the arduous duties of the office with great care and, efficiency , During his tenure he publicly defended the Dominicans against attacks by the
  28. Data on top of the structure to be examined without removal. When analyzing the, efficiency ,of algorithms that use stacks, one may also specify that all operations take
  29. Bandwidth as the positive frequencies of M (\omega). \, The transmitter power, efficiency ,of DSB-AM is relatively poor (about 33 %). The benefit of this system is that
  30. For railway stations during the 1930s,designed to represent the modernity and, efficiency ,of railway trains. Around the world, a number of amusement parks were
  31. Since 1998 have represented an improvement in terms of both fairness and, efficiency , although they are still considered to have fallen short of international
  32. Of a transmitter’s final amplifier, which was generally a class-C type for good, efficiency , The following types are for vacuum tube transmitters, but similar options are
  33. Systems Group. His role once again involved developing functionality and, efficiency ,modifications into Samba to enhance Quantum's GuardianOS-powered Snap Server
  34. M (\omega +\omega_c) - M (\omega -\omega_c) \end Power and spectrum, efficiency ,In terms of the positive frequencies, the transmission bandwidth of AM is twice
  35. Beyond the fact that a signal is present). To increase transmitter, efficiency , the carrier can be removed (suppressed) from the AM signal. This produces a
  36. Factor called a hidden constant. Exact (not asymptotic) measures of, efficiency ,can sometimes be computed, but they usually require certain assumptions
  37. Symmetry, and V-shapes that seemed to add to their suggestiveness of speed and, efficiency , Nash Motors introduced the modern fully unitized body (monocoque) design for
  38. Artillery and other arms, and the criteria by which military capability, efficiency ,and effectiveness are judged. Cost is also an issue because artillery is
  39. System of crop rotation and the moldboard plow greatly improved agricultural, efficiency , In the European medieval period, agriculture was considered part of the set of
  40. The costs attributed to farming have declined. This is related to the greater, efficiency ,of farming, combined with the increased level of value addition (e.g. more
  41. Automatic computer would kindle interest in the field now known as algorithmic, efficiency , writing in his Passages from the Life of a Philosopher," As soon as an
  42. Literature on" market failure ", nor has he been inclined to attack economic, efficiency ,as a normative benchmark. * Penn Gillette: illusionist of the team Penn &
  43. The conclusion that Computer A is running an algorithm that is far superior in, efficiency ,to that of Computer B. However, if the size of the input-list is increased to a
  44. Other detectable bugs. These checks can be disabled in the interest of runtime, efficiency , but can often be compiled efficiently. It also includes facilities to help
  45. Debate. On one hand, the library profession called for designs that supported, efficiency ,in administration and operation; on the other, wealthy philanthropists favored
  46. Research into new technologies such as pressurization. Most offered increased, efficiency ,from both added speed and greater payload. In the 1950s,the De Mainland Comet
  47. A modernization and development plan to increase the capabilities and, efficiency ,of the total force. In addition to administrative reorganization; modernization
  48. Combined with a central neutron source to begin the reaction and increase, efficiency , Thus, only 6.2 kg of plutonium was needed for an explosive yield equivalent to
  49. Its effect is not defined. (However, there are some important algorithms whose, efficiency ,strongly depends on the assumption that such a fetch is legal, and returns some
  50. Large accelerations and of attaining extremely high speeds with reasonable, efficiency , Chemical rockets are the most common type of rocket, and they typically create

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