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  1. In the 2012 fixture. The AFL, currently with 18 member clubs,17 of which will, compete ,in the 2011 season, is the sport's elite competition and the most powerful
  2. Of spironolactone may be reduced by taking aspirin, and aspirin is known to, compete ,with Penicillin G for renal tubular secretion. Aspirin may also inhibit the
  3. The films and ballots in the mail). Also, a January ceremony may have to, compete ,with National Football League playoff games. Past ceremonies and ratings The
  4. Can be studied just as well in other parts of NIH, where they would need to, compete ,with conventional research projects. These concerns are supported by negative
  5. All their works efforts to sports car racing. By 2000,Audi would still, compete ,in the US with their RS4 for the CCA Speed World GT Challenge, through
  6. Also known as grand tourers (GTS),and purpose built sports prototype cars, compete ,within their respective classes on closed circuits. The main global
  7. Prototype) and the Audi R8C (closed-cockpit 'coupé' GT-prototype) to, compete ,in sports car racing, including the Le Mans Prototype LMP900 class at the 24
  8. Plants are still dormant and have not yet leafed out. Even though they do not, compete ,directly with cultivated plants, sometimes winter annuals are considered a pest
  9. The company introduced the ill-fated Apple III in May 1980 in an attempt to, compete ,with IBM and Microsoft in the business and corporate computing market. Jobs and
  10. b. 1962) * 2007 – Maria Link, Brazilian swimmer and first Brazilian woman to, compete ,in the Olympic Games (b. 1915) * 2007 – Jocelyn Couture-Nowak, Canadian
  11. A single institution by the Higher Learning Commission. ASU's athletic teams, compete ,in Division I of the NCAA and are collectively known as the Arizona State Sun
  12. S Land. Fur traders formed the North West Company (NWC) of Montreal to, compete ,with the HBC in 1779. The NWC occupied the northern part of Alberta territory.
  13. Materials and tips for new filmmakers to share work, receive recognition and, compete ,for prizes. Was a Japanese film director, producer,screenwriter and editor.
  14. Described below). Mergers The merger is the mechanism by which the players, compete , Mergers yield bonuses for the two shareholders who hold, respectively,the
  15. Also the nickname used to refer to students and alumni of the university. They, compete ,in the Pac-12 Conference in 20 varsity sports. Historically, the university has
  16. Rodeo competitor, ranch horse, and all-around family horse. Quarter horses, compete ,well in rodeo events such as barrel racing, calf roping and team roping; and
  17. Racing, various classes of specially modified vehicles, including cars, compete ,in races through off-road environments. In North America these races often take
  18. During the Triassic Period, the better land-adapted proto-crocodiles began to, compete ,with amphibians, leading to their reduction in size and importance in the
  19. The stock market owns in the company that is being acquired. The players must, compete ,with the market as well as with each other in order to receive bonuses. Ending
  20. Holmes as his program is rebooted on modern computers, and he is forced to, compete ,against his nemesis yet again in the modern counterparts of Babbage's
  21. When Japan passed over the film in favor of another as its official entry to, compete ,for an Oscar nomination in the Best Foreign Film category. Both the producer
  22. In which a horse must possess a Register of Merit in performance before it can, compete , *Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Athenian (HERD),also known as
  23. U. S. The National Auto Sport Association also provides a venue for amateurs to, compete ,in home-built factory derived vehicles on various local circuits. Sports car
  24. Business Unit took over in August 1983,the Apple III no longer had to, compete ,for resources with the Apple II and the soon-to-ship Lisa. The Apple III was a
  25. Funding from Count Louis Borowski. In 1922,Basford & Martin produced cars to, compete ,in the French Grand Prix, and the cars set world speed and endurance records at
  26. Internationale (increased in recent years) among their rivals as these four, compete ,for the top four spots in the league table to secure a spot in the Champions
  27. Through the early 1990s,Audi began to shift its target market upscale to, compete ,against German automakers Mercedes-Benz and BMW. This began with the release of
  28. Kournikova stated that if she were 100 % fit, she would like to come back and, compete ,again. In June 2010,Kournikova reunited with her doubles partner Martina
  29. Still leave candidates and voters with the generalized dilemma of whether to, compete ,or cooperate. While in the modern era there have been relatively few
  30. Home computers produced by Amstrad between 1984 and 1990. It was designed to, compete ,in the mid-1980s home computer market dominated by the Commodore 64 and the
  31. Winning the NL Wild Card, making 2006 the first year that the Braves would not, compete ,in the postseason since 1990,not counting the strike-shortened 1994 season.
  32. In 2005,the Vantage brought back the classic V8 engine to allow the company to, compete ,in a larger market. 2003 also saw the opening of the Gaydon factory, the first
  33. Football League stands as the only professional football league to successfully, compete ,against the NFL. When the two leagues merged in 1970,all ten AFL franchises
  34. System/390 platform. This development effort was made partly to allow IBM to, compete ,with Dahl ITS. Unlike AIX/370,AIX/ESA ran both natively as the host
  35. Club competition, which first ran in 1888 and saw clubs from different states, compete ,on an even playing field. During this time, the Port Adelaide won a record four
  36. NBC (beginning in the 1965 season),which gave the league money it needed to, compete ,with the NFL for players. Upon hearing this news, an NFL owner was quoted as
  37. Based car; Group N Production cars and more modified Group A cars. Cars, compete ,on closed public roads or off-road areas run on a point-to-point format where
  38. Intermediate championship and division 1C of the Mayo League. Chill Rovers who, compete ,in the Mayo & District League Welcome Inn Hotel Division 1 and Chill Golf Club
  39. International Airport for the growing Research Triangle Park nearby and, compete ,with USAir's hub in Charlotte. Nashville was also a hub. In 1988,American
  40. Had failed. Mushers from all over the world come to Anchorage each March to, compete ,for cash, prizes,and prestige. The" Serum Run" is another sled dog race that
  41. Applets are also used to create online game collections that allow players to, compete ,against live opponents in real-time. An applet can also be a text area only
  42. Racing with purses in the millions. Quarter Horses have also been trained to, compete ,in dressage and can be good jumpers. They are also used for recreational trail
  43. Giants, with the former joining the competition in 2011 and the latter to, compete ,in the 2012 fixture. The AFL, currently with 18 member clubs,17 of which will
  44. Fairly low holding power to weight ratio and generally have to be over-sized to, compete ,with other types. On the other hand they perform relatively well with low rode
  45. Was meant to assert that the AFL could not achieve parity as long as it had to, compete ,with the NFL in the draft. But the 1968 Jets had less than a handful of "
  46. Tone, similar to a dreadnought (the body style was designed by Gibson to, compete ,with the dreadnought ) but with maximum resonant
  47. Of FC Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Manchester United F. C. and CA Boca Juniors will, compete ,against each other. Audi also sponsor the New York Yankees as well. In October
  48. Sport was notable for its popularity with females. Young women could not only, compete ,in the contests but retain and show off their" feminine forms" whilst doing
  49. And Israel that did not have traditional stock horse industries have begun to, compete ,with American Quarter Horses in their own nations and internationally. The
  50. Of a fatality which led to violence outside the stadium. With Naomi, Roma also, compete ,in the Derby del Sole rivalry meaning the" Derby of the Sun ". Nowadays fans

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