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  1. By electric bass players in jazz is facilitated in that jazz methods tend to, emphasize ,improvisation techniques (e.g., how to improvise walking baselines) and
  2. Prayers and letters are extant, and his discourses with the Western Baha'is, emphasize ,the growth of the faith by the late 1890s. ` Abdul'l-Bahá's given name was `
  3. With the economic determinism of historian Charles Beard in the 1920s and, emphasize ,that Northern and Southern economies were largely complementary.
  4. In the style of Lévi-Strauss; while British anthropology has continued to, emphasize ,social organization and economics over purely symbolic or literary topics
  5. Her symbolic role in this unique mission to the Spanish Court was intended to, emphasize ,the international links which were forged by her 16th-century ancestor, Ieyasu
  6. De Incarnation a" masterpiece" ) as evidence of his righteousness. They also, emphasize ,his close relationship with St Anthony, who is almost universally revered
  7. Дваж (twice),триж (thrice); Adverbs can sometimes be reduplicated to, emphasize ,the qualitative or quantitative properties of actions, moods or relations as
  8. Of Blood, The Lower Depths was shot on only two confined sets, the better to, emphasize ,the restricted nature of the characters' lives. Though faithful to the play
  9. Closely approximated by the approach using a normal linear model, most teachers, emphasize ,the normal linear model approach. Few statisticians object to model-based
  10. A court) and compete to play the ball into a single hoop. Such games tend to, emphasize ,individual dribbling and ball stealing skills over shooting and team play.;
  11. Happiness and sadness, dark and light, life and death, etc. His aim was to, emphasize ,the fact that happiness is fleeting and that the human condition is one of
  12. Tacitus and Dante ". According to Kimberly Kagan, his accounts of battles, emphasize ,the experience of the soldiers but at the cost of ignoring the bigger picture.
  13. Refers to several traditions of thought within the anarchist movement that, emphasize ,the individual and their will over any kinds of external determinants such as
  14. Important. Therefore, zones will be kept as small as possible and design should, emphasize ,simplicity. Because of this these lenses are the best for analytical
  15. Abortion. Feminist novels such as Braided Lives (1997) by Marge Percy, emphasize ,the struggles women had in dealing with unsafe abortion in various
  16. Has itself adopted the latter term, while not outlawing the former. This is to, emphasize ,that the sacrament is available, and recommended, to all those suffering from
  17. The mentalities approach, replaced by the cultural and linguistic turn, which, emphasize , analysis of the social history of cultural practices. The main scholarly outlet
  18. And ensure their use. OED's work program has also been reinterpreted to, emphasize ,organizational learning in a more clearly defined results architecture and
  19. Was Cardinal-Archbishop of Munich and Framing. Traditions Bavarians commonly, emphasize ,pride in their traditions. Traditional costumes collectively known as
  20. Supported the welfare state. In the Cold War years,Lincoln's image shifted to, emphasize ,the symbol of freedom who brought hope to those oppressed by communist regimes.
  21. Of pursuing unilateral prerogatives, Brazilian foreign policy has tended to, emphasize ,regional integration, first through the Southern Cone Common Market (MERCOSUL
  22. N \equiv 3 \mod 4. \end\right. Where (\track)\ is the Kronecker symbol. To, emphasize ,that they are being thought of as functions rather than sequences, values of an
  23. Initial investment—would surely lead to that goal. However, it is important to, emphasize ,that the terms" chemical" and" alchemy" were used as synonyms in the
  24. That the Apple II series could use. The Apple dealer network used this book to, emphasize ,the growing software developer base in education and personal use. The Apple II
  25. Their Prussian opponents derisively named them the" Austrian School" to, emphasize ,a departure from mainstream German thought and to suggest a provincial
  26. Church perpetuity" ) from the time of Christ. The opponents of this theory, emphasize ,that these non-Catholic groups clearly differed from each other, that they held
  27. Have been used to show two separate events happening simultaneously. To, emphasize ,the dramatic impact of a certain scene De Palma has employed a 360-degree
  28. Of Holocaust deaths so that their gains will be greater. This led them to, emphasize ,this figure six million in order to gain the solidarity of international public
  29. The committee was unable to agree. However, when a speaker wishes to, emphasize ,that the individuals are acting separately, a plural pronoun may be employed
  30. Samuelson's" Economics" refers 6 times to Smith's" invisible hand ". To, emphasize ,this relation, Samuelson quotes Smith's" invisible hand" statement putting "
  31. One may identify An (k) with kn. The purpose of not working with kn is to, emphasize ,that one" forgets" the vector space structure that kn carries. A function f:
  32. Agenda pole hajikwai," while," Pole Indio Wendy," has two to, emphasize ,the consistency of slowness of the pace. The meaning of the former in
  33. Many commentators refer to anime as an art form. As a visual medium, it can, emphasize ,visual styles. The styles can vary from artist to artist or from studio to
  34. Are common among such concepts writers as Acevedo, while cultural authors, emphasize ,the importance of form with complicated images and the use of hyperbaton. In
  35. Missile its name Board (for Boeing and MARC). In 1951,the USAF decided to, emphasize ,its point of view that missiles were nothing else than pilotless aircraft by
  36. Notice colors most of the time. Hence, in film color should be used mainly to, emphasize ,certain moments, but not all the time as this distracts the viewer. To him
  37. The Augustinian, Thomist, Lutheran,and Calvinist theological traditions all, emphasize ,the necessity of God's undeserved grace for salvation, and reject so-called
  38. RE step. Morley writes that among some contemporary Baptist scholars who, emphasize ,the faith of the community over soul liberty, the Anabaptist influence theory
  39. Involves skill and chance, it has many variants and event types designed to, emphasize ,skill, vary the method of scoring, set limits on the nature of the bidding
  40. Perfected contour-style bead work, in which the lines of beads are stitch to, emphasize ,the pictorial imagery. Plains tribes are master leaders, and today dance
  41. Order to ensure a humane kill. The skills and practices of bow hunting therefore, emphasize ,very close approach to the prey, whether by still hunting, stalking,or waiting
  42. The wheat from the chaff, the good from the evil. Panel is at pains to, emphasize ,that God did not will the calamity:" He looked on the evil-doing in the town
  43. The men are outfitted in tight-fitting shirts and pants, the goal being to, emphasize ,the dancers' leg action and body movements. The Birth of a Nation (originally
  44. In early 1990,the government changed its official agricultural policy to, emphasize ,the production only of those foodstuffs that can be raised economically. The
  45. Is the usual notation for modules. The additive notation may also be used to, emphasize ,that a particular group is Abelian, whenever both Abelian and non-American
  46. Chinese food typically treats vegetables as garnish while cuisines of China, emphasize ,vegetables. This can be seen in the use of carrots and tomatoes. Native Chinese
  47. Places of reward and punishment achieved after death. The Bahá'í writings, emphasize ,the essential equality of human beings, and the abolition of prejudice.
  48. In alternative medicine object to this categorization, preferring to, emphasize ,differences of approach, but nevertheless use the term CAM, which has become
  49. Shots are often used throughout his films. Split focus shots are used to, emphasize ,the foreground person/object while simultaneously keeping a background
  50. Sūtras, is a highly" difficult and obscure" text whose basic thrust is to, emphasize ," the inner enlightenment that does away with all duality and is raised above

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