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  1. A lifeand what a way to die Left to live a living death with no one left to, cry ,A petrified amazement, a wonder beyond worth A man who found more life in death
  2. I give judgment ". Originally the Latin word crimes meant" charge" or ", cry ,of distress. " The Ancient Greek word RIMA (κρίμα),from which the Latin
  3. Demand for war, which was lashed to fury by yellow journalism. The American, cry ,of the hour became, Remember the Maine, To Hell with Spain! The decisive event
  4. Dulcet Harvard whisper he implored 'Casey' to murder the umpire, and gave this, cry ,of mass animal rage all the emphasis of a caterpillar wearing rubbers crawling
  5. His people and asks why God does not take action. " 1:2 Yahweh, how long will I, cry , and you will not hear? I cry out to you“ Violence! ” and will you not save? "
  6. Some attention in the spring of 2005,when some fans performed the" O! ", cry ,at Washington Nationals games at RFK Stadium. At Cal Ripen, Jr. is induction
  7. Rajah. India has a liberal visa policy and nearly 500,000 visas A rallying, cry ,for the right-wing Hindu parties in India are that the demographics changed such
  8. Flicks ". If they are targeted to a male audience, then they are called" guy, cry ," films. *Romance: a subtype of dramatic film which dwells on the elements of
  9. Punishes them for their sins with oppression by foreign peoples, the Israelites, cry ,out to God for help, and God sends a judge to deliver them from the foreign
  10. Genetically engineered (tobacco) plants with insect tolerance by expressing, cry ,genes from B. thuringiensis. B. thuringiensis-based insecticides are often
  11. Suddenly, amid the smoke and snowy fog, I heard His Majesty's weak voice, cry , 'Help! ' Gathering what strength I had, I jumped up and rushed to the tsar.
  12. Not take action. " 1:2 Yahweh, how long will I cry , and you will not hear? I, cry ,out to you“ Violence! ” and will you not save? " - World English Bible. In the
  13. Would have meant" cry of distress ". Thomas G. Tucker suggests a root in ", cry ," words and refers to English plaint, plaintiff,and so on. The meaning "
  14. Team of Destiny" appeared on several homemade signs, and became a rallying, cry ,for the post season. The signs featured the black letter" D" in place of the
  15. One foot on the land, having an opened little book in his hand. ####Upon the, cry ,of the angel, seven thunders utter mysteries and secrets that are not to be
  16. The communeand Love eventually changed his policy. With her new war, cry ,of" the man who did this to my daughter is going to pay," Henrietta sought
  17. Singer Mel Tore told Rodgers that" You'll Never Walk Alone" had made him, cry , Rodgers nodded impatiently. " You're supposed to. " The frequently-recorded
  18. Tower and Observatory Ridges is Marylou Gully, which takes its name from the, cry ,of" garden à l'EAU" ( French for" watch out for the water" ), formerly used
  19. In several Detroit commercials was" Who's your Tiger? ". A popular rally, cry ,for the Detroit Pistons has also been adapted for the Tigers, resulting in "
  20. In 1966) featured a complex, intricate and multi-layered sound that was a far, cry ,from the simple surf rock of The Beach Boys' early years. However, Brian would
  21. Of the newly freed Cuba. The captain raised his glass and sang out the battle, cry ,that had inspired Cuba's victorious soldiers in the War of Independence.
  22. Election, the Liberal Democrats elected 62 MPs to the House of Commons, a far, cry ,from the days when the Liberals had just 5 MPs and Liberalism as a political
  23. No thong ";: I shudder to confess them.: Now I'm an older, wiser man: I, cry ," The Bronx? God: bless them! " And the song" New York, New York" ( by Betty
  24. Galla, galla, tsay, tsay" and" Poseidon, carabou, carabou, roola" ) is a far, cry ,from the statues which dominate the stage setting of The Flies (1.1.85,2.1.91
  25. To be more confident, mobile,comfortable, healthy and therefore less prone to, cry , (Babies sleep and will sometimes play in air cribs, but it's misleading to
  26. Other dramatic moments in Revelation, such as 6: 16 where the terrified people, cry ,out to be hidden, behave similarly. Christina Rossetti was a Victorian
  27. For complex events) and faith in a personal god, and one man's desperate, cry ,for him. In fact, Shestov used the story of Job as a central signifier for his
  28. In the off season, struggled in Colorado, going 13–17 with a 5.20 ERA—a far, cry ,from his numbers the prior year as a member of the Houston Astros, when he went
  29. Like to call them" Kitty Cats ". Home Attendance at Comerica Park Rally, cry ,During the 1968 season, the team was cheered on by the phrase," Go Get 'Em
  30. Under the altar ", appeared the souls of martyrs for the" word of God ", who, cry , out for vengeance. They are given white robes and told to rest until the
  31. By Virgil. In Paradise Lost11.65,Certara hounds are mentioned in Hell:" A, cry ,of Hell Hounds never ceasing bark'd With wide Certara mouths full loud ".
  32. The deletion of part of the short arm of chromosome 5. " Cry Du chat" means ", cry ,of the cat" in French, and the condition was so-named because affected babies
  33. By crew of any fire, the transmission ended abruptly at 6:31:21 with a, cry ,as the cabin ruptured after rapidly expanding gases from the fire
  34. Bird, it would be the lapwing (known locally as the peewit) whose lonely, cry ,characterizes the Essex marshes known as salting. Essex is also home to the
  35. Is usually made during excitement. Its use varies from startlement to a, cry ,of help to rage. Elephants also make rumbling growls when greeting each other.
  36. Introduced to the island by American troops. But“ Cuba Libre! ” was the battle, cry ,of the Cuba Liberation Army during the war of independence that ended in 1898.
  37. Capable of producing endospores. In most strains of B. thuringiensis,the, cry ,genes are located on the plasmid. Cry toxins have specific activities against
  38. Rejects this and suggests *crimes, which originally would have meant ", cry ,of distress ". Thomas G. Tucker suggests a root in" cry " words and refers to
  39. Painting Cimabue thought he held the field but now it's Giotto has the, cry , so that the other's fame is dimmed. Corporatocracy, in social
  40. Of the saturation of Christ's blood upon the souls of our poets, that it may, cry ,through them in answer to the ceaseless wail of the Sphinx of our humanity
  41. The 1984 World Championship Run, the team was cheered on to the well known, cry ," Bless You Boys," a phrase coined (in sarcasm) by Al Ackerman, a Detroit
  42. Readers that" the smooth fur, prominent 'apricot' eyes and the bellowing, cry ,are characteristic of the seal. " Another suggestion is that the bun yip may be
  43. Pizza pizza pizza pie, : If you eat it you will die, : If you die I will, cry ,: Pizza pizza pizza pie.: Engine, engine #9: Going down Chicago line: If the
  44. Were heartfelt though not necessarily impatient; the poignant combination of a, cry ,for help with a confident expression of faith echo today in the song“ 40” by
  45. They should never view liberty as" subordinate to independence" because the, cry ,of" independence first and liberty second" was a" fatal delusion ". As Able
  46. Fully grown and armed, with a shout —" and pealed to the broad sky her clarion, cry ,of war. And Uranus trembled to hear, and Mother Gaia ..." ( Pindar, Seventh
  47. When the Basques supported heir apparent Carlos and his descendants to the, cry ,of" God, Fatherland,King" ( Charters abolished). Since then, despite the
  48. Nora leaves her keys and wedding ring and as Torvald breaks down and begins to, cry , baffled by what has happened, Nora leaves the house, slamming the door behind
  49. The eyes of Yahweh;" the people are given into the hands of their enemies and, cry ,out to Yahweh; Yahweh raises up a leader; the" spirit of Yahweh" comes upon
  50. Adapted for the Tigers, resulting in" Detroit Base-ball! ". A second rally, cry ,also caught on in the Tigers' dugout in 2006. In a June game versus the New

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