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  1. As Hollywood traditionally did (and still does). The inspiration for this, innovation ,came from a family tragedy. When news reached Kurosawa of his father's death
  2. And energy. The council coordinates and initiates scientific and technical, innovation ,through specialized centers an initiative such as the Andalusian Center for
  3. From a city, and necessity compelled the ordination of some monks. This, innovation ,was not introduced without a struggle, ecclesiastical dignity being regarded as
  4. Show through theory and example that intellectual monopoly is not necessary for, innovation ,and as a practical matter is damaging to growth, prosperity,and liberty ". The
  5. Cars were put into use by the British on the Western Front. Initially an, innovation ,to aid the recovery of downed pilots, they were sidelined when the front became
  6. Practices employed by America’s farmers. The term depicts the push for, innovation , stewardship and advancements continually made by growers to sustainably
  7. Metal Songs countdown. Allmusic's William Kuhlmann said: Influence and, innovation ,Metallica's Lars Ulrich, who,along with bandmate James Hatfield inducted
  8. Around the idea that a work of art is a commodity impelled the aesthetic, innovation ,which germinated in the mid-1960s and was reaped throughout the 1970s. Artists
  9. Holds less than one-third of the claim. This doctrine is a seventeenth-century, innovation , although it is now applied retrospectively for centuries; the seventh Baron De
  10. Of the Patriots. Older and better established men, Loyalists tended to resist, innovation , They thought resistance to the Crown—which they insisted was the only
  11. Arrangement currently. Six-string banjos The 6-string banjo began as a British, innovation ,by William Temple, one of England's earliest banjo makers. He opened a shop in
  12. The design of safe, functional buildings, but also to elements of creation and, innovation ,which aim at elegant solutions to construction problems, to the use of space
  13. Superior to Harold Prince's 1975 version at the Delphi. Mr Judge's great, innovation ,is to transform the Liebeslieder Singers from the evening-dressed, after-dinner
  14. Better organized ways than the Allies. Later all allied armies would copy this, innovation , Spanish Civil War German volunteers first used armor in live field conditions
  15. Have been judged by various critics and scholars to lack the inspiration and, innovation ,found in his writing for the stage. These orchestral works are mainly in the
  16. But modern blowpipes have a non-return valve that eliminates this need. An, innovation , dating from the 16th or 17th centuries, is the use of a bellows to supply air.
  17. Singular formal, and then the modern second-person plural was formulated as an, innovation , All the other verbs in Basque are called periphrastic, behaving much like a
  18. Is on science, engineering,information technology and related sectors. For, innovation , Aachen is currently ranked 8th among cities in Germany. History A quarry on
  19. Directions, roads,towns, borders,and geological features. Anaximander's, innovation ,was to represent the entire inhabited land known to the ancient Greeks. Such an
  20. Attempts to reconcile these points by assuming that the latter represents an, innovation , In any case, the social position of women in both traditional and modern
  21. To the BBC, the " i" in BBC stood for" interactivity" as well as ", innovation ,". The various services all took on a common interface device, an " i-bar "
  22. Then even for a limited period. The opposing argument is that the benefits of, innovation ,arrive sooner when patents encourage innovators and their investors to increase
  23. Technology in architecture include the curb cut is a related structural, innovation , Other examples are standing frames, text telephones, accessible keyboards
  24. Submission to William. Alfred crowned William king on Christmas Day 1066. An, innovation ,in William's coronation ceremony was that before the actual crowning, Ealdred
  25. 13th globally on quality of living by Mercer, and previously ranked 3rd in, innovation ,by 2thinknow in the Innovation Cities Index 2009. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange
  26. And ethnography and the library could further expand. This was a time of, innovation ,as electric lighting was introduced in the Reading Room and exhibition
  27. Fire the guns at once. The rest of the German capital ships were without this, innovation , German range finding equipment was generally superior to the British FT24,as
  28. Social innovation s, such as paying forward. Franklin's fascination with, innovation ,could be viewed as altruistic; he wrote that his scientific works were to be
  29. Skills, foods,clothing styles, music,language, social and technological, innovation ,to American culture. The cultivation and use of many agricultural products in
  30. And game function keys for Start, Pause,and Reset. The 5200 also featured the, innovation ,of the first automatic TV switch box, allowing it to automatically switch from
  31. In the North Caucasus have been dated around the 4th millennium BC. This, innovation ,resulted in the circulation of arsenal bronze technology over southern and
  32. Many widely used devices in the world and have contributed to international, innovation , Norbert Millilux created the technique for converting sugar cane juice into
  33. Strings have higher tension, heavier construction is required overall. One, innovation ,is a metal bar called a truss rod, which is incorporated into the neck to
  34. Compositions into plaster or bronze, and to carve his marbles. Rodin's major, innovation ,was to capitalize on such multistaged processes of nineteenth century
  35. To be first presented to a judge to determine the detention measure; and fiscal, innovation , such as negotiating extraordinary taxes with the mercantile classes and direct
  36. Boston Herald. *Jessica Van Sack is an award-winning reporter who covers local, innovation , worldwide technology trends and social media. She also reviews tech gadgets
  37. Character that would combine coloratura and concertante woodwind solos, another, innovation , for a comic opera that was to be widely imitated. Salieri's next two operas
  38. A one megaton blast at a distance of half a mile (800 m) and were a British, innovation , subsequently exported to the US. However, finding sites for these silos proved
  39. Consistency of the file systems on disks (see FSK) on every reboot. Another, innovation ,was the introduction of shared libraries, which avoided the need for an
  40. As a share of GDP was slightly lower—about 2.4 percent. A recent advertising, innovation ,is" guerrilla marketing ", which involve unusual approaches such as staged
  41. Staircases that had no parallel in previous architecture. The other Baroque, innovation ,in worldly interiors was the state apartment, a processional sequence of
  42. Around. " Soon, traces of Brian Wilson's increasing studio productivity and, innovation ,were noticeable:" Drive-In ", an album track from All Summer Long (1964)
  43. Then, the Lombards had never had dukes or duchies based on a walled town. The, innovation ,adopted was part of Alboin's borrowing of Roman and Ostrogothic administrative
  44. Deriving therefrom, have also become---for good or ill---a source of profound, innovation , Common ground One reason often given for traditional apostolic succession is
  45. Country and bluegrass, through the introduction of the banjo and through the, innovation ,of musical techniques for both the banjo and fiddle. The banjo, with the fiddle
  46. Mashup concluded that patents do not have the intended effect of enhancing, innovation , Self-declared anarchist Proudhon, in his 1847 seminal work noted," Monopoly
  47. Arab's music has long been dominated by Cairo, a cultural center, though musical, innovation ,and regional styles abound from Morocco to Saudi Arabia. Beirut has, in recent
  48. The longbowmenand abandoning his chosen position. (The use of stakes was an, innovation ,for the English: during the Battle of Crecy, for example, the archers were
  49. Hull was protected by a layer of thick iron armor. Loire prompted further, innovation ,from the Royal Navy, anxious to prevent France from gaining a technological
  50. Since their introduction into worship. They were considered a Catholic, innovation , not widely practiced until the 18th century, and were opposed vigorously in

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