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  1. Later Amiga clones featured PowerPC processors only. Custom chipset The, custom ,chipset at the core of the Amiga design appeared in three distinct generations
  2. Of the opposite parties, for Job, as next of kin to Sahel, was by the law and, custom ,of the country the avenger of his blood. However, according to Josephus, in
  3. Is a free news website available to the public. * AOL provided free usage of a, custom ,domain name, which it called an AOL My address. This allowed users to create
  4. Wind, pointed to the quarter from which it blew. From this model is derived the, custom ,of placing weathercocks on steeples. Androids of Rhodes (fl. c. 60 BC) was
  5. Western celebration Historically, the Western tradition identifies the general, custom ,of praying for the dead dating as far back as 2 Maccabees 12:42-46. The custom
  6. Last popularized it. The campaign was very much a personal one. As was the, custom ,at the time, neither candidate personally campaigned, but their political
  7. Mendelssohn, Widor, César Franck, and Max Refer systematically. It became his, custom ,to play during the lunch hour and on Sunday afternoons. Schweitzer's pedal
  8. Series, Clarice Starling receives a letter from Hannibal that is scented with a, custom ,made perfume. FBI investigators in the film identify ambergris as a component
  9. That this" inferential" ability that animals have is not through reason, but, custom , alone. Hume concludes that there is an innate faculty of instincts which both
  10. His advice to Augustine of Hippo on this point was to follow local liturgical, custom , " When I am at Rome, I fast on a Saturday; when I am at Milan, I do not.
  11. Such as the Chinese Ghost Festival or the Mexican Day of the Dead. The Roman, custom ,was that of the Lemuria. In Tirol, cakes are left for them on the table and the
  12. Of persuasion; and examinations of the trustworthiness of the speaker. The ", custom ," view of learning can in many ways be likened to associations psychology.
  13. S leadership in the founding of the monastery at Kildare in Ireland. This, custom ,accompanied Celtic monastic missions to France, Spain,and even to Rome itself.
  14. Announced, both using FPGA based hardware synthesis to replace the Amiga OCS, custom ,chipset. The first, the Minimum, is a personal project of Dutch engineer Dennis
  15. Beasts and humans share, namely,the ability to reason experimentally (through, custom ,). Nevertheless, he admits, humans and animals differ in mental faculties in a
  16. Support his authority with the people. He was generous to the poor; it was his, custom ,to comment severely in his preaching on the public characters of his times; and
  17. Allow their show control and sound design software to communicate with their, custom ,hardware frames either by ribbon cable or fiber optic cable for long distances
  18. Subsystems, namely,the chipset bus and the CPU bus. The chipset bus allows the, custom ,coprocessors and CPU to address" Chip RAM ". The CPU bus provides addressing
  19. Customs of lay abbots in the late 12th-century Church of Wales::" for a bad, custom ,has prevailed amongst the clergy, of appointing the most powerful people of a
  20. While adding more weight to the handheld Newton devices than AAA batteries or, custom ,battery packs, the choice of an easily replaceable/rechargeable cell format
  21. Custom of praying for the dead dating as far back as 2 Maccabees 12:42-46. The, custom ,of setting apart a special day for intercession for certain of the faithful on
  22. And symbols. Most vendors continue to display the APL character set in a, custom ,font. Advocates of APL claim that the examples of so-called write-only code are
  23. 2005’D. J. Bernstein announced a cache-timing attack that he used to break a, custom ,server that used OpenSSL's AES encryption. The custom server was designed to
  24. Famous passages of the Inquiry was on the topic of the incorrigibility of human, custom , In a later chapter, he wrote:: :"The great subverted of Pyrrhonism or the
  25. As" that complex whole, which includes knowledge, belief,art, morals,law, custom , and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.
  26. A dedicated board was developed. The minimum uses the FPGA to reproduce the, custom ,Denise, Agnus, Paula and Gary chips as well as both 8520 CIA's and implements a
  27. Led to his association with battle and victory; hence it became the Roman, custom ,for a paean to be sung by an army on the march and before entering into battle
  28. By St. Oil of Clung (d. 1048) at his abbey of Clung in 998. From Clung the, custom ,spread to the other houses of the Clinic order, which became the largest and
  29. Church, its memory survives strongly in popular custom . Just as it is the, custom ,of French people, of all ranks and creeds, to decorate the graves of their dead
  30. Also offers an Amiga-compatible ZORRO-II expansion bus and introduced a faster, custom ,Jacobus, capable of 30 MB/sec transfer rates (faster than Commodore's
  31. g., CPU,memory and floppy disks). In addition, some models featured auxiliary, custom ,chips which performed tasks, such as, SCSI control and display interlacing.
  32. Operation of the subsystems. CPU expansion boards may provide additional, custom ,buses. Additionally," bus boards" or" bridge boards" may provide ISA or PCI
  33. Strong beliefs in outcomes. This effect may be understood as another case of, custom ,or habit taking experience and using it to predict the future. (Hume
  34. Names and ordered to cease religious practices such as animal sacrifice and the, custom ,of tattooing. The 1899 act mentioned above was replaced in 1997—until then the
  35. And special grave lights (see the picture),and among Czech people the, custom ,of visiting and tidying graves of relatives on the day is quite common even
  36. For amateur astronomers to build (or commission the building of) their own, custom ,telescope. Some people even focus on amateur telescope making as their primary
  37. That he used to break a custom server that used OpenSSL's AES encryption. The, custom ,server was designed to give out as much timing information as possible (the
  38. By Italian hardware company, Acube. Hardware At its core, the Amiga has a, custom ,chipset consisting of several coprocessors, which handle audio, video and
  39. Justifiable - may only be combated through the non-philosophical adherence to, custom ,or habit. He ends the section with his own reservations towards Cartesian and
  40. Lapsed even in the Lutheran Church, its memory survives strongly in popular, custom , Just as it is the custom of French people, of all ranks and creeds, too
  41. Consent for a sexual union was a matter for the family to decide, or a tribal, custom , In most cases, this coincided with signs of puberty, menstruation for a woman
  42. Days. *On festival – (Oboe Festival) is a Japanese traditional Buddhist, custom , evolved into a family reunion holiday. Many Japanese manufacturers and firms
  43. Adopted some elements of Persian dress and custom s at his court, notably the, custom ,of prosthesis, either a symbolic kissing of the hand, or prostration on the
  44. Warriors with rich abbeys held in commend am. During the Carolingian epoch the, custom ,grew up of granting these as regular heritable fiefs or benefices, and by the
  45. I am at Rome, I fast on a Saturday; when I am at Milan, I do not. Follow the, custom ,of the church where you are. " Thus Ambrose refused to be drawn into a false
  46. Across many instances. In this way, people know of necessity through rigorous, custom ,or habit, and not from any immediate knowledge of the powers of the will. (
  47. Assume that experience tells us something about the world because of habit or, custom , which human nature forces us to take seriously. This is also, presumably,the
  48. In Alberta, he is in reality a figurehead whose actions are restricted by, custom ,and constitutional convention. The government is therefore headed by the
  49. Says that Alfred, by " amusing the simplicity of King Edward and alleging the, custom ,of his predecessors, had acquired, more by bribery than by reason, the
  50. Their goalsand thus would seem to have a causal insight which transcends mere, custom , André de Longjumeau (also known as Andrew of Longjumeau in English) was a

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