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  1. Military surgeons. They are best known for the role they played during the line, inspection , in which they employed unusual techniques such as the use of the ed on the
  2. Are to be even more extended, as well as the establishment of joint border, inspection ,agencies, relocation of U. S. food inspectors agents to Canadian plants and
  3. The autumn of the same year he was forced to accompany his father on a tour of, inspection ,through Finland. By Charlotte, he had two children. *Natalia Alexandra
  4. After the discovery of the reason why the fixture had failed, a comprehensive, inspection ,of the other fixtures in the tunnel revealed the numerous other fixtures were
  5. Filtering technology exists in two major forms: application gateway or packet, inspection , For HTTP access the application gateway is called a web-proxy or just a proxy.
  6. In the presence of six of his own episcopal colleagues, the details of which, inspection ,were preserved. It was agreed by all parties that:" The register agrees in
  7. Image analysis with other methods and technologies to provide automated, inspection ,and robot guidance in industrial applications. As a scientific discipline
  8. With live modified virus vaccine and control of the midge vector, including, inspection , of aircraft. However, simple husbandry changes and practical midge control
  9. Collected at the census of each individual. The census records are not open to, inspection ,and also not admissible in evidence. The census is conducted in two phases:
  10. And said that all of its weapons were defensive and Cuba will not allow an, inspection , In France on October 23,the crisis made the front page of all the daily
  11. Adaptable to mass destruction; and d) establish effective safeguards by way of, inspection ,and other means to protect complying States against the hazards of violations
  12. Of electricity and water. However, the construction of the tank made internal, inspection ,of the tank impossible. The tank contained several components relevant to the
  13. Were employed in finishing the monument, and it was finally opened to public, inspection ,in 1787. The work, in the opinion of enthusiastic dilettante, stamped the
  14. Methods * Cognitive Walkthrough Method: This method is a usability, inspection ,method in which the evaluators can apply user perspective to task scenarios to
  15. Words to say about him and his abilities. Following Paulus' return from his, inspection ,of Rommel's doings in North Africa and also considering the reports submitted
  16. The retrieved die (or dice) will then be returned to play after close, inspection ,by the Bowman. To speed play, most casinos will immediately begin the process
  17. Purchasing, product configurator, supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, inspection ,of goods, claim processing, commissions; Project management: Costing, billing
  18. An initial consultation is followed by taking the pulse on both arms, and an, inspection ,of the tongue; it is believed that this gives the practitioner a good
  19. Applying a range of technologies & methods to provide imaging-based automatic, inspection , process control and robot guidance in industrial applications. Machine vision
  20. Such schools receive a public subsidy on a per-student basis, are subject to, inspection ,by the public authorities, and are required to follow the same curricular
  21. Bona fide ", and since repetition of incidental details was obvious on close, inspection , it is unlikely to have been intentional deception. The revised 1870 second
  22. Remaining three but can request using the same die if it passes the boxman's, inspection , This requirement is used to keep the game fair (and reduce the chance of
  23. 750-man battalions for peace support operations in Darfur. During a recent UN, inspection , the U. S. DOD evaluation team found Burkina's Leaf battalion fit to deploy
  24. The Civil Rights Commission * Civil Rights Act of 1960,establishing federal, inspection ,of local voter registration polls * Civil Rights Act of 1964,prohibiting
  25. As 1946. After the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Iraq admitted to the United Nations, inspection ,team to having produced 19,000 liters of concentrated botulinum toxin, of which
  26. Confidence in verification analysis. Once the Treaty enters into force, on site, inspection ,will be provided for where concerns about compliance arise. The Preparatory
  27. End Therefore, ƒ (x) must be a constant function in x. Because ƒ (0) 1 by, inspection , ƒ (x) 1,giving :1 = (\cos x - i \sin x) \dot ex \. Multiplying both
  28. To check that they never intersected, even at some very distant point, and this, inspection ,could potentially take an infinite amount of time. The modern formulation of
  29. The runners in the 100 m final are identified correctly when they line up for, inspection ,by the Prince of Wales. Jackson Scholz is depicted as handing Liddell an
  30. e. g., vision based autonomous robots and systems for vision based, inspection ,or measurement. This implies that image sensor technologies and control theory
  31. Inspection teams display a blue and yellow pennant. The pennant is flown by, inspection ,vessels in EU waters. The flag is triangular and quartered blue and yellow and
  32. NPAI to the Java 1.6+ plug-in (not yet supported on the Mac). Most browser, inspection ,tools, such as Firebug in Firefox, include JavaScript interpreters that can act
  33. Immigrants to the United States. This site was the nation's busiest immigrant, inspection ,station from 1892 to 1954. The island was greatly expanded with landfill
  34. Any solutions? #Are there any solutions beyond some that are easily found by, inspection , #Are there finitely or infinitely many solutions? #Can all solutions be found
  35. Which may arise within them. ” name" Will" /> The Common Law provided for, inspection ,by the court of king’s bench. In 1790,at least,“ the powers of the court of
  36. In the virtual address space. Deep packet inspection The use of deep packet, inspection ,(DPI) can detect, at the network perimeter, very basic remote attempts to
  37. Book will then be jacketed (most often by hand, allowing this stage to be an, inspection ,stage also) before being packed ready for shipment. The sequence of events can
  38. Due to unexpected deterioration caused by hydrogen embrittlement. Extensive, inspection ,and maintenance has avoided this problem in later reactors. All the Pickering A
  39. Is to rebase processes and libraries in the virtual address space. Deep packet, inspection ,The use of deep packet inspection (DPI) can detect, at the network perimeter
  40. Surpassed by the Port of Algebras Bay. The port's facilities include a border, inspection ,post (BIG) approved by the European Union, which is responsible for
  41. Children, all the elderly, and all those who appeared on brief and superficial, inspection ,by an SS doctor not to be completely fit. Auschwitz II-Birkenau claimed more
  42. A few stations have a basic wharf facility. All ships at port are subject to, inspection ,in accordance with Article 7,Antarctic Treaty. Offshore anchorage is sparse
  43. Curve and the tension of the chain at each point may be derived by a careful, inspection ,of the various forces acting on a segment using the fact that these forces must
  44. Unwashed). The Last Days of Pompeii has been cited as the first source, but, inspection , of the original text shows this to be wrong. However, the term" the Unwashed "
  45. On such issues as cabinet appointments. In January 1894 Abbas, while on an, inspection ,tour of Egyptian army installations near the southern border, the Marxists
  46. When similarly adapted species are found to overlap geographically, closer, inspection , reveals subtle ecological differences in their habitat or dietary requirements.
  47. Later claim total responsibility for the design of these houses, but careful, inspection ,of their architectural style, and accounts from historian Robert Tomboy
  48. Of animal by-products and/or alcohol in foods unless subject to oversight and, inspection ,by their respective religious authority or less-strict or circumstantial moral
  49. e. g., as the input to a device for computer-human interaction). * Automatic, inspection , e.g. in manufacturing applications Sub-domains of computer vision include
  50. Can make substitutions in whole or for any part of the returned result. Packet, inspection ,filters do not initially interfere with the connection to the server but

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