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  1. To recognize the People's Republic of China as the only legitimate Chinese, representative , effectively expelling the Republic of China administering Taiwan. * 1972 –
  2. L'Olympiad and Capone in Utica were written by Pietro Metastasis, the major, representative ,of the Arcadian movement and court poet in Vienna. La Griselda was rewritten by
  3. N/a Politics of American Samoa takes place in a framework of a presidential, representative ,democratic dependency, whereby the Governor is the head of government, and of a
  4. Him by appointing him chief" Again" of the city, an administrator and, representative ,of the Hindu and Muslim people, as a knowledgeable interpreter of the local
  5. He was followed by Takashi Abe in 1952 who came as the official Waikiki Home, representative , remaining in France for seven years. Kenji Tomsk toured with a delegation of
  6. Effect in 1967. The government operates under a framework of a presidential, representative ,democratic dependency, whereby the Governor of American Samoa is the head of
  7. Least 10 000 at the Theatre of Dionysus, but it is not certain that they were a, representative ,sample of the Athenian citizenry. The day's program at the City Dionysian for
  8. Was the rise of absolute monarchy. Only in England and the Netherlands did, representative ,government evolve as an alternative. From the late 17th century, states learned
  9. Baroness Wentworth in her own right in 1856,being then the sole remaining, representative ,of the Wentworth Viscounts. Lovelace was often ill, dating from her early
  10. Under physiological conditions and the cellular ATP/ADP ratio. However, a more, representative ,value (which takes AMP into consideration) called the Energy charge is
  11. For two million in 1783 alone. When Adams went to London in 1785 as the first, representative ,of the United States, he found it impossible to secure a treaty for
  12. He had switched to broadband years earlier. In the recorded phone call, the AOL, representative ,refused to cancel the account unless the 30-year-old Ferrari explained why AOL
  13. By right when they chose. Greek democracy created at Athens was a direct, not a, representative ,democracy: any adult male citizen of age could take part, and it was a duty to
  14. Who, after being appointed to a position in the Portuguese administration as, representative ,of the Javanese population, maintained contacts with the exiled royal family.
  15. At once, and was later championed by Governor Jay Hammond and Kenji state, representative ,Hugh Malone. It has served as an attractive political prospect ever since
  16. While the other -" Flash" - is owned by Barège Bulgarian, a " prominent, representative ,of the Karabakh clan" ) ## Aviation kerosene (supplying to Zvartnots airport
  17. The world: 139 Politics of Armenia takes place in a framework of a presidential, representative ,democratic republic, whereby the President is the head of government, and of a
  18. Year. North is a family holiday. Azerbaijan folk consists of Azerbaijanis,the, representative ,part of society, as well as of nations and ethnic groups, compactly living in
  19. Administration was his second in command, the vizier, who acted as the king's, representative ,and coordinated land surveys, the treasury, building projects, the legal system
  20. Which the character does not deserve. *Clem Weather by is a government, representative ,on the board of directors of Haggard Transcontinental. Deign considers him the
  21. Birthday greeting from his followers, a manifesto proclaiming himself the sole, representative ,of the Spanish monarchy. At the end of that year, when Marshal Serrano left
  22. Islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonfire. In 1528,Copies was replaced by a, representative ,of the" House of Weller ". Aruba has been under Dutch administration since
  23. All Warhol works except Warhol film stills. The U. S. copyright, representative ,for Warhol film stills is the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Additionally, the
  24. Armies the war. Although not the equal of Achilles in bravery, Agamemnon was a, representative ,of kingly authority. As commander-in-chief, he summoned the princes to the
  25. Venice Film Festival, due to the efforts of Giuliana Stramigioli, a Japan-based, representative ,of an Italian film company, who had seen and admired the movie and convinced
  26. Aeolus (Ancient Greek:) was a Greek poet and grammarian, the only known, representative ,of Aetolian poetry. He was the son of Satyrs and Stratocleia, and was a native
  27. The king, they compelled their rivals to consent to the erection of a regency, representative ,of both parties. On attaining his majority at the age of 21 in 1262,Alexander
  28. Often experimental nature. " The Artists Rights Society is the U. S. copyright, representative ,for the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts for all Warhol works with
  29. With that of the Father. " However, their doctrines cannot be considered, representative ,of traditional Arian doctrines or vice-versa. A Christian movement reputed to
  30. Of Antigua and Barbuda takes place in a framework of a federal parliamentary, representative ,democratic monarchy, wherein the Sovereign of Antigua and Barbuda is the head
  31. By a 1968 Lambert Conference resolution, and meets. The council consists of, representative ,bishops, clergy,and laity chosen by the thirty-eight provinces. The body has a
  32. When Ferrari demanded that the account be canceled regardless, the AOL, representative ,asked to speak with Ferrari's father, for whom the account had been set up.
  33. Apollo 11; they decided not to put their names on the patch, so it would" be, representative ,of everyone who had worked toward a lunar landing. " All colors are natural
  34. Is disavowed, as is already required in other measures in politics (e.g., representative ,recall). * Approval voting makes it much easier for voters to vote against a
  35. The aardvark is not related to the pig; rather, it is the sole recent, representative ,of the obscure mammalian order Tubulidentata, in which it is usually considered
  36. An appeal. The form is completed by the appellant or by the appellant's legal, representative , The nature of this form can vary greatly from country to country and from
  37. As national standards where appropriate. The Institute is the official U. S., representative ,to the two major international standards organizations, the International
  38. Of city life, with its banks and factories. The American Thomas Jefferson was a, representative ,agrarian who built Jeffersonian Democracy around the notion that farmers are “
  39. The United Kingdom. Its politics take place in a framework of a parliamentary, representative ,democratic dependency, whereby the Chief Minister is the head of government
  40. Prophets of Islam. Kinds considered Aristotle as the outstanding and unique, representative ,of philosophy and Averroes spoke of Aristotle as the" exemplar" for all
  41. Of Orange marries duchess Anna of Saxony. *1608 – The first official English, representative ,to India lands in Surat. *1662 – The Act of Uniformity requires England to
  42. And appointing rich merchant Nina Chat to replace the previous Kandahar, representative ,of the Kefir people and adviser. Besides assisting in the governance of the
  43. Farm for the poor" bill that would give land to farmers. Johnson was a U. S., representative ,for five terms until 1853,when he was elected Governor of Tennessee. Political
  44. Of the calcium-rich feldspar mineral abortive, and is believed to be, representative ,of the highland crust. A geochemical component called KEEP was discovered that
  45. Served four successive terms in the Illinois House of Representatives as a Whig, representative ,from Salmon County. In the 1835–1836 legislative session, he voted to expand
  46. Resolution, and usually meets at three-year intervals. The council consists of, representative ,bishops, clergy,and laity chosen by the thirty-eight provinces. The body has a
  47. Lily Pons, American soprano (d. 1976) *1901 – Lowell Stockman, American, representative , ( d. 1962) *1902 – Louis Been, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (d. 1977)
  48. Not a particular ideology. On the basis of this philosophy the UFA, as the, representative ,of the farmers as a class, ran candidates only in rural area and not in the
  49. Term. In 1843,he became the first Democrat to win election as the U. S., representative ,from Tennessee's 1st congressional district. Among his activities for the
  50. Is the head of state, appointing a Governor-General to act as vice-regal, representative ,in the nation. A Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor-General as the

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