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  1. The bank robber would find insurance companies listing him as a very poor, risk , and other firms would be reluctant to enter into contracts with him. One
  2. Wood into the surrounding soil (from playground equipment, for instance),a, risk ,is also presented by the burning of older CCA timber. The direct or indirect
  3. André Malraux, in his La Condition Humane (1933)," If a man is not ready to, risk ,his life, where is his dignity? ". Similarly, Helen Keller stated that" Life
  4. Year. Introducing GMOs and hybridized commercial seed to an area brings the, risk ,of cross-pollination with local land races Therefore, GMOs pose a threat to the
  5. That people exposed to arsenic in their drinking water may be at increased, risk ,for more serious illness or death in response to infection from the virus.
  6. Or are hard to distinguish from ASD's symptoms. *Epilepsy, with variations in, risk ,of epilepsy due to age, cognitive level, and type of language disorder.
  7. Of chronic anxiety are not addressed and treated in adolescence then the, risk ,of developing an anxiety disorder in adulthood increases significantly. “
  8. A motion is unsuccessful, the defendant must file an answer to the complaint or, risk ,an adverse default judgment. The answer establishes which allegations (cause
  9. Age at diagnosis, and public awareness, though unidentified environmental, risk ,factors cannot be ruled out. The available evidence does not rule out the
  10. Too. People who wear dark clothes in the summer put themselves at a greater, risk ,of heatstroke than those who wear lighter-color clothes. Trees Because trees
  11. Chronic arsenic exposure and various forms of cancer, in particular when other, risk ,factors, such as cigarette smoking, are present. These effects have been
  12. With local law, is among the safest procedures in medicine. In the US,the, risk ,of maternal death from abortion is 0.567 per 100,000 procedures, making
  13. Place for senior people such as fall detectors, thermometers (for hypothermia, risk ,), flooding and unlit gas sensors (for people with mild dementia). Notably
  14. And loyal Native Americans, an indefinite prolongation of a costly war, and the, risk ,of disaster as the French and Spanish assembled an armada to invade the British
  15. With air. The lighter liquid alkanes are highly flammable, although this, risk ,decreases with the length of the carbon chain. Pentane, hexane, heptane,and
  16. Have expressed concerns that the aluminum in antiperspirants may increase the, risk ,of breast cancer, and aluminum has controversially been implicated as a factor
  17. Some studies, such as those on the PAID cohort, cite aluminum exposure as a, risk ,factor for Alzheimer's disease. Some brain plaques have been found to contain
  18. Clinical syndrome associated with them. Familial MND may also confer a higher, risk ,of developing cognitive changes such as frontotemporal dementia or executive
  19. Of the U. S. entry into World War II ". President Roosevelt could not take the, risk ,of allowing Hitler to possess atomic bombs first. As a result of Einstein's
  20. Been scientifically validated, include improved complexion and possibly a lower, risk ,of cancer. Preliminary research associates consumption of almonds with
  21. It to disappear and reappear in a random location on the screen (with the, risk ,of self-destructing or appearing on top of an asteroid). Each stage starts
  22. Clinics answered a questionnaire yielded similar results. A 1998 survey found, risk ,to maternal health cited as the main reason by 5-10 % in seven countries and by
  23. Which is a form of argon plasma beam electrosurgery. The procedure carries a, risk ,of producing gas embolism in the patient and has resulted in the death of one
  24. All known teratogens (agents that cause birth defects) related to the, risk ,of autism appear to act during the first eight weeks from conception, and
  25. Studies on inorganic arsenic exposure suggests a small but measurable, risk ,increase for bladder cancer at 10 parts per billion. According to Peter
  26. Not rule out the possibility that autism's true prevalence has increased; The, risk ,is greater with older fathers than with older mothers; two potential
  27. Use electronic sensors connected to an alarm system to help caregivers manage, risk ,and help vulnerable people stay independent at home longer. An example would be
  28. Expressed in the Latin medical. In critical areas where surgery presents a high, risk , it may be delayed or used as a last resort. The drainage of a lung abscess may
  29. Or a fixed amount on each book that is sold. Publishers, at times, reduced the, risk ,of this type of arrangement, by agreeing only to pay this after a certain
  30. Sheltered Jews, thereby exposing themselves and their families to the high, risk ,of being imprisoned or sent to concentration camps. More than 100,000 Dutch
  31. In adulthood increases significantly. “ Clinical worry is also associated with, risk ,of comorbidity with other anxiety disorders and depression” which is why
  32. Aftenposten that Jews can no longer be safe in the city anymore due to the, risk ,of violent assaults. " Jews no longer feel at home in the city. Many are
  33. Safer than childbirth (7.06 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births). The, risk ,of abortion-related mortality increases with increasing gestational age, but
  34. Pain and a lower success rate (requiring surgical abortion). Overall,the, risk ,of uterine infection is lower with medical than with surgical abortion, As a
  35. Or those with Down syndrome; siblings of individuals with ASD have greater, risk ,of negative well-being and poorer sibling relationships as adults.
  36. And an increased risk of oral cancer. McCullough and Farah also state that the, risk ,of acquiring cancer rises almost five times for users of alcohol-containing
  37. That is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological, risk , such as a business venture, a love affair, or other major life undertakings.
  38. Before elective abortion, as they are believed to substantially reduce the, risk ,of postoperative uterine infection. Complications after second-trimester
  39. Possible connection between mouthwashes that contain alcohol, and an increased, risk ,of oral cancer. McCullough and Farah also state that the risk of acquiring
  40. Earth program ... by deliberately sabotaging it at considerable personal, risk , Twelve of the defendants were sentenced to death (including Borman, in
  41. DNA hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes p16 and p53,thus increasing, risk ,of carcinogenic. These epigenetic events have been observed in vitro
  42. 2003. There are 240,000 citizens living with AIDS and 21,000 die annually. The, risk ,of contracting disease is very high. There are food and waterborne diseases
  43. And real-world relevance. Some alternative treatments may place the child at, risk , A 2008 study found that compared to their peers, autistic boys have
  44. Been used in women up to 63 days of gestational age, albeit with an increased, risk ,of failure (requiring surgical abortion). Medical abortion is generally
  45. Film company revenues dropped, so did their appetite for risk —particularly the, risk ,represented by Kurosawa's costly production methods. Red Beard also marked the
  46. The introduction of experimental medicine, clinical trials, neuropsychiatry, risk ,factor analysis, and the idea of a syndrome in the diagnosis of specific
  47. Does not yet exist about whether aluminum exposure could directly increase the, risk ,of Alzheimer's disease. Most acid soils are saturated with aluminum rather
  48. To suggest that using mouthwash that contains alcohol will increase the, risk ,of mouth cancer ". Studies conducted in 1985,1995,and 2003 did not support an
  49. 5,600 cases are diagnosed in the U. S. every year. By far the greatest, risk ,factor is age, with symptoms typically presenting between the ages of 50-70.
  50. Inhabitants from the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean have an increased, risk ,of developing a form of MND known as Guamanian ALS-PD-dementia complex or "

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