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  1. In mountainous regions, there is often no direct view of the true horizon. The, position ,of the Arctic Circle is not fixed, but directly depends on the Earth's axial
  2. In any way disturbing the particle, then the particle actually has values of, position ,or momentum. This principle distilled the essence of Einstein's objection to
  3. Who works as" coordinator" at the State Science Institute. He uses his, position ,there to deride reason and productive achievement, and publishes a book
  4. The VIA. Impressed by the talent of his student, Chukhrai offered Tchaikovsky a, position ,as assistant director for his film Clear Skies. Tchaikovsky initially showed
  5. Standing products to support people with disabilities in the standing, position ,while maintaining/improving their health (standing frame, standing wheelchair
  6. The following year, he quit the patent office and the lectureship to take the, position ,of physics docent at the University of Zurich. He became a full professor at
  7. The fall, Lincoln maintained a strong base of party support and was in a strong, position ,to redefine the war effort, despite the New York City draft riots. The stage
  8. She is deliberately crude in a way that casts ridicule on her high social, position , *Dr. Potter holds some undefined position with the State Science Institute. He
  9. The cycloalkane ring is stated, and the substituent are according to their, position ,on the ring, with the numbering decided by Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules. There are
  10. Who serves as Napoleon's right-hand pig and minister of propaganda, holding a, position ,similar to that of Molotov. Benjamin is a very dedicated friend to Boxer, and
  11. Of Mexico in 1836. One month later, Johnston was promoted to major and the, position ,of aide-de-camp to General Sam Houston. He was named Adjutant General as a
  12. Place in which the experiment was carried out, the wind characteristics,the, position ,of the Sun and Moon, and the barometer reading, all just in case they proved to
  13. Government, and a few continent-shaking wars, he did indeed maintain his aloof, position ,of" minding not the times but the eternities ". He wrote many disparaging
  14. Inertial measuring unit (IMU) to think the module was in the same relative, position ,it had been in before lift-off and fire the thrusters to" correct" the module
  15. Civil and private funds. Agriculture and forestry Agriculture has a significant, position ,in the province's economy. The province has over three million head of are
  16. Evaluated patent applications for electromagnetic devices. In 1903,Einstein's, position ,at the Swiss Patent Office became permanent, although he was passed over for
  17. Not known or suspected at the time. A simple numbering based on periodic table, position ,was never entirely satisfactory. Besides iodine and tellurium, later several
  18. In November 1952,Prime Minister David Centurion offered Einstein the, position ,of President of Israel, a mostly ceremonial post. The offer was presented by
  19. Be replaced by an accented À in the French variation, so the @ was placed in, position ,0x40 next to the letter A. The control codes felt essential for data
  20. Profound contribution to the theory and destiny of republicanism itself. " His, position ,gained strength because he highlighted the moral basis of republicanism, rather
  21. Character had to come before graphics to make sorting easier, so it became, position ,0x20; for the same reason, many special signs commonly-used as separators were
  22. Morgan used technology (such as bow making or pottery) as an indicator of, position ,on this scale. Asian anthropology Franz Boas established academic
  23. That by performing different measurements on the distant particle, either of, position ,or momentum, different properties of the entangled partner could be discovered
  24. Emerged. Republican Frank Murkowski held the state's other senatorial, position , After being elected governor in 2002,he resigned from the Senate and
  25. Can be adjusted to suit. * Copyholder holds printed material in near vertical, position ,for easier reading and can be adjusted to suit. * Closed circuit television (
  26. He proposed is that if it is possible to determine what the answer to a, position ,or momentum measurement would be, without in any way disturbing the particle
  27. The spacecraft over and left it upside down, in what was termed Stable 2, position , As they were buffeted by a swell, Borman was sick, waiting for the three
  28. Of an individual's 17 facial points. After that, they are then driven into, position ,using a laptop and 56 motor control boards. In addition, the researchers also
  29. On Washington’D. C. in 1864,Lincoln was watching the combat from an exposed, position ,; Captain Oliver Wendell Holmes shouted at him," Get down, you damn fool
  30. Of the cultural elite. *Clifton Local is a friend of Jim Haggard who takes the, position ,of vice-president of operation when Deign Haggard quits. *Pat Logan is the
  31. One who takes part in a risky or speculative course of action for profit or, position , In fiction, the adventurer figure or Picard may be regarded as a descendant of
  32. Enemies of the German regime with the phrase," not yet hanged ". He took up a, position ,at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, New Jersey, an affiliation
  33. Away, you don't count their value. The sampan can be reset to the starting, position ,instantly by a quick jerk along the horizontal axis to spin all the beads away
  34. The command of the Texas Army; Johnston refused to fire on Huston and lost the, position ,after he was wounded in the pelvis. The second president of the Republic of
  35. The cause was diagnosed as the rendezvous radar switch being in the wrong, position , causing the computer to process data from both the rendezvous and landing
  36. Hostilities, as Sherman coincidentally managed a hasty visit to Grant from his, position ,in North Carolina. Lincoln and the Republican Party mobilized support for the
  37. Secession and was rewarded with the Confederate capital, despite the exposed, position ,of Richmond so close to Union lines. North Carolina, Tennessee,and Arkansas
  38. The amphibians moved up in the food chain and began to occupy the ecological, position ,currently occupied by crocodiles. These amphibians were notable for eating the
  39. Additional divers attached flotation collars to stabilize the module and, position ,rafts for astronaut extraction. Though the chance of bringing back pathogens
  40. No inside authority, and may be violently removed if he attempts to abuse this, position , The most important French social theorist since Foucault and Lévi-Strauss is
  41. Responsible for the Haggard Tunnel disaster. *Chick Morrison holds the, position ,of" Morale Conditioner" in the government. *Horace Busby Owen is the
  42. McClellan's repeated delays frustrated Lincoln and Congress, as did his, position ,that no troops were needed to defend Washington. Lincoln insisted on holding
  43. Eg, museums of several kinds). In this scheme, Russia occupied a middle, position , On the one hand, it had a large region (largely east of the Urals) of highly
  44. States walked out of the Democratic convention, disagreeing with Douglas's, position ,on popular sovereignty, and ultimately selected John C. Breckinridge as their
  45. The non-alphanumeric characters were position ed to correspond to their shifted, position ,on typewriters. Thus, #, $ and % were placed to correspond to 3,4,and 5 in the
  46. Codes were arranged before the letters, and the letter 'A' was placed in, position ,0x41 to match the draft of the corresponding British standard. The digits 0–9
  47. Transmission. Since perforated tape at the time could record eight bits in one, position , it also allowed for a parity bit for error checking if desired. Eight-bit
  48. Armstrong went on to command Apollo 11,where Aldrin was returned to the LMP, position , and Collins was assigned as CMP. Mission control The Earth-based mission
  49. Casts ridicule on her high social position . *Dr. Potter holds some undefined, position ,with the State Science Institute. He is sent to try to obtain the rights to
  50. Rows. The beads represent a switch on the computer in either an 'on' or 'off ', position , An acid (from the Latin acids/acre meaning sour) is a substance which

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