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  1. And integration with the iPod. The service quickly became the market leader in, online ,music services, with over 5 billion downloads by June 19, 2008. Since 2001
  2. Or when costs of memory access dominate those of computation. For such an, online ,algorithm, a recurrence relation is required between quantities from which the
  3. The first service by kids, for kids (Kids Only Online,1991),the first, online ,service for parents (the Parents Information Network,1991),the first online
  4. Competitors, Yahoo and Microsoft. Growth Steve Case positioned AOL as the, online ,service for people unfamiliar with computers, in particular contrast to
  5. Not less than 1280x720. Producers must submit an Official Screen Credits, online ,form before the deadline; in case it is not submitted by the defined deadline
  6. System., the company operates 317 retail stores in ten countries, and an, online ,store where hardware and software products are sold., Apple is the largest
  7. The commerce of amateur astronomy, the buying and selling of equipment, occurs, online , Many amateurs use online tools to plan their nightly observing sessions using
  8. Or set up international versions of its services. AOL is best known for its, online ,software suite, also called AOL, that allowed customers to access the world's
  9. Can thus be calculated for little incremental cost. An example of the, online ,algorithm for Kurtis implemented as described is: def
  10. Consumer-facing brand in the world. In June 2011,Apple unveiled the iCloud, online ,storage and syncing service for music, photos,files and software. It has been
  11. Habitat (1986–1988) and Club Carib (1988) from Lucasarts. * The first, online ,interactive fiction series Quintupling Serial by Tracy Reed (1988). * Quantum
  12. Of lawyers who practice pension law in the UK *Australian Premier League,an, online ,football gaming league Computer related *APL (programming language),a
  13. And people from both worlds uniting for the rescue mission. Online Several, online ,discussion forums exist to discuss alternate history. The largest is
  14. Such as the A/UX. Apple had also begun to experiment in providing a Mac-only, online ,portal which they called world, developed in collaboration with America Online
  15. Frank Canfield, an investor in the company. From the beginning, AOL included, online ,games in its mix of products; many classic and casual games were included in
  16. Employees at Dulles were quick to dub the mass layoff" Bloody Tuesday" in, online ,blogs and news reports. * In April 2009,Tim Armstrong, formerly with Google
  17. Corporation (or CVC),founded by Bill on Master. Its sole product was an, online ,service called Gambling for the Atari 2600 video game console after on Master
  18. Online service for parents (the Parents Information Network,1991),the first, online ,courses (1988),the first omnibus service for teachers (the Teachers '
  19. To acquire TechCrunch to further its overall strategy of providing premier, online ,content. * In December 2010,AIM eliminated access to AOL chat rooms noting a
  20. Beneficiaries or users. * Competitive analysis ( online algorithm) – shows how, online ,algorithms perform and demonstrates the power of randomization in algorithms *
  21. Library of Congress,1991),the first parental controls, and many other, online ,education firsts. In September 1993,AOL added USENET access to its features.
  22. For $315 million. Controversies Community leaders Prior to mid 2005,AOL used, online ,volunteers called Community Leaders, or CLS, to monitor chatroom, message
  23. Was launched in spring 2009 with the backing of Kurosawa Production. It offers, online ,programs in digital film making, with headquarters in Anaheim and a learning
  24. The technical community. The Planet system that AOL licensed was the first, online ,service to require use of proprietary software, rather than a standard terminal
  25. Or limiting the number of results. Anagram solvers are often banned from, online ,anagram games. The disadvantage of computer anagram solvers, especially when
  26. Darrel Frost and The American Museum of Natural History, available as the, online ,reference database Amphibian Species of the World. The numbers of species cited
  27. Service for teachers (the Teachers' Information Network,1990),the first, online ,exhibit (Library of Congress,1991),the first parental controls, and many
  28. ANSI launched http://www.standardsportal.org/ WWW. StandardsPortal. Org,an, online ,resource for facilitating more open and efficient trade between international
  29. Mortar church there are Internet ministries such as the Diocese of Oxford's, online ,Anglican i-Church which appeared on the web in 2005. Ecumenism Anglican
  30. AOL, that allowed customers to access the world's largest" walled garden ", online ,community and eventually reach out to the Internet as a whole. At its prime
  31. Sold within six years. In 2003,Apple's iTunes Store was introduced, offering, online , music downloads for $0.99 a song and integration with the iPod. The service
  32. Sharing that they find so hard to deal with, and has given them a way to form, online ,communities and work remotely. Sociological and cultural aspects of autism have
  33. Lyon Paris 1802,http://www.archive.org/details/considerationssu00ampuoft, online ,lesen I'm Internet-Archiv Last years Ampere died at Marseille and was buried in
  34. Toolkit and Shake, an advanced effects composition program. Apple also offers, online ,services with Mobile Me (formerly. Mac) that bundles personal web pages, email
  35. A year later by AOL for Windows. This coincided with growth in pay-based, online ,services, like Prodigy, CompuServe,and Genie. AOL discontinued Q-Link and PC
  36. System. In the early years of AOL the company introduced many innovative, online ,interactive titles and games, including: * Graphical chat environments Habitat
  37. Costco and Sam's Club. Some have embraced the free shipping offers of some, online ,retailers to purchase items much more cheaply than they could in their own
  38. ANSI, in partnership with Citation Technologies, created the first dynamic, online ,web library for ISO 14000 standards. *On June 23, 2009 ANSI announced a product
  39. With America Online and designed as a Mac-friendly alternative to other, online ,services such as CompuServe. The Macintosh platform was itself becoming
  40. Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia; major portions of which are available for, online ,viewing. A number of historic sites and other marks commemorate Bell in North
  41. Various stakeholders, such as beneficiaries or users. * Competitive analysis (, online ,algorithm) – shows how online algorithms perform and demonstrates the power of
  42. Marketing materials. In video games In PlayStation Home, the PlayStation 3's, online ,community-based service, Audi has supported Home by releasing a dedicated Home
  43. Online anagram solvers Various websites offer the ability to solve anagrams, online , For example: * http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram. HTML Andy's Anagram
  44. Including freestyles with original lyrics, have occasionally surfaced, online , After Pimp to Eat, the Analog Brothers continued performing together in
  45. Application programs. To heart physiology. Applets are also used to create, online ,game collections that allow players to compete against live opponents in
  46. Anime via television broadcasts, directly to video, or theatrically, as well as, online , Both hand-drawn and computer-animated anime exist. It is used in television
  47. Personal web pages, email,Groups, iDisk, backup,sync, and Learning Center, online ,tutorials. Mobile Me is a subscription-based internet suite that capitalizes on
  48. The buying and selling of equipment, occurs online . Many amateurs use, online ,tools to plan their nightly observing sessions using tools such as the Clear
  49. Internet suite that capitalizes on the ability to store personal data on an, online ,server and thereby keep all web-connected devices in sync. Announced at
  50. Provided from some radio stations. A number of websites on the Internet provide, online ,classes for all levels as a means of distance education. Examples Sir Alfred

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