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  1. Human beings delight in a sense of wonder, and this provides a villain with an, opportunity ,to manipulate others. Third, he thinks that those who hold onto the miraculous
  2. For the uniform distribution of accessible seating and gave the DOJ the, opportunity ,to clarify previously unclear rules. The agreement now is a blueprint for all
  3. Name "/IN"> Stephen"/> In September 1862 the Battle of Antietam provided this, opportunity , and the subsequent War Governors' Conference added support for the
  4. United States In most United States jurisdictions a defendant is allowed the, opportunity ,to allocate—that is, explain himself—before sentence is passed. Some
  5. To attack Elyria instead. During this turmoil, the Illusions took the, opportunity ,to invade Macedonia, but Alexander repelled the invaders. Philip marched on
  6. Authorities are regarded as a serious offense. Some 26 years after he had the, opportunity ,of implementing changes he would, however,be assassinated in public by the
  7. Common to use an 8-bit byte to store each character in memory, providing an, opportunity ,for extended,8-bit,relatives of ASCII, with the 128 additional characters
  8. Courts. Generally speaking," direct appeal statutes afford defendants the, opportunity ,to challenge the merits of a judgment and allege errors of law or fact. ...
  9. Status of America's space program, and into programs that could offer NASA the, opportunity ,to catch up. Johnson responded approximately one week later, concluding that "
  10. Antony, as the Senate had no army of its own to challenge him; this provided an, opportunity ,for Octavian, who was already known to have armed forces. This was in part a
  11. For much of human history. The fertile floodplain of the Nile gave humans the, opportunity ,to develop a settled agricultural economy and a more sophisticated, centralized
  12. As a soldier, away from home while he fought in the Civil War. Alcott spoke, as, opportunity , arose,before the" lyceums" then common in various parts of the United States
  13. Shops close to the Ainu museums (there are two of them in Tibetan) is an, opportunity ,to interact with the Ainu people. Many" authentic Ainu villages" advertised
  14. To the exhibition included Emperor Pedro II of Brazil, and later Bell had the, opportunity ,to demonstrate the invention personally to William Thomson, a renowned Scottish
  15. Uncontested control of Sri Lanka. In 1662,the Count of Caste lo Mellor saw an, opportunity ,to gain power at court by befriending the king. He managed to convince the king
  16. Humble origins to attain such a position in an age which generally offered such, opportunity ,only to the privileged. Lord Duffer in, the current Governor General, expressed
  17. Of East and West Florida in the peace settlement, denied the British the, opportunity ,of encircling the American rebels from the south, and kept open a vital conduit
  18. Rule and the nonobservance of old customs by kings. Opportunity cost The, opportunity ,cost doctrine was first explicitly formulated by the Austrian economist
  19. A Union victory because it halted Lee's invasion of the North and provided an, opportunity ,for Lincoln to announce his Emancipation Proclamation.
  20. The record will first be certified by the lower court. The appellant has the, opportunity ,to present arguments for the granting of the appeal and the appealed (or
  21. Toulouse and other important members of the western nobility. Alexios used the, opportunity ,of meeting the crusader leaders separately as they arrived and extracting from
  22. Features of king Ptolemy I. Demetrius Soter's son Demetrius II profited by the, opportunity ,to regain the throne. Ptolemy Kilometer, who was Alexander's father-in-law
  23. Of the realm, although the true power was in the hands of Gianni Carpaccio. An, opportunity ,for Alfonso to reconquer Naples occurred in 1432,when Carpaccio was killed in
  24. CST holds yearly military command exercises for the CST nations to have an, opportunity ,to improve inter-organisation cooperation. The largest-scale CST military
  25. Labor," government has a critical role in ensuring fairness by: ensuring equal, opportunity ,; removing unjustifiable discrimination; and achieving a more equitable
  26. Him out of the city. Another character, Father Panel, uses the plague as an, opportunity ,to advance his stature in the town by suggesting that the plague was an act of
  27. Ignominious close. He had several enemies at the Portuguese court who lost no, opportunity ,of stirring up the jealousy of King Manuel against him, insinuating that he
  28. Walls or the process happens in an extremely short time, so that there is no, opportunity ,for significant heat exchange. The term" adiabatic" literally means
  29. In Hokkaido such as Alan and Shiraz are tourist attractions and provide an, opportunity ,to see and meet Ainu people. Language Today, it is estimated that fewer than
  30. Was for all people, Jesus draws all people to himself, and all people have, opportunity ,for salvation through faith. * Jesus's death satisfies God's justice: The
  31. Von Waiter in the late 19th century. In its original and purist sense, opportunity ,cost doctrine argues that the only cost relevant to the price of a product is
  32. Philosophy which they so carefully concealed. I have done so by giving them the, opportunity ,of slandering me by saying that I defend and commend pederasty. " Intellectual
  33. Plain, perhaps to consolidate and strengthen their empire. Theodosius used this, opportunity ,to strengthen the walls of Constantinople, building the city's first sea wall
  34. Would be fulfilled, in its entirety, through Jesus Christ who provides the, opportunity ,for all mankind to be under the same covenant that was offered to Abraham and
  35. Officer must be allowed a reasonable opportunity to leave. However, once the, opportunity ,to leave voluntarily has passed, it will not be an assault for the landowner
  36. Cube" store had a line as long as half a mile; a few Mac fans took the, opportunity ,of the setting to propose marriage. The Gina opening in Tokyo was estimated in
  37. Lands that were sacred to Apollo near Delphi, a sacrilege that gave Philip the, opportunity ,to further intervene in the affairs of Greece. Still occupied in Thrace, Philip
  38. On his client's behalf, and the defendant himself will rarely have the, opportunity ,to speak. The right of victims to speak at sentencing is also sometimes
  39. Tension. Abby May described her idea:" I thought it would afford a daily, opportunity ,for the children, indeed all of us, to interchange thought and sentiment ".
  40. Received in Western conservative circles (for example, before being denied the, opportunity ,by then-president Gerald Ford, Ford administration staffers Richard Cheney and
  41. The fledgling motion picture industry and when Essay Studios offered him the, opportunity ,to become a scriptwriter, he took the job. At that time,some East Coast
  42. Him in this way. When in control of a point, Agassi would often pass up an, opportunity ,to attempt a winner and hit a conservative shot to minimize his errors, and to
  43. When properly required to leave, the officer must be allowed a reasonable, opportunity ,to leave. However, once the opportunity to leave voluntarily has passed, it
  44. Free exhibitions often are held on the first floor, which also provides some, opportunity ,to see the interior design. There is a charge for entrance to the apartment on
  45. The now unguarded President sat in his state box in the balcony. Seizing the, opportunity , Booth crept up from behind and at about 10:13 pm, aimed at the back of Lincoln
  46. And 104 draws in 144 games. Karol is on record saying that had he had the, opportunity ,to fight Fischer for the crown in his twenties, he (Karol) could have been a
  47. Of Alexander to Margaret of England in 1251,Henry III of England seized the, opportunity ,to demand from his son-in-law homage for the Scottish kingdom, but Alexander
  48. Began establishing settlements along the coast. The Berbers seized the, opportunity ,offered by the Punic Wars to become independent of Carthage, and Berber
  49. Audion, of the Gaussian clan. Seven years later the king died, giving Audion the, opportunity ,to crown himself and overthrow the reigning Lettings. Albion was probably born
  50. Origins. A revolt which broke out among native Egyptian soldiers gave him his, opportunity ,to seize the throne. These troops, returning home from a disastrous military

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