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  1. The uncontrolled maxim fails to take into account that a person that does not, produce ,in an economic or political way makes a country poorer, not richer.
  2. Have a handful of keys (one per digit per hand) to type by 'chords' which, produce ,different letters and keys. * Expanded keyboards with larger, more widely
  3. Equation such as y = m + n—two arbitrary" input variables" m and n that, produce ,an output y. But various authors' attempts to define the notion (see more at
  4. This need. The vast northern forest reserves of softwood allow Alberta to, produce ,large quantities of lumber, oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood, and
  5. Reactions to produce salts. For example, nitric acid reacts with ammonia to, produce ,ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer. Additionally, carboxylic acids can be
  6. The inactive pro-enzyme, pepsinogen into the enzyme, pepsin. Some organisms, produce ,acids for defense; for example, ants produce formic acid. Acid-base equilibrium
  7. In the chemical industry, acids react in neutralization reactions to, produce ,salts. For example, nitric acid reacts with ammonia to produce ammonium nitrate
  8. For the intended" target" computer (s),in order for the target machines to, produce ,output from given input (perhaps null). " Elegant" ( compact) programs,"
  9. But technologies such as the Green Revolution have allowed the world to, produce ,a surplus of food. Many governments have subsidized agriculture to ensure an
  10. Historic or current agricultural activity, and feature local farmers exhibiting, produce ,in addition to more high-profile commercial activities such as carnival rides
  11. A relative moisture barrier during the seasons where the arid climate does, produce ,rain. Attributes Depending on the materials, adobe roofs can be inherently
  12. Activities between the different areas; warlike states become states ready to, produce ,and to sell. In the Plan alto (the high plains),the most important states
  13. For any reason other than the good of society. Deign Haggard hires Owen to, produce ,switches made of Rear den Metal. He is reluctant to build anything with this
  14. To employed artisans. Hirst's celebrity is founded entirely on his ability to, produce ,shocking concepts. The actual production in many conceptual and contemporary
  15. The province is open to cold arctic weather systems from the north, which often, produce ,freezing conditions in winter. As the fronts between the air masses shift
  16. The enzyme, pepsin. Some organisms produce acids for defense; for example, ants, produce , formic acid. Acid-base equilibrium plays a critical role in regulating
  17. Parts of its flower not only resemble the appearance of sand bees, but also, produce ,large quantities of the three alkanes in the same ratio as female sand bees. As
  18. Has shown straw, cement,or manure added to a standard adobe mixture can all, produce ,a stronger, more crack-resistant brick. A general testing is done on the soil
  19. Of the ampere, which states that it is" the constant current that will, produce ,an attractive force of 2 × 10–7 newton per meter of length between two straight
  20. Of the Achilles and other Aeschylus fragments have been assembled to, produce ,a workable modern play. The first part of the Achilles trilogy, The Myrmidons
  21. Sulfuric acid is used in very large quantities in the alkylating process to, produce ,gasoline. Strong acids, such as sulfuric, phosphoric and hydrochloric acids
  22. Input integers/symbols m and n, symbols + and = ... and" effectively ", produce , in a" reasonable" time, output-integer y at a specified place and in a
  23. Stewardship and advancements continually made by growers to sustainably, produce ,higher-quality products with a reduced environmental impact. Intensive
  24. Of a method each step of which is precisely determined and which is certain to, produce ,the answer in a finite number of steps. With this special meaning, three
  25. Have photosynthetic machinery ultimately derived from the Cyanobacteria, and so, produce ,oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis, unlike other photosynthetic bacteria
  26. Of intellect and understanding, then a generation would soon arise which would, produce ,a better age than that of Pericles. Or more kindly -“ The final aim of all
  27. Arts (art as discipline) are a collection of disciplines (arts) that, produce ,artworks (art as objects) that are compelled by a personal drive (art as
  28. Across Alberta, temperature can change rapidly. Arctic air masses in the winter, produce ,extreme minimum temperatures varying from in northern Alberta to in southern
  29. Of well-being becomes" ( Dalai Lama * Dharma Nyasa — Nature's tendency to, produce ,a perfect type Jainism The fundamental principles of Jainism revolve around the
  30. Quantum-mechanical setting. Wormholes Einstein collaborated with others to, produce ,a model of a wormhole. His motivation was to model elementary particles with
  31. Mineral processing. For example, phosphate minerals react with sulfuric acid to, produce ,phosphoric acid for the production of phosphate fertilizers, and zinc is
  32. He wishes and only what he wishes" and where" business transactions alone, produce ,the social order. " Mutualist anarchism is concerned with reciprocity, free
  33. Mind of Western people undergoing any important stage in individuation seems to, produce , on occasion, imagery known to Alchemy and relevant to the person's situation.
  34. System. To allow audio cassette playback with the aid of a foot pedal. * Users, produce ,tactile materials, for example diagrams and maps, by applying heat to special
  35. In both Red Deer and Edmonton,world-class polyethylene and vinyl manufacturers, produce ,products shipped all over the world, and Edmonton's oil refineries provide the
  36. To the European market from the Shah Deniz gas field. Shah Deniz is expected to, produce ,up to 296 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. Azerbaijan also plays a
  37. Northern Alberta to in southern Alberta. In the summer, continental air masses, produce ,maximum temperatures from in the mountains to in southern Alberta. Alberta
  38. Influence on Hellenistic medicine After Theophrastus, the Lyceum failed to, produce ,any original work. Though interest in Aristotle's ideas survived, they were
  39. N-pentane, isopentane, and repentance. IUPAC naming conventions can be used to, produce ,a systematic name. The key steps in the naming of more complicated branched
  40. Theories of apparently altruistic behavior were accelerated by the need to, produce ,theories compatible with evolutionary origins. Two related strands of research
  41. Randomization-distribution and the assumption of unit treatment additivity to, produce ,a derived linear model, very similar to the textbook model discussed previously
  42. Algae based fuels hold great promise, directly related to the potential to, produce ,more biomass per unit area in a year than any other form of biomass. The
  43. The largest produce rs of cesium, for example the Tango Mine, Manitoba,Canada, produce ,rubidium as by-product from pollucite. Francium Francium-223 is the result of
  44. Valley where the season is short, but the working days are long for honeybees to, produce ,honey from clover and fire weed. Hybrid canola also requires bee pollination
  45. A low albedo, removing forests would tend to increase albedo and thereby could, produce ,localized climate cooling (ignoring the lost evaporative cooling effect of
  46. Israel, Germany,and a few other nations to output volumes of high-quality, produce ,per land unit at what may be the practical limit. The Haber-Bosch method for
  47. Fertilizer. Additionally, carboxylic acids can be esterified with alcohols, to, produce , esters. Acids are used as additives to drinks and foods, as they alter their
  48. Tracking to mechanically simpler alt-azimuth telescope mounts, allowing them to, produce ,an over all less expensive product. GOT telescopes usually have to be
  49. Watermelon, beans,zinnia and marigold. Summer annuals sprout, flower, produce , seed,and die during the warmer months of the year. The lawn weed crabgrass is
  50. Particle accelerators use huge amounts of energy, while nuclear reactors, produce ,energy, so only methods utilizing a nuclear reactor are of economic interest.

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