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  1. Logo, with the most notable revision being the removal of two stars (leaving, four ,representing the four divisions of the AFC),and moving the stars inside the
  2. Opened fire on the crowd and each other. Seven police officers and at least, four ,workers were killed. Eight anarchists directly and indirectly related to the
  3. Joined by a sixth, Roger Federer and a seventh, Rafael Nadal) to have won all, four ,Grand Slam singles titles during his career. Only Later, Agassi,Federer and
  4. Players in history to have achieved a singles Career Golden Slam, and one of, four ,male players to have achieved a singles Career Grand Slam in the Open Era (one
  5. And threw him. Lincoln finished eighth out of thirteen candidates (the top, four ,were elected),though he received 277 of the 300 votes cast in the New Salem
  6. Very highest. Alabama is the only state that levies income tax on a family of, four ,with income as low as $4,600,which is barely one-quarter of the federal
  7. Illinois, contains his remains and those of his wife and three of his, four ,sons. Within a year of this death, his image began to be disseminated
  8. As corporeal or chemical substances in the present-day sense of the word. The, four ,elements are simply the primary, and most general, qualities by means of which
  9. Has its origins in Asian Anthropology, dividing the discipline in the, four ,crucial and interrelated fields of sociocultural, biological,linguistic, and
  10. Awards. The 1939 film Beau Get is the only movie that features as many as, four ,Academy Award winners for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Gary Cooper, Ray
  11. Sports teams Alabama has several minor league professional teams including, four ,minor league baseball teams. Transportation Air transportation Major airports
  12. Clay, grass,and hard courts),a tribute to his adaptability, as the other, four ,men had won their Grand Slam titles on clay and grass courts. Agassi also
  13. Senate. He was an affectionate, though often absent, husband and father of, four ,children. After deftly opposing the expansion of slavery in the United States
  14. Arab's nationalism of the early 20th century. The Berber speakers live mostly in, four ,major cities: Patna, Tizi Ouzo, Ghardaia and Tamanrasset capital of the Tuareg
  15. And the third being Rafael Nadal) male player in history to have won all, four ,Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces (clay, grass,and hard courts)
  16. Institution in the state, enrolling 29,689 students (as of 2010) across, four ,Alabama campuses (Troy, Dothan,Montgomery, and Phenix City),as well as
  17. One could use the technique to purify the human soul). They believed in the, four ,elements and the four qualities as described above, and they had a strong
  18. Up the heavenly spheres and heavenly bodies (stars and planets). Each of the, four ,earthly elements has its natural place. All that is earthly tends toward the
  19. 80,US 82,US 84,US 90,US 98,US 231,US 278,US 280,and US 431. There are, four ,toll roads in the state: Alabama River Parkway in Montgomery; Black Warrior
  20. Teams. Current teams Since 2002,the AFC has comprised 16 teams, organized into, four ,divisions each containing four teams: East, North,South, and West. Season
  21. To a collapse of support for Democrats at the ballot box in the next three or, four ,election cycles and ultimately losing the last of the nineteen court seats
  22. Foley Beach Express in Foley; Montgomery Expressway in Montgomery and, four ,toll bridges: Alabama River Parkway Bridge in Montgomery; Black Warrior Parkway
  23. His prophetic powers. The Pythias Games were held in Apollo's honor every, four ,years at Delphi. The bay laurel plant was used in expiatory sacrifices and in
  24. Also only the four th player since Later to be the reigning champion of three of, four ,Grand Slam events, missing only the Wimbledon title. 2000 also saw Agassi reach
  25. To and including human life. He analyzed each Aristotelian element in terms of, four ,basic qualities of hotness, coldness,dryness, and moistness. By this reasoning
  26. Match, Agassi fell to 112th ranked big-serving Benjamin Becker of Germany in, four ,sets. Agassi received an eight-minute standing ovation from the crowd after the
  27. Are self-reported. In a 2007 survey, nearly 70 % of respondents could name all, four ,of the Christian Gospels. Of those who indicated a religious preference,59 %
  28. With William Herndon, whom Lincoln thought" a studious young man ". He served, four ,successive terms in the Illinois House of Representatives as a Whig
  29. By Aristotle, was that all things in the universe were formed from only, four ,elements: earth, air,water, and fire. According to Aristotle, each element had
  30. Fund (FRR). Inflation, the lowest in the region, has remained stable at, four ,percent on average between 2003 and 2007. Algeria's financial and economic
  31. Notable revision being the removal of two stars (leaving four representing the, four ,divisions of the AFC),and moving the stars inside the letter, similar to the
  32. Institute National Historic Site near Tuskegee. Additionally, Alabama has, four ,National Forests: Conch, Talladega, Tuskegee,and William B. Bank head.
  33. Rafael Nadal) male player to win the Career Golden Slam, consisting of all, four ,Grand Slam tournaments plus an Olympic gold medal. Agassi followed his 1999
  34. Season, there are playoff games involving the top six teams in the AFC (the, four ,division champions by place standing and the top two remaining
  35. Reached the Wimbledon final in July. They were married on October 22, 2001,and, four ,days later their son, Jaden Gil, was born. Their daughter, Jaz Elle, was born
  36. Magnum opus The Great Work of Alchemy is often described as a series of, four ,stages represented by colors. Alien or Aliens may refer to: * Alien (law),a
  37. Characters to several code points reserved for" national use. " However,the, four ,years that elapsed between the publication of ASCII-1963 and ISO's first
  38. Be valid. History Alchemy covers several philosophical traditions spanning some, four ,millennia and three continents. These traditions' general penchant for cryptic
  39. Suggested that the reason for anything coming about can be attributed to, four ,different types of simultaneously active causal factors: *Material cause
  40. Film directed by Ventura Pons. In the film, there are no male actors and the, four ,leading actresses dubbed themselves in the Castilian version. Synopsis In order
  41. The last several decades. Overview Anthropology is traditionally divided into, four ,subfields, each with its own further branches: biological or physical
  42. In the United States, contemporary anthropology is typically divided into, four ,subfields: cultural anthropology also known as sociocultural anthropology
  43. Five elements Aristotle proposed a fifth element, aether, in addition to the, four ,proposed earlier by Empedocles. *Earth, which is cold and dry; this corresponds
  44. The AFC has comprised 16 teams, organized into four divisions each containing, four ,teams: East, North,South, and West. Season structure Each AFC team plays the
  45. South Omotic. Position among the world's languages Afroasiatic is one of the, four ,language families of Africa identified by Joseph Greenberg in his book The
  46. Open Era (one of seven in history). He was the first male player to win all, four ,Grand Slams on three different surfaces (hard, clay and grass),and is the
  47. To purify the human soul). They believed in the four elements and the, four ,qualities as described above, and they had a strong tradition of cloaking their
  48. To which it belonged and to which it would return if left undisturbed. The, four ,elements of the Greek were mostly qualitative aspects of matter, not
  49. As establishing the Ottoman Empire's presence in North Africa which lasted, four ,centuries. Other famous Ottoman privateer-admirals included Target Was (known
  50. For writing the laws while the Executive enforced them. Lincoln only vetoed, four ,bills passed by Congress; the only important one was the Wade-Davis Bill with

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