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  1. Operations' which are so elementary that it is not easy to imagine them, further ,divided ". Turing's reduction yields the following::" The simple operations
  2. Artifacts: the Paleolithic, the Neolithic, the Bronze Age, which are, further ,subdivided according to artifact traditions and culture region, such as the
  3. A simple set of basic motions and" states of mind ". But he continues a step, further ,and creates a machine as a model of computation of numbers.:" Computing is
  4. Addition, send the case back (" remand" or" remit" ) to the lower court for, further ,proceedings to remedy the defect. In some cases, an appellate court may review
  5. Of the alchemy as a practical tradition or prescience. This interpretation, further ,forwarded the view that alchemy is an art primarily concerned with spiritual
  6. Joseph Brant, who had sided with the Americans and the British respectively, further ,exacerbated the split. Creek and Seminole allies of Britain fought against
  7. Cosmonaut, as well as arguably the first civilian cosmonaut (see below for a, further ,discussion of civilians in space). On March 14, 1995,Norman Hazard became
  8. Phenotypes (observable traits) that can be viewed on brain scans, to help, further ,neurogenetic studies of autism; one example is lowered activity in the fusiform
  9. Ignoring the lost evaporative cooling effect of trees). Cloud feedbacks, further ,complicate the issue. In seasonally snow-covered zones, winter albedos of
  10. Clinton had seized the South's biggest city and seaport, providing a base for, further ,conquest. The remnants of the southern Continental Army began to withdraw to
  11. Its rival India in Afghanistan. Relations between the two states were strained, further ,after recent border skirmishes and when Afghan officials alleged that Pakistani
  12. The Academy has also had recent discussions about moving the ceremony even, further ,back into January, citing TV viewers' fatigue with the film industry's long
  13. Us, rhetorically,to see in a much less detached way. " Swift has his proposer, further ,degrade the Irish by using language ordinarily reserved for animals. Lewis
  14. Philip K. Dick in his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, has seen some, further ,usage, such as within the TV series Total Recall 2070. Projects Japan The
  15. Letter t, but is inserted between the- and ti-. German words with umlaut would, further ,be alphabetized as if there were no umlauts at all—contrary to Turkish which
  16. Furthermore, Tarkovsky suffered a heart attack in April 1978,resulting in, further ,delay. The film was completed in 1979 and won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
  17. In management can reduce the release of these greenhouse gases, and soil can, further ,be used to sequester some CO2 in the atmosphere. In government subsidies
  18. Ray, for drawing a line to a specified destination, calling a subroutine with, further ,commands, and so on. Asteroids also features various sound effects, each of
  19. Allowing greater political freedom, but reversed the policy when it went, further ,than he expected. He was replaced in 1953 by Mohammed Beyond Khan, the king's
  20. Thesis, although a daughter of the sea-god Nears, was also brought up by Hera, further ,explaining her resistance to the advances of Zeus. According to the Achilles
  21. Are called arthropods, and forms where they are not are called rhizomes, further ,divided into loose, filose, and meticulous amoebae. There is also a strange
  22. Anthropology is traditionally divided into four subfields, each with its own, further ,branches: biological or physical anthropology, social anthropology or cultural
  23. Ocean to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, with Russia, further ,west across the Bering Strait. Approximately half of Alaska's 710,231
  24. Vowel. Other basic vocabulary The following table is a brief selection of, further ,proposed cognates in basic vocabulary across the Altaic family (from Starting
  25. Penman, chief executive of The Cancer Council New South Wales, called for, further ,research on the matter. In a March 2009 brief, the American Dental Association
  26. 1943:273) History after 1950 A number of efforts have been directed toward, further ,refinement of the definition of" algorithm ", and activity is ongoing because
  27. And the rest was completed by the Romans. The Byzantines and Seljuks, further ,made restorations and additions. The area around and inside the citadel, being
  28. Groups of socialists, anarchists,liberals, and nationalists, to prevent, further ,revolt. In 1864 the International Workingmen's Association (sometimes called
  29. Ribbon no Fish, the first manga specifically targeted at young girls, Tezuka, further ,exaggerated the size of the characters' eyes. Indeed, through Ribbon no Fish
  30. Have undergone a series of changes in recent years; future research may lead to, further ,changes and ultimately greater stability. The order is clearly circumscribed on
  31. Abstracts a hydrogen from the alkane to give an alkyl radical. This reacts, further , * Chain termination where step the radicals recombine. Experiments have shown
  32. Having its own capital and a provincial administration. The provinces are, further ,divided into about 398 smaller provincial districts, each of which normally
  33. That are manipulated according to definite rules ". The work of Free was, further ,simplified and amplified by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell in
  34. 59 % said they possessed a" full understanding" of their faith and needed no, further ,learning. In a 2007 poll,92 % of Alabamians reported having at least some
  35. Is read from an input source, written to an output device, and/or stored for, further ,processing. Stored data is regarded as part of the internal state of the entity
  36. Of the Tell Atlas is a steppe landscape, which ends with the Saharan Atlas;, further ,south, there is the Sahara desert. The Hangar Mountains (), also known as the
  37. Sacred to Apollo near Delphi, a sacrilege that gave Philip the opportunity to, further ,intervene in the affairs of Greece. Still occupied in Thrace, Philip ordered
  38. Usually under vacuum conditions. A better separation can be achieved by, further ,processing of the heavier fractions of the crude oil in a asphalting unit
  39. And powder were deposited at New Orleans and Havana for the Americans, and, further , shipments of blankets were being collected at Bilbao. Spain finally entered
  40. King George lost control of Parliament to the peace party, and there were no, further ,major military activities in North America. The British had 30,000 garrisons
  41. The final judgment on the case, unless the appeal court has directed, further ,proceedings in the trial court. The mandate is distinguished from the appeal
  42. The state of governance in Africa. The new constitution, adopted in 2010, further , sharpened the authoritarian character of the regime. In the future, there will
  43. Has dropped by 26 % since 2003. The Afghan Ministry of Public Health plans to, further ,cut the infant mortality rate from the current 1,600 to 400 for every 100,000
  44. Sufficient to completely describe the geometry of a molecule. There is a, further ,degree of freedom for each carbon – carbon bond: the torsion angle between the
  45. Drawings using technological means, but animation did not really develop much, further ,until the advent of cinematography. There is no single person who can be
  46. To any Tokyo technique executed when use is holding one wrist. This could be, further ,specified as katate-dori Tokyo smote, referring to any forward-moving Tokyo
  47. Of alphabets reflects how they treat vowels. For tonal languages, further ,classification can be based on their treatment of tone, though names do not yet
  48. Would regain control, and these troops were thus unavailable for, further ,offensive operations. In addition, despite the professionalism and discipline
  49. Of campaigning, his army mutinied at the Emphasis River, refusing to march, further ,east. This river thus marks the easternmost extent of Alexander's conquests.
  50. Work in conjunction with laptop sky programs. Computerized systems provide the, further ,advantage of computing coordinate precession. Traditional printed sources are

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