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  1. Laden to join MAK. Bin Laden became a" major financier" of the mujahideen, spending ,his own money and using his connections with" the Saudi royal family and the
  2. Russia, Solzhenitsyn was, while teaching at a secondary school during the day, spending ,his nights secretly engaged in writing. In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech he
  3. Is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit, spending ,is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of
  4. As his mother and sister always called Eddington) was educated at home before, spending ,three years at a preparatory school. In 1893 Stanley entered Brynmelyn School.
  5. Starring John Barrymore. * 1926 – Harry Houdini performs his greatest feat, spending ,91 minutes underwater in a sealed tank before escaping. *1930 – Judge Joseph
  6. Innovation in Albania" covering the period 2009–2015. It aims to triple public, spending ,on research and development (R&D) to 0.6 % of GDP and augment the share of
  7. Boeing Airborne Laser. During 1998,Defense secretary William Cohen proposed, spending ,an additional $6.6 billion on intercontinental ballistic missile defense
  8. Now treated in the family Themidaceae. Petromymphe is back in Themidaceae after, spending ,a few years in Anthericaceae History In 1985,Dahlgren, Clifford,and Yes
  9. Relationship. " In late May 2007,President Bush signed into law a supplemental, spending ,bill for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan that included an earmark of $3 million
  10. The end of the novel and undergoes an amputation. Both he and Bauer end up, spending ,time in a Roman Catholic hospital together, Bäumer suffering from shrapnel
  11. Points out that recessions impact productive workers as well, and notes that, spending ,declines in almost all sectors of an economy during recessions. Jeffery Hummel
  12. Of deficit was recorded, but the price paid was retrenchments and lean public, spending , Wine and copper were the only industries not to suffer a downturn. 20th
  13. a billion during the 2008–2009 fiscal year (approximately 36 % of all government, spending ,), making it the best funded health care system per-capita in Canada. Every
  14. Money) and what the new money is used for. Various forms of military, spending ,are often cited as reasons for resorting to inflation and borrowing, as this
  15. A proposed railway in the Vale of Neath. Wallace's work on the survey involved, spending ,a lot of time outdoors in the countryside, allowing him to indulge his new
  16. Programs for Research, to the point where it covers 40 % of research, spending , among others. Transport Highways Currently there are three main four lanes
  17. Developed countries, those with high rates of taxation and high social welfare, spending ,perform better on most measures of economic performance compared to countries
  18. Exited the Lunar Module shortly after landing, the crew of Apollo 15 would be, spending ,a substantially longer amount of time on the surface than previous crews. In
  19. The rise of mass production in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 2010, spending , on advertising was estimated at more than $300 billion in the United States and
  20. The resurrection of the body. He especially enjoyed reading and being read to, spending ,long hours listening to William read early drafts of his history. He did not
  21. But then argues that it is unsatisfactory. Hayek argues that the decrease in, spending ,in investment sectors creates unemployment because there are too many
  22. Trading partners are Venezuela, the United States and the Netherlands. Deficit, spending ,has been a staple in Aruba's history, and modestly high inflation has been
  23. Property taxes. Since Alabama's tax structure largely depends on consumer, spending , it is subject to high variable budget structure. For example, in 2003 Alabama
  24. Krugman argues that this theory does not explain unemployment. Since total, spending ,is equal to total income, the reallocation of resources during recessions would
  25. 1561 – An 18-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots, returns to Scotland after, spending ,13 years in France. *1612 – The" Salisbury witches ", three women from the
  26. Of Oratory. During this period, he alternated between Boston and Brantford, spending ,summers in his Canadian home. At Boston University, Bell was" swept up" by
  27. As had his mother when she married him. His father was particularly devout, spending ,his time as a travelling preacher for the sect and reading a chapter from the
  28. Measurements. Hernán and Schmitt then reentered the Lunar Module after, spending ,approximately seven hours and fifteen minutes outside during their final lunar
  29. Had meant that successive governments had enacted lean budgets, cutting, spending , which had been a setback to the further economic development of the city and
  30. In space. In 1988,Abdul Had Command became the first Afghan to reach space, spending ,nine days aboard the Mir space station. With the larger number of seats
  31. Were considered by some to be the favorite to win the division after, spending ,on the aforementioned free agents; however, injuries hurt the team's chances
  32. Knot was undone, and hacked it apart with his sword. The Levant and Syria After, spending ,the winter campaigning in Asia Minor,Alexander's army crossed the Civilian
  33. Version she is backed up by a chorus. It hit number 1 in the UK singles chart, spending ,24 weeks total on the charts (the best-selling single in the UK in 1972) and
  34. Third in the Redivide that season, again qualifying for the UEFA Cup, after, spending , most of the season in the top two spots. A remarkable achievement, since AZ is
  35. About £100 million. The Treasury borrowed 40 % of the money it needed. Heavy, spending ,brought France to the verge of bankruptcy and revolution, while the British had
  36. Cycle fails on empirical grounds. In particular, he points out that investment, spending ,has decreased but has remained positive in all recessions where there are data
  37. Against further graduate work, moved to the Midwestern United States, married, spending , the next five years as blue-collar workers on assembly lines while studying
  38. That summer, the Bells had a vacation on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, spending ,time at the small village of Bad deck. Returning in 1886,Bell started building
  39. The war of succession and a continued incursion combined with Shah Jahan's, spending ,made cultural expenditure impossible,Aurangzeb's orthodoxy is also used to
  40. The state-run paper New Light of Myanmar accused Sub FYI of tax evasion for, spending ,her Nobel Prize money outside the country. The accusation followed the
  41. In the UK, it charted 8 times between 1970 and 1972,peaking at number 5 and, spending ,a total of 75 weeks on popular music charts. Although Collins used it as a
  42. Atari Company which would further lean the company facilities, personnel and, spending ,and make the company profit. Unknown to James Morgan and the senior management
  43. Budget was one of the most important conditions for NATO integration. Military, spending ,accounted for about 2.7 % of GDP in 2008. Since February 2008,Albania
  44. Known person to volunteer to be imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp, spending ,945 days there, not only actively gathering evidence of genocide and supplying
  45. His empire to the brink of bankruptcy just as much as the wasteful personal, spending ,and opulence of his predecessors. Stanley Colbert writes in his New History of
  46. That Friedrich Hayek was wrong to argue that high levels of government, spending ,harms an economy, and " a generous social-welfare state is not a road to
  47. On an attribute may improve your chances of a high ranking, but too reckless a, spending ,strategy could leave a player with few points to spend on powers, and objects.
  48. Had been completed, and he had also written several shorter works. Despite, spending ,two decades in the United States, Solzhenitsyn did not become fluent in spoken
  49. Oscar Paris. He taught at the University of Chicago from 1947 to 1958,before, spending ,the remainder of his career at the Institute for Advanced Study. In 1979,he
  50. The state-owned International Bank of Azerbaijan and the UNICAN. Pushed up by, spending ,and demand growth, the 2007 Q1 inflation rate reached 16.6 %. Nominal incomes

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