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  1. Of sulfuric acid. In the same paper however, George E. Davis, an English, consultant , was credited for having coined the term. The History of Science in United
  2. And songwriter (d. 2011) *1948 – Lynne Franks, British public relations, consultant ,*1951 – Loan Mihail Cochineal, Romanian writer and photographer * 1951 –
  3. The post until his retirement in the early 1960s (he continued as a part-time, consultant ,to Cessna President Diane Wallace in Wichita until shortly before his death).
  4. Denis Kitchen has published, co-published,edited, or otherwise served as, consultant ,on nearly all of them. Kitchen is currently compiling a monograph on Al Camp.
  5. Interest in the day-to-day running of the section. Turing became a general, consultant ,for cryptanalysis at Bletchley Park. Alexander wrote as follows about his
  6. A White House correspondent, an editor of Fortune magazine, and a business, consultant , Löffler is married to Heidi Löffler, also a writer and futurist. They live in
  7. And Jack, and Dark Horse Comics' Primal, among others. Barker served as a, consultant ,and wrote issues of the Hellraiser anthology comic book. In 2005,ID published
  8. Mars. In June 1952,Dr. J. Allen Hyde, an astronomer acting as a scientific, consultant ,to the Air Force's Project Blue Book UFO study, secretly conducted a survey of
  9. An office at the Ravens' headquarters in Owings Mills, Maryland,and acts as a, consultant , The Ravens named Bowler their starting QB just prior to the start of the 2003
  10. Thelma, and Yang. His research on Southern Paiute, in collaboration with, consultant ,Tony Tillohash, led to a 1933 article which would become influential in the
  11. The letter 'O' ". Management In 1997,Scott Adams masqueraded as a management, consultant ,to Logitech executives (as Ray Ebert),with the cooperation of the company’s
  12. Physician (d. 2003) *1925 – Joe Bowman, American sharpshooter, Hollywood, consultant , bookmaker & master showman (d. 2009) * 1928 – Jean-François Pail lard, French
  13. Parents, Dewar was an only child. His father Alistair was a distinguished, consultant ,dermatologist but suffered from tuberculosis. His mother Mary (née Bennett)
  14. At the Oklahoma Transplantation Institute in the US, and an acting, consultant ,for various institutions. He had by this time become very interested in
  15. 1936–2010),Argentina, was an economist, professor,and international monetary, consultant , *Robert Baumann, ( born June 8,1930),Israeli-American mathematician, Nobel
  16. First two drafts of the script, while Bob Kane was brought back as a creative, consultant , Hamm's script had Penguin and Cat woman going after hidden treasure. Waters
  17. And he acted in self-defense. When detained by police, Davis claimed to be a, consultant ,at the U. S. consulate in Lahore. He was formally arrested and remanded into
  18. A verdict; legal aid had been withdrawn and there were allegations that the, consultant ,psychiatrists, the expert witnesses, had a conflict of interest. This
  19. Barnard. Dr Sudhir Shah, who led the previous study, acted as an advisor and, consultant ,to the USA team. However, Dr. Andrew New berg said that IRA stayed at the
  20. Known for his role as astrologer, cryptographer,and general" scientific, consultant ," to Queen Elizabeth I. Dee was considered an authority on the works of Roger
  21. At the request of President Václav Havel, and was asked to serve as, consultant ,for the government on trade, cultural matters and tourism. Havel was a lifelong
  22. American linguist (b. 1930) * 2008 – Michael Connell, American political, consultant ,(b. 1963) *2009 – Giridharilal Media, Indian entrepreneur (b. 1936) * 2009
  23. To 1989. He was asked to serve the U. S. State Department as a" foreign policy, consultant ," a role he held from 1990 to 1993. He served as Chairman of Gilead Sciences
  24. Flew for the USAF and NASA as a consulting test pilot at Edwards AFB. For his, consultant ,work to the Test Pilot School Commander at Edwards Air Force Base, Yeager was
  25. As a research chemist. During her work she participated as a surface analysis, consultant ,on the NASA Long Duration Exposure Facility experiment. In 1991, she received
  26. Minister and President, William Howland, suggested that the committee's staff, consultant ,and chairperson agree on a specific proposal and bring it back to the committee
  27. Brakes, American actor and director * 1953 – Mary Stalin, American political, consultant ,* 1953 – Nanny Loretta, Italian film actor, director and producer *1954 – Oscar
  28. Laboratory in the later stages of the Manhattan Project to serve as a general, consultant , He was sitting in the control room of the Hanford B Reactor when it first went
  29. Stagiaire (pupil, student-at-law ), plaignant (junior barrister),and, consultant ,(senior barrister). Since the 14th century and during the course of the 19th
  30. Was 13,039. He was the Gardner (district speaker) and Rechtsberater (legal, consultant ,) of the SS Division VIII. In January 1934,Kaltenbrunner was briefly jailed by
  31. Investment banker Dan Case. In May 1983,Jim Kinsey became a manufacturing, consultant ,for Control Video, which was near bankruptcy. Kinsey was brought in by his West
  32. Metro is going to construct express lines. For instance, the Rehab Behind,a, consultant ,for Tehran Metro, is studying Tehran Express Line 2. Tehran Metro currently has
  33. Freedom would benefit the most in long term. Similarly, author business, consultant ,Peter Trucker observed," There is neither a separate ethics of business nor is
  34. Dijkstra, and Doug Coward. In January 1983,Steve Case was hired as a marketing, consultant ,for Control Video on the recommendation of his brother, investment banker Dan
  35. Have 22 routes when finished. In 2007,Copenhagen-based Danish urban design, consultant ,Jan Gel was hired by the New York City Department of Transportation to
  36. And rank of consultant surgeons with the MRCS, titled " Mister ", etc., and, consultant , physicians with the MRCP, titled " Doctor ", is identical. Surgeons in the USA
  37. Photographer Weegee, who worked for Kubrick as a special photographic effect, consultant , According to film critic Alexander Walker, Sellers improvised Dr. Strange love
  38. As Vice President and General Manager from 1999 to 2001 and was a special, consultant ,to the team for three years afterwards. In 2004,Walsh was appointed as special
  39. Of his firm to American Airlines to Henry Dreyfuss, the legendary AA design, consultant , The logo is still in use today. By September 1970,American Airlines was
  40. Of the Pacific, Walsh was named interim athletic director. He also acted as a, consultant ,for his alma mater San Jose State University in their search for an Athletic
  41. As associate producers, series producer Masaryk Miami as a production, consultant , and Peter Craig as screenwriter. At the time it was slated to release in 2011
  42. The second one was a technique presented by John Headman, principal security, consultant ,for UK-based Next-Generation Security Software at the Black Hat Security
  43. G. Distilled, D. C. Fontana, and David Jerrold. Harlan Ellison, a creative, consultant ,on the show, received story credits for two episodes. Each writer was informed
  44. By his daughter's company, Linda Jones Enterprises. Jones was the creative, consultant ,and character designer for two Raggedy Ann animated specials and the first
  45. Director Ridley Scott, restoration producer Charles de Lauzirika, restoration, consultant , Kurt P. Galeão, restoration VFX supervisor John Schiele and Future Noir: The
  46. For offending real-life detectives and confirmed that they use a police, consultant ,for such storylines. In July 2010,complaints were received following the
  47. Research & Consulting, a consulting firm. She is currently working as a, consultant ,for Girard & Geese, the New York law firm Watt & Gutenberg, which has a focus
  48. They make ecologically responsible decisions in management recommendations to, consultant ,firms, governments and industry. Habitat The habitat of a species describes the
  49. But remains on the Britannica's Board of Directors. In 2003,former management, consultant ,Jorge Aguilar-Cauz was appointed President of Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
  50. Even when they are consultant s. In the United Kingdom the status and rank of, consultant ,surgeons with the MRCS, titled " Mister ", etc., and consultant physicians with

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