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  1. After three years, calling politics a cesspool. The resignation followed the, implication ,of Bachchan and his brother in the" Boors scandal" by a newspaper, which he
  2. Parts of Norway who united dissonant Danish tribes into a single kingdom. The, implication ,is that Bluetooth does the same with communications protocols, uniting them
  3. Boiling point at a given pressure, when the components are mutually soluble. An, implication ,of one boiling point is that lighter components never cleanly" boil first ".
  4. Then the Christian Kenya—as the antidote for mythic discourse. By, implication , Christianity could appear as a more recent, powerful,and dangerous instance
  5. In the 14th century is a cultural or ancestral reference, and has no religious, implication , Nevertheless, interest in the Fathers, their history, legacy and beliefs
  6. In support of this point of view, but the phrase" actinide hypothesis" ( the, implication ,being that" hypothesis" is something that's not been decisively proven)
  7. Determine his interpretation of the events. " Peter Heather agrees with Wood's, implication ,in this instance:" I doubt that this is the full story, but the effects of
  8. No German officer of this rank had ever surrendered, and the, implication ,was clear: if Paulus surrendered, he would shame himself and would become the
  9. Type) corresponds to conjunction in logic, and function type corresponds to, implication , Curry is a continuous function in the Scott topology. Naming The name "
  10. The anagram Avid Dollars for Salvador Dalí, to tarnish his reputation by the, implication ,of commercialism. Applications While diagramming is certainly a recreation
  11. The concavity of the water clearly involves gravitational attraction, and by, implication ,the Earth also is a participant. Here is a critique due to Mach arguing that
  12. Always fulfilled, so that any not yet fulfilled will be so in the future. The, implication , seen in the closing scenes of the book, with the release of Jehoiachin and his
  13. Sticking out of their hair – were known as men of Gaza (trouble) - the, implication ,being that if trouble arose, these men would reinstate peace and order. The
  14. Towards individuals, as well as on the individuals themselves. The social, implication ,of viewing aging as a disease could be profound, though this classification is
  15. One is obligated to kill in self-defense rather than be killed ". The clear, implication ,is that to bare one's throat would be tantamount to suicide (which Jewish law
  16. In connection with demands for freedom of press and other liberal rights. Its, implication ,that loyalty to a larger Germany should replace loyalty to one's sovereign
  17. Along class lines where appropriate, and functional lines where it's not. The, implication ,here is that a programmer can add functionality to existing classes by defining
  18. Is that Bruce was able to defend Scotland from English aggression whereas, by, implication , King John could not. To this man, in as much as he saved our people, and for
  19. Positive literal. Such clauses are of interest because they are able to express, implication ,of one variable from a set of other variables. Indeed, one such clause \neg x_1
  20. Claudius was the only one whose taste in love was entirely correct"—the, implication ,being that he was the only one not to take men or boys as lovers. Gibbon based
  21. Chance that the injured soldier will fall in love, and when he does, the strong, implication ,is that the larger problem is also solved. This factor is a natural outcome of
  22. Rends, but Freshet and Lebesgue refused to present it. Freshet wrote that an, implication ,between two well known true propositions is not a new result, and Lebesgue
  23. Constant is not so constant anymore and actually starts to grow. The, implication ,of this is that if the Gravitational constant grows at different scales, then
  24. Number (sum of trick points and bonus points) for the winning pair, and by, implication , as a negative number for their opponents. (A third form," Chicago" bridge
  25. For any isothermal process approaches zero as T → 0:: \LIM_ \Delta S = 0 The, implication ,is that the entropy of a perfect crystal simply approaches a constant value.
  26. Breathes. " The purpose is to drive out and dispossess the Canaanites, with the, implication ,that there are to be no treaties with the enemy, no mercy, and no intermarriage
  27. The achieved ends from the action by which these ends were produced. One, implication ,of utilitarianism is that one's intention in performing an act may include all
  28. One cannot conceive of a bare particular (a substance without properties),an, implication ,that directly opposes substance theory. The conceptual difficulty of bare
  29. The most radical vision of the liberty of the Church, on at least one point its, implication ,was firm and unmistakable: The king, even an emperor, was a layman. This
  30. It confirms or passes some information to a partner, and also denies by, implication ,any other kind of hand which would have tended to support an alternative call.
  31. Well known true propositions is not a new result, and Lebesgue wrote that an, implication ,between two false propositions is of no interest ".: Polish-American
  32. Inherent in modern science, the proponents of theistic evolution reject the, implication ,taken by some atheists that this gives credence to ontological materialism. In
  33. And therefore they would not relatively prime. The fields for which the reverse, implication ,holds (that is, the fields such that whenever two polynomials have no common
  34. Notion. 3. Cauchy was forced to teach infinitesimals at the Cole. The, implication ,is that Cauchy only used infinitesimals because of the pressure from the Cole
  35. To be the same as this original natural religion. As Matthew Tidal put it: One, implication ,of this deist creation myth was that primitive societies, or societies that
  36. Neg" for negation of the immediately following proposition and" \to\," for, implication ,from antecedent to consequent propositions: #\phi \to (\psi \to \phi) # (
  37. For auditory verbal short term memory components have been proposed, with some, implication ,that the observed neural manifestation of developmental dyslexia is
  38. Example, Thomas Carlyle (1840) sometimes used the term Allah but without any, implication ,that Allah was anything different from God. However, in his biography of
  39. Indeed, even after 1790 Mozart writes about" the rehearsal ", with the, implication ,that his concerts would have only one. Since polyphonic texture was no longer
  40. Quantum computers capable of running Shor's algorithm become available. The, implication ,of this attack is that all data encrypted using current standards based
  41. Carnot that established the thermodynamic value of compression. ) A historical, implication ,of this is that the Diesel engine would eventually have been invented without
  42. Like a neon sign and that Mars was coincidentally quite close at the time,the, implication ,apparently being that the atomic test would have been visible from Mars. In
  43. Against gun control" ) by providing evidence he believes would contradict its, implication , However,B's example of his uncle does not contradict A's statement, which
  44. Would be no marriage, children,commerce or other fruits of human labor; the, implication ,is that better ha'to and better ha'Ra are best understood not as moral
  45. Only created matter but was born into the material world in Jesus Christ. The, implication ,is that God, whose word had created the world in the beginning, was a usurper
  46. Words, uttered as the assassin was about to strike, were " Smite my womb ",the, implication ,here being she wished to be destroyed first in that part of her body that had
  47. Be conscious, a conclusion that the majority of philosophers have resisted. The, implication ,that only humans, and not other animals, are conscious is also widely resisted
  48. A DDT" ban" often specifically reference the 1972 US ban (with the erroneous, implication ,that this constituted a worldwide ban and prohibited use of DDT in vector
  49. Alien civilizations; humanity eventually splits into many subspecies, with the, implication ,that many of these effectively vanish from the galaxy, reminiscent of The
  50. Marlowe was reputed to be an atheist, which,at that time, held the dangerous, implication ,of being an enemy of God. Some modern historians, however,consider that his

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