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  1. A" forbidden transition ",i.e. possible with a very low probability. To, initiate ,combustion, energy is required to force Doxygen into a spin-paired state, or
  2. Minimum engagement range for the Phoenix is around; active homing would, initiate ,upon launch at this distance. Most of the research contained in the book was
  3. Oxide. Earlier climate changes Factors other than increased concentrations can, initiate ,warming or cooling episodes (see, e. g., orbital forcing). The ice core
  4. He went directly to Mather's, who still held the post of chief and who agreed to, initiate ,him into the Second Order. Now loyal to Mather's, Crowley (with the help of his
  5. Humanist Award by the International Humanist and Ethical Union. He helped to, initiate ,the first independent legal political organizations and became prominent in the
  6. Patrol may rely on tripwire or pressure-detonated mines in the kill zone to, initiate ,firing. Against vehicles, the lead and rear vehicles are the primary targets;
  7. Philosophy in Athens; travelled to Italy, Asia Minor and Egypt; and was an, initiate ,in several cults or mysteries. The most famous incident in his life was when he
  8. Which endows them with what is specific to living beings,e.g. the ability to, initiate ,movement (or in the case of plants, growth and chemical transformations, which
  9. Known as executive function. Briefly, this is the ability of an individual to, initiate , inhibit, sustain,and switch attention and is involved in the organization of
  10. The endogenous phages (known as prophages) become active. At this point they, initiate ,the reproductive cycle, resulting in lysis of the host cell. As the lysogenic
  11. Is precipitated by enzymes, apoptotic signals must cause regulatory proteins to, initiate ,the apoptosis pathway. This step allows apoptotic signals to cause cell death
  12. Was also necessary, as otherwise there would have been no means to elicit or, initiate ,reform of the church. A Protestant Reformation-era re-definition of apostolic
  13. 1942 – World War II: the Battle of Guadalcanal begins – United States Marines, initiate ,the first American offensive of the war with landings on Guadalcanal and Tulane
  14. System of Preferences (GSP). The European Commission decided in 2003 to, initiate ,an investigation into violations of freedom of association in Belarus as the
  15. No basis on which to conclude that there was a deliberate plan by the PA to, initiate ,a campaign of violence at the first opportunity; or to conclude that there was
  16. That sounded an audible alarm to the SysOp. If chosen, the SysOp could then, initiate ,a text-to-text chat with the caller; similar to what commercial websites have
  17. To fully implement this program, but by the spring of 1863,he was ready to, initiate ," a massive recruitment of Negro troops ". In a letter to Andrew Johnson, the
  18. Entities which steal property (through taxation and expropriation), initiate , aggression,are a compulsory monopoly on the use of force, use their coercive
  19. The Republic of Hawaii in December 1899,and the Board of Health’s decision to, initiate ,controlled burns of select buildings in Honolulu’s Chinatown turned into an
  20. Done to bypass one hitter for one the defensive team believes is less likely to, initiate ,a run-scoring play (e.g., a home run, sacrifice fly, or RBI base hit),or to
  21. The father of Merlin, the elder brother of Other (hence uncle of Arthur),an, initiate ,of Mithra's, and generally admired by everyone except the Saxons. Much of the
  22. And religion, burning up his inheritance while doing so. Apuleius was an, initiate ,in several cults or mysteries, including the Dionysian mysteries, and the cult
  23. The head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. While unable to, initiate ,legislation other than constitutional amendments, the President can return a
  24. Individuals inside government troops who had committed crimes. Massed tried to, initiate ,a nationwide political process with the goal of national consolidation and
  25. Now loyal to Mather's, Crowley (with the help of his then mistress and fellow, initiate ,Elaine Simpson) attempted to help crush the rebellion and unsuccessfully tried
  26. And cluster bombs for delivery to enemy watersheds in agricultural regions to, initiate ,epiphytotics (epidemics among plants). When the United States renounced its
  27. Were at their strongest, there has never been enough interest in secession to, initiate ,any major movements or referendums. There are several groups wishing to promote
  28. And drying off the solvent or water carrier. They may be further heated to, initiate ,a cross-linking reaction and increase molecular weight. 100 % solid SAS may be
  29. Century was the abolition of common law pleading requirements. A plaintiff can, initiate ,a case by giving the defendant" a short and plain statement" of facts that
  30. For the dole ", which John Howard and the Liberal Party of Australia were to, initiate ,after winning office in 1996. It is also said by a former staff member of Tony
  31. This kind of defense. The government ignored his letter and refused to let him, initiate ,a public discussion of ABM in the Soviet press. In May 1968 he completed an
  32. Transfer matrix method, characterized by two parameters: the propensity to, initiate ,a helix and the propensity to extend a helix. The helix in art At least three
  33. An 8–8 record. Due to continual financial hardships, the NFL directed Model to, initiate ,the sale of his franchise. On March 27, 2000,NFL owners approved the sale of
  34. There is a God. Moreover, Wollstonecraft calls on men, rather than women, to, initiate , the social and political changes she outlines in the Rights of Woman. Because
  35. To Scarborough in the hope that the change of location and fresh sea air might, initiate ,a recovery, and give her a chance to live. On 24 May 1849,Anne said her
  36. For TNF: TNF-R1 and TNF-R2. The binding of TNF to TNF-R1 has been shown to, initiate ,the pathway that leads to cascade activation via the intermediate membrane
  37. Navy also maintained that to decide, at the outset of any future conflict, to, initiate , the widespread use of nuclear weapons—attacking the major population centers of
  38. Etching of a metal layer. The substrate is heated to approximately 700 °C. To, initiate ,the growth of nanotubes, two gases are bled into the reactor: a process gas (
  39. Different type of breech to the other. A metal case holds an integral primer to, initiate ,the propellant and provides the gas seal to prevent the gases leaking out of
  40. Descent engine fired, the computer would think the signal was real and would, initiate ,an auto-abort, causing the Ascent Stage to separate from the Descent Stage and
  41. Automation and information technologies have innervated analytical chemistry to, initiate ,a number of new biological fields. For example, automated DNA sequencing
  42. Eighty Years' War: Spain and the Dutch Republic sign the Treaty of Antwerp to, initiate ,twelve years of truce. *1682 – Robert Cavalier de La Sale discovers the mouth
  43. Interaction with nucleic acids, proteins,and lipids. Sometimes these radicals, initiate ,chain reactions. Acerbate can terminate these chain radical reactions by
  44. Called on the group's leadership to take part in a loyal JIRA meeting to, initiate ,peace talks. These steps have resulted in an intensification of bombings
  45. Trespass, Trover, Replevin, Case (or Trespass on the Case),and Enactment. To, initiate ,a lawsuit, a pleading had to be drafted to meet myriad technical requirements:
  46. Practice. The basic pattern is for the receiver of the technique (use) to, initiate ,an attack against the person who applies the technique—the Tori, or white (
  47. Attract the first component of the complement cascade with their FC region and, initiate ,activation of the" classical" complement system. Activation of effector cells
  48. Right of citizens to take the initiative: to stand to speak in the assembly, to, initiate , a public lawsuit (that is, one held to affect the political community as a
  49. Drawing on its" immense material, financial,and scientific resources" to, initiate ,the Manhattan Project. It became the only country to develop an atomic bomb
  50. Ascorbate in the presence of free metal ions can not only promote but also, initiate ,free radical reactions, thus making it a potentially dangerous pro-oxidative

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