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  1. Lost its way and England took a hat-trick of victories to win the series 3–1. A, dramatic ,series in 1956 saw a record that will probably never be beaten: off-spinner Jim
  2. Poietes) and 'director' ( didaskalos) are often interchangeable since, dramatic ,poets usually directed their own plays and therefore the reference in the play
  3. The 1990 federal election heralded something of a rebirth for the party, with a, dramatic ,rise in primary vote. This was at the same time as an economic recession was
  4. Internal conflict over GST (1998–2001) and resultant leadership changes,a, dramatic ,decline occurred in the Democrats' membership and voting support in all states
  5. World watched the live transmission of the first Apollo moonwalk. Although the, dramatic ,accident of Apollo mission 13 was a well-known event, many people from around
  6. Requires a run-time library of array functions. Some speedup, sometimes, dramatic , is visible, but happens on account of the optimizations inherent in Microsoft
  7. Of America's total population, by 1930 Jews formed about 3½ percent. This, dramatic ,increase combined with the upward mobility of some Jews contributed to a
  8. A privileged member of the audience. In The Frogs, the god appears also as a, dramatic ,character, and he enters the theater ludicrously disguised as Hercules. He
  9. To British-occupied cities, such as New York. The effects of the war were more, dramatic ,in the South. In Virginia the royal governor Lord Dunmore recruited black men
  10. The United States join forces to defeat Nazi Germany. Role-playing games The, dramatic ,possibilities of alternate history provide a diverse genre for exploration in
  11. And radio adaptations Television American TV was the setting for the first, dramatic ,portrayal of Miss Marple with Gracie Fields, the legendary British actress
  12. With other young lawyers whose lives and loves were eccentric, humorous and, dramatic , Overview The show focused on the romantic and personal lives of the main
  13. Film depicted the events of the mission with reasonable accuracy, though some, dramatic ,license was taken. Technical inaccuracies have also been noted. The film also
  14. Obeyed a crazy logic of its own and yet it always unfolded within a formal, dramatic ,structure that was repeated with minor variations from one play to another. The
  15. Prestigious competitions. The plays were written for production at the great, dramatic ,festivals of Athens, the Denied and City Dionysian, where they were judged and
  16. As his lover or" Scarlet Woman ". In 1910,Crowley performed his series of, dramatic ,rites, the Rites of Eleusis, with AWAY members Leila Waddell (Layla) and
  17. The forms also differ in their object of imitation. Comedy, for instance, is a, dramatic ,imitation of men worse than average; whereas tragedy imitates men slightly
  18. Of thousands of slaves escaped to British lines throughout the South, causing, dramatic , losses to slaveholders and disrupting cultivation and harvesting of crops. For
  19. Were not many beyond the Humber either ". Alfred undoubtedly exaggerated for, dramatic ,effect the abysmal state of learning in England during his youth. That Latin
  20. S characteristic works, they often express the Baroque aesthetic of depicting, dramatic ,attitudes and emotional expressions, yet Algardi's sculpture has a restraining
  21. Archives) adds significantly to the Chronic mythos. The painting offers a, dramatic , deeply psychological portrayal of the single figure of Aaron in his priestly
  22. De Monterey, another work by Asgard. The FPGA d'Attila relief Algardi's large, dramatic ,marble high-relief panel of Pope Leo and Attila (1646–53) for St Peter's
  23. Other Central Texas communities voted against secession. The postwar period saw, dramatic ,population and economic growth. The opening of the Houston and Texas Central
  24. The United States, the leading Romantic movement was the Hudson River School of, dramatic ,landscape painting. Obvious successors of Romanticism include the
  25. Amphibians are ecological indicators, and in recent decades there has been a, dramatic ,decline in amphibian populations around the globe. Many species are now
  26. The practical benefits that come with wisdom. But the early release of, dramatic ,tension is consistent with the holiday meanings in Old Comedy, and it allows the
  27. Of New Comedy involved a trend towards more realistic plots, a simpler, dramatic ,structure and a softer tone. Old Comedy was the comedy of a vigorously
  28. To the Alford. Brahms wrote to Clara Schumann that the inspiration for the, dramatic ,entry of the horn in the introduction to the last movement of his First
  29. Clashing colors, which is unlike what we've seen in the balanced, natural,and, dramatic ,colors of the High Renaissance. Mannerism artwork seeks instability and
  30. Of years in the early 1900s and some of his most famous paintings are of the, dramatic ,landscape of the island. Not long after arriving, he threw his return train
  31. 3–6,7–5. As a result, he was unseeded at the US Open. Agassi had a short but, dramatic ,run in his final US Open. Because of extreme back pain, Agassi was forced to
  32. The third part of the story arc" If This Be My Destiny ", and featuring the, dramatic ,scene of Spider-Man, through force of will and thoughts of family, escaping
  33. Works of authorship ". Holding the title of" author" over any" literary, dramatic , musical, artistic,or certain other intellectual works" give rights to this
  34. Some more advanced functions, rather than attempt to compile them. However, dramatic ,speedups did occur, especially for heavily iterative APL code. Around the same
  35. Early plays, the genre appears to have developed around a complex set of, dramatic ,conventions and these were only gradually simplified and abandoned. The City
  36. S unisex bathroom stalls, that ran through the series. The show used vivid, dramatic ,fantasy sequences for Ally's and other characters' wishful thinking;
  37. Extremely expensive or unavailable. This would either cause food shortages or, dramatic ,rises in food prices. Mitigation of effects of petroleum shortages In the event
  38. He contributed to the establishment of structural theory. One of the more, dramatic ,successes of his theory was his prediction of the existence of secondary and
  39. Then Old Comedy. However, Old Comedy was in fact a complex and sophisticated, dramatic ,form incorporating many approaches to humor and entertainment. In Aristophanes
  40. It had lost its relevance for tragedy. Technically, the competition in the, dramatic ,festivals was not between poets but between choruses. In fact eight of
  41. Words, obscenities,disciplined verse, wildly absurd plots and a formal, dramatic ,structure. *Fantasy and absurdity: Fantasy in Old Comedy is unrestricted and
  42. After The Mirror, he announced that he would focus his work on exploring the, dramatic ,unities proposed by Aristotle: a concentrated action, happening in one place
  43. Islands and are pursued with great alacrity by the locals. This has led to a, dramatic ,depletion in numbers since the latter half of the 19th century, and 'ordering '
  44. The most difficult work of all. Competition at the Dionysian festivals needed, dramatic ,conventions for plays to be judged, but it also fuelled innovations.
  45. Norway on 10 December 1989. Environment At the same time as they benefit from, dramatic ,market growth, countries in Asia face huge sustainability challenges:
  46. And crowns of laurel were rewarded to champions of athletic, racing,and, dramatic ,contests. Thus, both the laurel and the oak were integral symbols of Roman
  47. The literacy rate from less than ten percent to over sixty percent. There was a, dramatic ,increase in the fertility rate to seven to eight children per mother. Therefore
  48. And greater pricing freedom. This results in lower fares and sometimes, dramatic ,spurts in traffic growth. The U. S., Australia,Canada, Japan,Brazil, Mexico
  49. By spirituality and metaphysical themes, long takes, lack of conventional, dramatic ,structure and plot, and distinctively authored use of cinematography. Film
  50. Half the population has to be considered as poor, but in this respect there are, dramatic ,differences between the countryside and the cities (whereby now slightly more

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