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  1. Be limited to what has positive warrant in Scripture, a doctrine known as the, regulative ,principle of worship. In this framework, the elements of worship have included
  2. Of the world) Rational Theology (God) Appendix (on the constitutive and, regulative ,uses of reason) In the introduction, Kant introduces a new faculty, human
  3. Whether the nuclear lamina at this stage has a stabilizing role or some, regulative ,function, for it is clear that it plays no essential part in the nuclear
  4. Innate human goodness. Even if people displayed immoral behavior, the supreme, regulative ,principle was good. The cause of immoral actions is QI. Zhu Xi's metaphysics
  5. Are solved and all our relations to the external world rightly adjusted - is a, regulative ,ideal, a goal that gives our direction. This goal of perfection must bear
  6. Renders all else intelligible; it is not as with Kant a certain hypothetical or, regulative ,need. With Schelling again Cousin agrees in regarding this supreme ground of
  7. Celebrate traditional holidays which they believed to be in violation of the, regulative ,principle. Diversity Various strands of Calvinist thought of the 17th century
  8. And other writings. Four regulative principles Smiley Prabhupada prescribed four, regulative ,principles, in relation to the four legs of dharma, as the basis of the
  9. With it. " Butler advanced ethical speculation by referring to a duality of, regulative ,principles in human nature: first," self-love" ( seeking individual happiness
  10. Demands, regulated by formal law, can be made by the central government on such, regulative ,and administrative powers; delegation is allowed (Article 124 sub 2). So the
  11. Publish and distribute periodicals, magazines,books and other writings. Four, regulative ,principles Smiley Prabhupada prescribed four regulative principles, in relation
  12. Will take place in San Francisco in November. Worship regulated by God The, regulative ,principle regarding worship, which distinguishes the Calvinist approach to the
  13. Within what she calls, borrowing from Foucault’s Discipline and Punish,", regulative ,discourses. " These, also called" frameworks of intelligibility" or "
  14. Suitable to sing to metrical tunes and even popular song forms. Following the, regulative ,principle of worship, many Reformed churches adopted the doctrine of exclusive
  15. Act" ), Ludwig Wittgenstein, G. C. J. Middle (the distinction between, regulative ,and constitutive rules),and his own thesis, in 'Speech Acts,' that such acts
  16. To the free market economy the state is not passive, but actively takes, regulative ,measures. The social policy objectives include employment, housing and
  17. He rejected mystical explanations of vitalism, nevertheless argued that a, regulative ,force must exist within living matter to maintain its functions. Carl
  18. On. Other names for a policy are a recommendation and a regulative principle. A, regulative ,ideal can be expressed in the form of a description, but what it describes is
  19. Laws Laws of nature are defined by him as immutably true propositions, regulative ,of voluntary actions as to the choice of good and the avoidance of evil, and
  20. Metaphysics is pointless or useless. Some thoughts may have legitimate use as, regulative ,principles for theoretic reason. And others may find a home in practical
  21. And New Zealand the word is allowed to be used in broadcast television by the, regulative ,councils of each area, as long as it is used in late hours when young people
  22. Work as nothing more than sophistry, Nussbaum claims that Fish" relies on the, regulative ,principle of non-contradiction in order to adjudicate between competing
  23. Requires for worship in the church, and everything else is prohibited. As the, regulative ,principle is reflected in Calvin's own thought, it is driven by his evident
  24. Rule, a slogan, and so on. Other names for a policy are a recommendation and a, regulative ,principle. A regulative ideal can be expressed in the form of a description
  25. Two ways: they can cause individuals within institutions to maximize benefits (, regulative ,institutions, also called Rational Choice Institutionalism),similar to
  26. Their act is preceded and steered by another internal act of considering a, regulative ,proposition appropriate to their practical problem.... Must we then say that
  27. For instance, prescribes " bread common to the culture ". Harking back to the, regulative ,principle of worship, the Reformed tradition had long eschewed coming forward
  28. The kingdom of ends; of Schleiermacher's historical treatment of Christianity, regulative ,use of the idea of religious fellowship, emphasis on the importance of
  29. From the University of Pisa, with complete administrative, didactic and, regulative ,freedom. The Sculley, together with the University of Pisa and with Sent'Anna
  30. Time needed to declare consensus vary from the classical norm. Consensus as a, regulative ,ideal A descriptive theory is one that tells how things are, while a normative
  31. But free Latin polypeptides are present as well and seem to have some, regulative ,part in the replication process. Apoptosis, basically to be
  32. Church ought to be strictly regulated by what is commanded in the Bible (the, regulative ,principle of worship),and condemned as idolatry many current practices
  33. For those who can understand and profess their faith, and they argue that the, regulative ,principle of worship, which many paedobaptists also advocate and which states
  34. Computer science Constructivism Like intuitionism, constructivism involves the, regulative ,principle that only mathematical entities which can be explicitly constructed
  35. And William P. Alston, who maintained that sentence meaning consists in sets of, regulative ,rules requiring the speaker to perform the illocutionary act indicated by the
  36. The Song of Solomon. This they considered magnificent poetry, without error, regulative ,for their sexual pleasure, and,especially, as an allegory of Christ and the
  37. In a student-organized debate with then librarian D. G. Hart concerning the, regulative ,principle of worship. Frame has used Doug Wilson's home-schooling materials
  38. His act is preceded and steered by another internal act of considering a, regulative ,proposition appropriate to his practical problem. ... Must we then say that for
  39. Reformation resulted in two conflicting attitudes to hymns. One approach,the, regulative ,principle of worship, favoured by many Zwinglian, Calvinists and other radical
  40. Von Bertalanffy believed a general theory of systems" should be an important, regulative ,device in science," to guard against superficial analogies that" are useless
  41. She locates the construction of the" gendered, sexed,desiring subject" in ", regulative ,discourses ". A part of Butler's argument concerns the role of sex in the
  42. Consumption. In Vaishnavism, specifically Gaudy Vaishnavism, one of the four, regulative ,principles is to abstain from taking any intoxicant. This excludes the
  43. Theory also seemed, in Popper's eyes, to support metaphysical realism and the, regulative ,idea of a search for truth. According to this theory, the conditions for the
  44. Or example in the New Testament are permissible in worship. In other words,the, regulative ,principle maintains that God institutes in the scriptures what he requires for
  45. Of binary sex, reconceiving the sexed body as itself culturally constructed by, regulative ,discourse. The supposed obviousness of sex as a natural biological fact attests
  46. Teleology is a necessary principle for the study of organisms, but it is only a, regulative ,principle, with no ontological implications. Political philosophy In political
  47. On worship and music. These have provoked controversy as Frame interprets the, regulative ,principle of worship (which he subscribes to) in a non-conventional manner.
  48. Without musical accompaniment include some Presbyterian churches devoted to the, regulative ,principle of worship, Old Regular Baptists, Primitive Baptists, Plymouth
  49. Everything he requires for the ordering of self and society, extending the, regulative ,principle of worship to all areas of life. Calvinism Today Calvinism has
  50. To anyone becoming a member of the Hare Krishna's, they had to follow the four, regulative ,principles, one of which is strict abstention from intoxicants, including

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