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  1. Line from Glasgow via Kirkintilloch and Strathclyde. The station closed to, passenger ,traffic in 1951,and the remaining freight services ceased in 1959. The above
  2. The $1400 passenger , or the $200 passenger plus a possible Sydney-Los Angeles, passenger ,willing to pay $1300? Airlines have to make hundreds of thousands of similar
  3. 1921 automobile),an obsolete automobile company * Atlantic (train),a named, passenger ,train operated by Canadian Pacific Railway and later Via Rail * Atlantic (
  4. Accident. While driving home during a thunderstorm, the car in which he was a, passenger ,skidded off the road and rolled over. A large collection of Maillol's work is
  5. Successful American airliner. With a 12- passenger capacity, the Trimotor made, passenger ,service potentially profitable. Air service was seen as a supplement to rail
  6. County Municipality, Quebec (Canada) * The Ability (train),a Via Rail, passenger ,train in Quebec * Ability Eskimos, a junior A hockey club based in Iroquois
  7. Routes such as the United States transcontinental flights. His brief included a, passenger ,capacity of 250 to 300 seated in a twin-aisle configuration and fitted with two
  8. With dozens of smaller airports in the state. The Texas Eagle, an Amtrak, passenger ,train, serves five stations in the state: Walnut Ridge, Little Rock, Malvern
  9. License, a type of pilot's license * BAE ATP, a British Aerospace turboprop, passenger ,aircraft designed for the short range market * Automatic Train Protection, a
  10. By AA and were sold to other carriers. *Most Boeing 747–100s were retired from, passenger ,service in the late 1970s and served as freighters until their final retirement
  11. The conductor of the Knight Bus when the bus takes a detour there to drop off a, passenger , During September the town holds the Abergavenny Food Festival. Notable people:
  12. In Alaska's economy. The railroad, though famed for its summer tour, passenger ,service, played a vital role in Alaska's development, moving freight into
  13. Such as maintenance, flight operations (including flight safety),and, passenger ,service) is supervised by a vice president. Larger airlines often appoint vice
  14. Flight, and who is willing to pay AU$1400. Should the airline prefer the $1400, passenger , or the $200 passenger plus a possible Sydney-Los Angeles passenger willing to
  15. Ticket counter at 07:29. Hand Hangout checked in separately and arrived at the, passenger ,security checkpoint at 07:35. The hijackers were also all selected for extra
  16. S main body section containing the crew cockpit or flight deck, and any, passenger ,cabin or cargo hold. In single- and twin-engine aircraft, it will often also
  17. The time. In 1931,the airship Graph Zeppelin began offering regular scheduled, passenger ,service between Germany and South America, usually every two weeks, which
  18. Offering in-state travel by jet service (sometimes in combination cargo and, passenger ,Boeing 737-400s) from Anchorage and Fairbanks to regional hubs like Ethel
  19. Columbia Airlines" livery for this film. American flew the aircraft both as a, passenger ,jet and later as a freighter only, under the" American Freighter" titles. The
  20. Loss of natural habitat potential associated with the jet fuel burned per, passenger ,on an airline flight is estimated to be 250 square meters (2700 square feet).
  21. Of the Kangaroo Campaign of the New Zealand land wars. *1853 – The first, passenger ,rail opens in India, from Born Under, Bombay to Thane. *1858 – The Wagnerian
  22. System (later merged in Japan Air Lines) took delivery of the last new-built, passenger ,A300,an A300-622R,in November 2002. * A300-600RF: (Official designation:
  23. Noise of loud jet engines, glanced out his window, and saw a" very, very large, passenger ,jet ". He watched" it just plows right into the side of the Pentagon. The nose
  24. By Ottoman Empire against Armenian population of Militia. *1912 – The British, passenger ,liner hits an iceberg in the North Atlantic at 11:40pm. The ship sinks the
  25. Cincinnati, Ohio houses the Cincinnati Union Terminal, an Art Deco style, passenger ,railroad station that began operation during 1933. After the decrease of
  26. Flight crews, making a successful hijacking more unlikely. An example of active, passenger ,and crew member resistance occurred when passenger s and flight attendants of
  27. Blue from Washington’D. C., to New York City after 68 years, the first U. S., passenger ,train to use electric locomotives. *1960 – Forced out by the April Revolution
  28. It is available in standard −200 and the Extended range −300 with range in both, passenger ,and full cargo versions. It is also available as a military tanker/transport
  29. In many ways, the biggest winner in the deregulated environment was the air, passenger , Indeed, the U. S. witnessed an explosive growth in demand for air travel, as
  30. American Airlines, Inc. (AA) is the world's fourth-largest airline in, passenger ,miles transported, and operating revenues. American Airlines is a subsidiary of
  31. California, killing 67 in the air and 15 on the ground. * 1986 – The Soviet, passenger ,liner sinks in the Black Sea after colliding with the bulk carrier Pyotr Vase
  32. It down. He was so anxious to capture the tune in his head, he asked fellow, passenger ,friend Harry Martin for his shirt cuff to write the tune on, thus perhaps the
  33. Station is a major rail hub in Turkey. The Turkish State Railways operates, passenger ,train service from Ankara to other major cities, such as: Istanbul, Eskişehir
  34. Line (now the Took Main Line) from Reno to Akihabara. At first there was no, passenger ,service, for south of the station was the Akihabara cargo docks, where goods
  35. From 1878 to 1982; however, the Ann Arbor Railroad also sold 1.1 million, passenger ,tickets in 1913. The city was also served by the Michigan Central Railroad
  36. Amtrak's route between Austin and San Antonio are under evaluation for a future, passenger ,rail corridor as an alternative to the traffic congestion of Interstate 35.
  37. New world speed record. *2008 – ATA Airlines, once one of the 10 largest U. S., passenger ,airlines and largest charter airline, files for bankruptcy for the second time
  38. And begin a four-day siege of Causing, Philippines. *1912 – The British, passenger ,liner,the, sinks in the North Atlantic at 2:20 a. m., two and a half hours
  39. To pay AU$1400. Should the airline prefer the $1400 passenger , or the $200, passenger , plus a possible Sydney-Los Angeles passenger willing to pay $1300? Airlines
  40. Date. The added efficiencies for these aircraft were often not in speed, but in, passenger ,capacity, payload,and range. Airbus also features modern electronic cockpits
  41. Controls * 5.64 m (222 in) diameter circular fuselage section for 8-abreast, passenger , seating and wide enough for 2 LD3 cargo containers side-by-side * Structures
  42. By 87 % between 1990 and 2006. CO2 emissions from the jet fuel burned per, passenger ,on an average airline flight is about 353 kilograms (776 pounds). Loss of
  43. DCU). Rail For rail transport, Amtrak schedules the Crescent, a daily, passenger ,train, running from New York to New Orleans with stops at Anniston, Birmingham
  44. The program requires 70 % of that subsidy to go to carriers who offer, passenger ,service to the communities. Many communities have small air taxi services.
  45. Seen on Tuesdays in the previous three months for Flight 77. Arriving at the, passenger ,security checkpoint a few minutes later at 07:18. Both men set off the metal
  46. Two weeks, which continued until 1937. In 1936,the airship Hindenburg entered, passenger ,service and successfully crossed the Atlantic 36 times before crashing at
  47. And most other airline lounges) was by the airline's invitation. After a, passenger ,sued for discrimination, the Club (and most other airline lounges) switched
  48. To depart, it was over its maximum takeoff weight by and was carrying one more, passenger ,than it was certified to. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, about from
  49. Again, as long as the flight has a true International First Class cabin and the, passenger ,is booked in that class as a paying customer or on a premium cabin frequent
  50. 18 and 13.9 % of those age 65 or over. Rail transportation Amtrak, the national, passenger ,rail system, provides daily service to Albion, operating its Wolverine both

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