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  1. A location where the person can be found in future established. # Failure to, comply ,with a court order. A copy of the order, with a" penal notice"—i.e. notice
  2. Codify rules into laws, police citizens and visitors to ensure that they, comply ,with those laws, and implement other policies and practices which legislators
  3. Policy *2003 – Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is suspended after refusing to, comply ,with a federal court order to remove a rock inscribed with the Ten Commandments
  4. 70 percent of the work force is involved in commercial fishing. Failure to, comply ,with fisheries laws regarding the use of trawling, urban pollution of the
  5. That they could apply themselves" to the pursuit of wisdom. " The failure to, comply ,with this royal order was to be punished by loss of office. It is uncertain how
  6. Technicians, per Rules 608 and 609 of the EPA rules and regulations; failure to, comply ,may result in criminal and civil sanctions. Newer and more environmentally safe
  7. Congress enacted the APA to establish fair administrative law procedures to, comply ,with the constitutional requirements of due process. The American Bar
  8. Where entities may not have actual physical facilities that are required to, comply , National Federation of the Blind v. Target Corporation This is a case where a
  9. Of the documents (called" judge’s copy" ), etc. If the filed motion does not, comply ,with the Local Rules then the judge can choose to strike the motion completely
  10. Serbia should things come to a showdown, so Belgrade was grudgingly forced to, comply , From then on, Narodna Brand concentrated on education and propaganda within
  11. Those limits. Armenian officials have consistently expressed determination to, comply ,with its provisions and thus Armenia has provided data on armaments as required
  12. Phase change, such as melting of ice. There are many materials that do not, comply ,with this rule, and for them, the present formula of classical calorimetry does
  13. He knew about the arrangement but had not appreciated that he had failed to, comply ,with the reporting requirements. *On 24 January 2008,Peter Main resigned his
  14. The spring and autumn bird migration seasons, the lights will be turned off to, comply ,with the voluntary Fatal Light Awareness Program, which " encourages buildings
  15. Green-composts, and by default in the USA 50 % of states expect composts to, comply ,in some manner with the federal EPA 503 rule promulgated in 1984 for sludge
  16. Of the ADT is changed. Since any changes to the implementation must still, comply ,with the interface, and since code using an ADT may only refer to properties
  17. Given an equal say in corporate governance, and corporations were required to, comply ,with the purposes expressed in their charters. Many private firms in the 19th
  18. From his son-in-law homage for the Scottish kingdom, but Alexander did not, comply , In 1255 an interview between the English and Scottish kings at Also led to
  19. Extreme cases, the charge of criminal negligence. An engineer's work must also, comply ,with numerous other rules and regulations such as building codes and
  20. Used for access in commercial and industrial environments within Europe must, comply ,with EN 362:2004" Personal protective equipment against falls from a height.
  21. Has come up has been effected by driving him into a groove' and felt unable to, comply , Edited works * The Goober: a Book of Fools (1975) – a collection of stories
  22. Example, filed in March 1999,claimed that the City of Sacramento failed to, comply ,with the ADA when, while making public street improvements, it did not bring
  23. Jurisdictions about regulations and building codes. The architect might need to, comply ,with local planning and zoning laws, such as required setbacks, height
  24. Apple made the necessary hardware, software and firmware changes in order to, comply ,to standards outside the U. S. The power supply was modified to accept the
  25. Li's authority. After An communicated these demands and Chiang agreed to, comply ,with them, Li departed for Guangdong. Although he did not hold a formal
  26. In May by requesting $45 million from the States. In an appeal to the States to, comply , Jay wrote that the taxes were" the price of liberty, the peace, and the
  27. Making up the" grassroots" of motor sports. Cars at this level may not, comply ,fully with the requirements of group A or group N homologation. As well as the
  28. Reached for comment, Lamo reportedly affirmed to Paulsen his intention to ", comply ,vigorously" with the order. WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning In February 2009,a
  29. worker's rights, slowly raising standards and pruning suppliers that did not, comply , Yearly progress reports have been published since 2008. In 2010,workers in
  30. May find such law acceptable, but the use of State power to coerce citizens to, comply ,with that law lacks moral justification. More recent conceptions of the theory
  31. Was written in such a strange idiom. It was a literal translation that had to, comply ,with the warning at Revelation 22:18 that the text must not be corrupted in any
  32. Trade Practices Act. §18 (5) of the Act specifies that agreements to, comply ,with British Standards should be disregarded when deciding whether an agreement
  33. A writer from casting a ballot for an active player, the scribes did not always, comply ,with the informal guideline; Joe DiMaggio received a vote in 1945,for example.
  34. Demanded what the pope had demanded and Deliveries promptly never swore to, comply , Charlemagne and his uncle Bernard crossed the Alps in 773 and chased the
  35. District, municipal,city, county ) and state level. Public entities must, comply ,with Title II regulations by the U. S. Department of Justice. These regulations
  36. Also were part of the buildup of U. S. forces in 1998 to convince Iraq to, comply ,with UN weapons inspections. Recent operations The United States used gunships
  37. Markets following Market Reviews by Ofcom. In these markets, BT is required to, comply ,with additional obligations such as meeting reasonable requests to supply
  38. Procedures to improve safety, and that the penalties for people who refused to, comply ,be made less severe. Years later, in 1898,Wallace wrote a pamphlet attacking
  39. Then to object to the plan, if appropriate, on the grounds that it does not, comply ,with one of the Code's statutory requirements. Generally, the payments are
  40. Of Confederation provided no mechanism with which to compel the States to, comply ,with requests for either troops or revenue. At times, this left the military
  41. Must finish in a constant amount of time, independently of that number. To, comply ,with these additional specifications, the implementation could use a linked
  42. His or her Trustee with details of income and assets. If the bankrupt does not, comply ,with the Trustee's request to provide details of income, the Trustee may have
  43. How a lenient sentence will be sufficient, but not greater than necessary, to, comply , with the statutory directives set forth in. Australia In Australia the term "
  44. To withhold, remit,and file the OPT returns. If an employer does not, comply , they can be held liable for both portions of the OPT and penalties and
  45. Which intimates that treaties and laws enacted pursuant to them do not have to, comply ,with the provisions of the Constitution. Nor is there anything in the debates
  46. Graphical rules and made minor corrections to its reference guides, in order to, comply ,with the future character-glyph model wanted by Unicode and ISO TC members. Due
  47. However, the orientation of the axes relative to each other should always, comply ,with the right-hand rule, unless specifically stated otherwise. All laws of
  48. 200,000,paving the way for the film's release. Some on the other hand do, comply ,with copyright law, with Orion Pictures in 2008 securing the rights to remake
  49. Additionally, Sweden was further isolated and was increasingly pressured to, comply ,with German and Finnish wishes, though with limited success. Despite Finland's
  50. With a" penal notice"—i.e. notice informing the recipient that if they do not, comply ,they are subject to imprisonment—is served on the person concerned. If, after

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