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  1. Look'st from thy sole dominion like the god Of this new World. (, iv , 32-4); 3. Inversion of the natural order of words and phrases Ten paces huge
  2. Collectio, ed. S. Merle (4 vols., Freiburg,1901 sqq.; only vols. i. –, iv , Have as yet appeared); not to overlook ANSI, Concilia,xxxv. 345 sqq. Note
  3. The aid of the Ionians in 499 BC if at the time she was at war with Regina. (, iv , ) There is an incidental indication of time, which points to the period after
  4. i) market entry; ii) access to scarce resources; iii) interconnection;, iv ,) tariff regulation; v) anticompetit iv e practices; and vi) un iv ersal
  5. Thomas Carlyle, History of Friedrich ii Chapter, iv ,: Albert the Bear *The History Files:
  6. Into real and imaginary parts:: z = x + in\, and: w f (z) u (x, y ) +, iv ,(x, y)\, : where x, y \in \math\, and u (x, y ), v (x, y)\, are real-valued
  7. i) salt-like, ( ii) covalent compounds, ( iii) interstitial compounds, and (, iv ,)" intermediate" transition metal carbides. Examples include calcium carbide
  8. Norm for church government. St. Jerome (347-420) " In Epistle Titus ", vol., iv , said," Elder is identical with bishop; and before the urging of the devil
  9. Their capital cities: (i) Rostock, ( ii) Brandenburg, ( iii) Schwerin, (, iv , ) Potsdam, ( v) Frankfurt (Oder),(vi) Magdeburg, ( vii) Cottbus, ( viii
  10. An empirical hypothesis to be verified by observation of natural events, or (, iv ,) or just a proposal for the sake of argument (i.e. a" thesis" ). Circa
  11. Of their l iv es, by the emperors. Giraldo Cambrensis reported (Itinerary, ii., iv ,) the common customs of lay abbots in the late 12th-century Church of Wales:: "
  12. And by the r iv er Rhine in the rear and on either side" ( Tacitus, Historiae, iv ,). This led to the Latin name of insula Karakorum for the area. The same name
  13. H. The Whale. London: Richard Bentley,1851 3 vols. (viii,312; iv ,303;, iv , 328 pp.) Published October 18, 1851. * Melville, H., Moby-Dick; or, The Whale
  14. Of J-J Ampere are to be found in Sainte-Beuve's Portraits litterers, vol., iv ,., and Bordeaux Funds, vol. xiii.; and in P Mérimée's Portraits histories et
  15. iii) g iv e priority to country/sector assistance program evaluations; (, iv ,) increase the number of joint evaluations; (v) validate self-evaluations to
  16. The (i) Army Ground Force, ( ii) the Navy, ( iii) the Air Force, (, iv , ) the Artillery Guidance Bureau, and (v) the Special Operation Force. The PA
  17. Century. A manuscript of that period in the royal library, Windsor (No. 20,E, iv , ), contains a drawing representing two players aiming at a small cone instead
  18. No mention of any persecution of the Roman Church; and Grenades (1. c., III, iv , 3) from among the early Roman bishops designates only Telephones as a
  19. In other writers: see especially William of Rubruck's in Rectal de voyages, iv , (Paris,1839),pp. 261,265,279,296,310,353,363,370; Joinville, ed.
  20. Melville, H. The Whale. London: Richard Bentley,1851 3 vols. (viii,312;, iv , 303; iv ,328 pp.) Published October 18, 1851. * Melville, H., Moby-Dick; or
  21. Council of India and the Croatian Information Technology Society (2004). (, iv ,) Exchange Program in the field of Culture for 2005-07 (2005). (v)
  22. For men, women and children of all ages, interests and tastes, ( ...) (, iv ,) provide a reasonable opportunity for the public to be exposed to the
  23. John and the others remained for some time with Jesus (cf. John ii,12,22;, iv , 2,8,27 sqq. ). Yet after the second return from Judea, John and his
  24. Three cities I love best," the ox-eyed Queen of Heaven declares (Iliad, book, iv , ) " are Argos, Sparta and Mycenae of the broad streets. " There were also
  25. Usually combined into a single equation: \franc = \phi (z, \bar) where f u +, iv ,and φ (α + in)/2. If φ is Ck, then the inhomogeneous equation is explicitly
  26. His apostolic succession even more immediate, Theodoret (Dial. Immutable., I, iv , 33a) reported that Peter himself appointed Ignatius to the see of Antioch.
  27. i) market entry; ii) access to scarce resources; iii) interconnection;, iv ,) tariff regulation; v) anticompetit iv e practices; and vi) un iv ersal
  28. Locations, ( ii) discrete, indistinguishable counters (iii) an agent, and (, iv ,) a list of instructions that are effect iv e relat iv e to the capability of the
  29. Peace. The narrat iv e was told in great detail in Tacitus' History, book, iv , although, unfortunately,the narrat iv e breaks off abruptly at the climax.
  30. The field of Culture, Science and Technology, Education and Sports (1999). (, iv ,) Agreement on cooperation between the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of
  31. Always in contexts other than a connection with Eden: in the Song of Solomon, iv , 13:" Thy plants are an orchard of pomegranates, with pleasant fruits;
  32. In later works, he quotes Homer more than once (Hist. Ar. 68,Oral., iv , 29). In his letter to Emperor Constantius, he presents a defense of himself
  33. Erasmus. #De Gratis et Libero Arbitron; g iv en in Bernard Pez's Anecdote, vol., iv , #De Sacrifice Missal; g iv en in the Collection Scrip tor. Vet. Of Angelo Mai
  34. In the heavens. The word planet (based on the Greek verb {{ Lang|GRC | II., iv , p.177. The seven Classical planets therefore comprise the Sun and Moon along
  35. Scythe; Cicero, Tusc. Disc. v. 32; Diogenes Laertes i. 101-5; Athens, iv , 159,x. 428,437,x iv . 613; Abelian, Varia Historian, v. 7. External links *
  36. Elves and fairies to be the same race. In Henry IV, part 1,act II, scene, iv , he has Falstaff call Prince Henry," you starveling, you elf skin! ", and in
  37. Of a PE MFC are (i) bipolar plates, ( ii) electrodes, ( iii) catalyst, (, iv , ) membrane, and (v) the necessary pieces of hardware. The materials used for different
  38. Spring in her honor. Sources * Ananias i. 32,41,ii. 13,18,iii. I, iv , 3,v. 3 * Georg Built, Griechische Geschichte, i. Ch. ii. sec. 7,where a
  39. Diogenes Laertes, of Catharsis. Notes Classical references *Herodotus, iv , 46,76-7; Lucian, Scytha; Cicero, Tusc. Disc. v. 32; Diogenes Laertes i.
  40. W z + 1/z, where z x + in are the original Cartesian coordinates, and w=u +, iv ,are those after the transformation. Other orthogonal two-dimensional coordinate
  41. Parts respect iv ely of a complex-valued function f (x + in) u (x, y ) +, iv ,(x, y ). Suppose that u and v are continuously differentiable on an open
  42. i) economic affairs, ( ii) environment, ( iii) corporate services, (, iv , ) education and home affairs and (v) health, social security and housing. The
  43. i) market entry; ii) access to scarce resources; iii) interconnection;, iv ,) tariff regulation; v) anticompetit iv e practices; and vi) un iv ersal
  44. That u and v are continuously differentiable on an open subset of C. Then f u +, iv ,is homomorphic if and only if the partial der iv at iv es of u and v exist, are
  45. Countries it would be necessary to frame them, which according to Vitruvian (, iv , 6. ) was done with stiles (sea/is) and rails (see: Frame and panel): the
  46. iii) whether it exists in and of itself or simply 'comes along' by accident:, iv ,) according to its potency, movement (energy) or finished presence (
  47. World. Terminology and definition The word" A history of our own times,1880, iv , 542) " Pagan" as a self-designation appeared in 1964 and 1965,in the
  48. Awarded first base on four called balls; (iii) is hit by a pitched ball; or (, iv ,) is awarded first base because of interference or obstruction" The main use
  49. Horace's saying," From the brave and good are the brave descended" ( Odes, iv , 4,29) and Shakespeare's line from Cymbeline," Cowards father cowards, and
  50. Tag. Yer. To Deuteronomy xxxii. 24 and Numbers vi. 24; Tag. To Can't. iii. 8, iv , 6; Eccl. ii. 5; PS. xci. 5,6. ) Christian demonology" Demon" has a number

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