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  1. Feel excused of any moral or political responsibility for remedying whatever, institutional ,or societal flaw might be the actual source of the dissonance. Likewise, Roger
  2. The adoption of the New Curriculum marked a milestone in the University's, institutional ,history and is seen as a significant step towards realizing Wayland's vision.
  3. Of ethnic antagonism, aesthetic controversy and political struggles over the, institutional ,control of public art. In 1899,the memorial, by the Berlin sculptor Ernst
  4. For many African Americans include inadequate health care access and delivery;, institutional ,racism and discrimination in housing, education,policing, criminal justice and
  5. The struggle between Nicene and Arians left a deep impression on the, institutional ,memory of Nicene churches. Thus, over the past 1,500 years, some Christians
  6. And state militia throughout the war. The United States Marine Corps traces its, institutional ,roots to the Continental Marines of the war, formed at Tun Tavern in
  7. Peacekeeping operations (UNITY). UN-sponsored negotiations to develop, institutional ,arrangements acceptable to the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities
  8. Heritages" but has" no quotas of any kind ". Campus Brown is the largest, institutional ,landowner in Providence, with properties in the East Side and the Jewelry
  9. Resource constraints and climate change, as well as social inequality and, institutional ,weaknesses. These conditions are driving a set of rapidly expanding
  10. Inadequate in terms of controlling government actions, largely because of, institutional ,and systemic obstacles like a weak judiciary, poorly trained judges and lawyers
  11. Have been moves recently to try to increase shareholder activism among both, institutional ,investors and individuals with small shareholdings. Conversely, though,boards
  12. And wildlife have been in effect since the 1930s. Brazil achieved significant, institutional ,advances in environmental policy design and implementation after the Stockholm
  13. The empire and threats from imperialism, the Self-Strengthening Movement was an, institutional ,reform to modernize the empire with prime emphasis to strengthen the military.
  14. Talk about ideas, about morals – that's a cool concept. But then, of course, institutional ,religions are so problematic. " Since becoming a mother and releasing her Red
  15. To favor their full participation in the integration process. As the, institutional ,and normative" umbrella" of regional integration that shelters these
  16. 2008,the university declared itself" profoundly sorry" for having allowed ", institutional ,policies to remain in place that were racially hurtful. " That year BYU
  17. One reason often given for traditional apostolic succession is the need for, institutional ,continuity so that Christian doctrine, not only the written texts (
  18. Ownership have been integral to the development of capitalism. Institutions New, institutional ,economics, a field pioneered by Douglass North, stresses the need of a legal
  19. Scarcity is natural when it is possible to conceive of it before any human, institutional , contractual arrangement. Artificial scarcity, on the other hand, is the
  20. A form of disability and therefore covered under the ADA, and that unjustified, institutional ,isolation of a person with a disability is a form of discrimination because it
  21. Policy of" international solidarity" and national independence and a new, institutional ,order (the" people's state" or" power popular" ), including the
  22. Equity of £45 million was raised by CTG/F-M, increased by £206 million private, institutional ,placement,£770 million was raised in a public share offer that included press
  23. Between the" church visible" and" church invisible ". The former is the, institutional ,body on earth which proclaims salvation and administers the sacraments while
  24. Treaty Organization (NATO) and Azerbaijan actively cooperate on defense, institutional ,reforms and have developed practical cooperation in many other areas.
  25. Of the northwest corridor in the 1980s. Despite favorable laws, promising, institutional , arrangements,and external funding, the government has not, on the whole, been
  26. Policies are shifted in 1998 to the European Central Bank, within the European, institutional ,framework, the bank implements the decisions, issues euro banknotes and
  27. The prism of individual agents, as opposed to more complex structural or, institutional ,accounts. If this is a true observation, it may be expected that the audience
  28. Define as art is considered art regardless of formal definitions. This ", institutional ,definition of art" ( see also Institutional Critique) has been championed by
  29. Wilson (1994) point to the financial weakness as well as the norms, rules and, institutional ,structures of the Congress, and the propensity to divide along sectional lines.
  30. Psychotherapy and cognitive-based therapy. Still some research has found that, institutional ,use of AA in certain circumstances has reduced health-care expenditures by 45 %
  31. State treasury service, Central Credit Register, economic analysis and, institutional ,consultancy. Bank of Italy gold reserves are 2,451.8 tonnes (2006). History
  32. In Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Brazil's soft power diplomacy involves, institutional ,strategies such as the formation of diplomatic coalitions to constrain the
  33. To mean" men who live independently,outside their parents' home and other, institutional ,settings, who are neither married nor cohabitating" for just this reason. They
  34. Same time, he established centers and laboratories within France to provide an, institutional ,context within anthropology, while training influential students such as
  35. Renounced its bourgeois origins and elaborated and painfully rationalized its, institutional , legal, metaphysical,and religious defenses .... When the crisis came it chose
  36. Made up of non-fiction and fiction books, ( as opposed to the state or, institutional ,records kept in archives) first appeared in classical Greece. In ancient world
  37. Of conspiracist is threefold: First, conspiracy theories claim to explain what, institutional ,analysis cannot. They appear to make sense out of a world that is otherwise
  38. Officer, Gusti Neural RAI, formed a Balinese 'freedom army '. The lack of, institutional ,changes from the time of Dutch rule however, and the harshness of war
  39. And can range between 2 and 12 % of new construction cost, for commercial and, institutional ,projects, depending on a project's size and complexity. Residential projects
  40. JFK Assassination II: Conspiracy Phobia On The Left ", states,Structuralist or, institutional ,analysis shows that the term is misused when it is applied to institutions
  41. While ESBL-producing organisms were previously associated with hospitals and, institutional ,care, these organisms are now increasingly found in the community.
  42. And scholar, contrasts conspiracy theory as more or less the opposite of, institutional ,analysis, which focuses mostly on the public, long-term behavior of publicly
  43. Georgia and the institution for being inappropriately treated and housed in the, institutional ,setting rather than being treated in one of the state's community based
  44. Work Bernard Leveled, a psychiatrist, founded a new method of individual and, institutional ,development oriented towards humanizing organizations and linked with Steiner
  45. Every modern written constitution confers specific powers to an organization or, institutional ,entity, established upon the primary condition that it abides by the said
  46. Supply is far smaller than the deposit component. Currency, bank reserves and, institutional ,loan agreements together make up the monetary base, called M1,M2 and M3. The
  47. And the creation and maintenance of political and economic institutions. In new, institutional ,economics and other fields focusing on public policy, economists seek to judge
  48. Retrenchment. Reformers sought to destroy what they saw as widespread, institutional ,corruption. The result was a powerful crisis,1776-1783. The peace in 1783 left
  49. Politicians decided to merge both. Thus, the Flemings just have one single, institutional ,body of parliament and government is empowered for all except federal and
  50. Of survey results and prioritization of the various intrinsic, instrumental and, institutional ,values to provide a clear basis for a 10-year strategy * HR consultants to be

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