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  1. Up to 17 transporters capable of massively parallel operations for tasks such as, ray ,tracing. There were also some unreleased prototypes: Falcon 040 (based on a
  2. Cosmogenic 10Be is produced in the atmosphere of the Earth by the cosmic, ray ,salvation of oxygen and nitrogen. Cosmogenic 10Be accumulates at the soil
  3. Cycles. Vacuum tube anode In electronic vacuum devices such as a cathode, ray ,tube, the anode is the positively charged electron collector. In a tube, the
  4. By the method of K-Ar dating. In the Earth's atmosphere, is made by cosmic, ray ,activity, primarily with. In the subsurface environment, it is also produced
  5. Lunar surface and environment in great detail with a panoramic camera, gamma, ray , spectrometer,mapping camera, laser altimeter, mass spectrometer, and lunar
  6. Based on Winston Churchill, try to seize power, the utopians simply point a, ray ,gun at them and send them on to someone else's universe. Wells describes a
  7. Future manned interplanetary spacecraft, where absorption-shielding from cosmic, ray ,salvation neutrons is expected to be a particular asset in light construction
  8. Where the plane receiving the image, e. g., a focusing screen, intersects the, ray ,passing through the middle of the stop. This assumption is justified if a poor
  9. Of oxygen and other gases in electronic vacuum tubes such as television cathode, ray ,tubes. An alloy of barium with nickel is commonly used in automobile ignitions.
  10. Reflector in a manner similar to a solar furnace. A test of the Archimedes heat, ray ,was carried out in 1973 by the Greek scientist Ioannis Sacks. The experiment
  11. From the eye, nor through physical forms entering it. He reasoned that a, ray ,could not proceed from the eyes and reach the distant stars the instant after
  12. Of these nuclides varies slightly with short-term variations in solar cosmic, ray ,flux, but is considered practically constant over long scales of thousands to
  13. Of the ray s in the meridional section is no longer symmetrical to the principal, ray ,of the pencil; and on an intercepting plane there appears, instead of a
  14. It is astigmatic (Gr. a-, privative, stigmia, a point). Naming the central, ray ,passing through the entrance pupil the axis of the pencil or principal ray , it
  15. Isotopes such as lithium-6 are generated in space through cosmic, ray ,salvation. Name nature405_656/> This occurs when a high-energy proton
  16. Can be measured by considering the length of circular arc swept out when one, ray ,is rotated about the vertex to coincide with the other (see" Measuring angles
  17. To the principal ray ; of these, one lies in the plane containing the principal, ray ,and the axis of the system,i.e. in the first principal section or meridional
  18. Fire at short distances. In December 2010,MythBusters again looked at the heat, ray ,story in a special edition featuring Barack Obama, entitled President's
  19. The entrance pupil,i.e. the plane II. Similarly, the corresponding image, ray ,may be defined by the points (ξ ', η '),and (x ', y '),in the planes I '
  20. Cells where the current of interest is the reverse current. * In a cathode, ray ,tube, it is the positive terminal where electrons flow out of the device, i. e.
  21. By a point in the projective Hilbert space of the system. Each vector in the, ray ,is called a" KET" and written as | \psi\range, which would be read as" KET
  22. Attached to it. Uncommon; Vacuum tube memory: A Williams tube used a cathode, ray ,tube, and a Selection tube used a large vacuum tube to store information. These
  23. Technology because, while electron-positron reactions result in gamma, ray ,photons, in reactions between protons and antiprotons, their energy is
  24. With various display formats. The earliest example is from 1947—a" Cathode, ray ,tube Amusement Device" was filed for a patent on January 25, 1947,by Thomas
  25. When the aperture is diminished; in practice, this generally occurs. This, ray , named by Abbé a principal ray (not to be confused with the principal ray s of
  26. Angles to the axis, and two other coordinates (x, y ), the point in which the, ray ,intersects the entrance pupil,i.e. the plane II. Similarly, the corresponding
  27. For the vector monitor. There are DVG commands for positioning the cathode, ray , for drawing a line to a specified destination, calling a subroutine with
  28. Produced in nucleogenic reactions, or in cosmogenic processes, such as cosmic, ray ,salvation. New atoms are also naturally produced on Earth as radiogenic
  29. In 10B,if it is present in the spacecraft's semiconductors, producing a gamma, ray , an alpha particle, and a lithium-ion. These resultant decay products may then
  30. Was in the choice of the perpendicular ray since there could only be one such, ray ,from each point on the surface of the object which could penetrate the eye. "
  31. Decay of radioactive elements as well as other nuclear processes such as cosmic, ray ,bombardment and natural nuclear fission of the nuclei of various heavy elements
  32. Treat aberrations generally and analytically by means of indefinite series. A, ray ,proceeding from an object point O (fig. 9) can be defined by the coordinates
  33. As Archimedes' weapon. The device, sometimes called the" Archimedes heat, ray ,", was used to focus sunlight onto approaching ships, causing them to catch
  34. The problem of multiple ray s and the eye was in the choice of the perpendicular, ray ,since there could only be one such ray from each point on the surface of the
  35. In two focal lines, which can be assumed to be at right angles to the principal, ray ,; of these, one lies in the plane containing the principal ray and the axis of
  36. Nucleosynthesis in supernovas and other cataclysmic cosmic events. Cosmic, ray ,salvation (fragmentation) of carbon, nitrogen,and oxygen is important to
  37. Is produced in the atmosphere by salvation of 36Ar by interactions with cosmic, ray ,protons. In the subsurface environment,36Cl is generated primarily as a result
  38. Through the electric field generated between plates D and E. When the cathode, ray ,(blue line) passed through the electric field (yellow),it was deflected.
  39. In practice, this generally occurs. This ray , named by Abbé a principal, ray ,(not to be confused with the principal ray s of the Gaussian theory),passes
  40. Of heaven; hear me, helper of men, giver of dauntless youth! Shed down a kindly, ray ,from above upon my life, and strength of war, that I may be able to drive away
  41. Comes from the Greek antis, aktinos (ακτίς, ακτίνος ), meaning beam or, ray , This metal was discovered not by its own radiation but by the radiation of the
  42. When working in 3D. Moreover, it became easier to edit 3D models. The mental, ray ,engine was included in rendering, it was now possible to do quality renderings.
  43. The risk of stroke after TIA In science * BCD matrix analysis, a type of, ray ,tracing technique used in the design of some optical systems * ABCD-parameters
  44. Blocks. When data reside on disk, block access to hide latency offers a, ray ,of hope in designing efficient external memory algorithms. Sequential or block
  45. From the Ancient Greek antis, aktinos (ακτίς, ακτίνος ), meaning beam or, ray , And sometimes acetaldehyde. Properties Actinium is a soft, silvery-white
  46. Bill Dennard, who had been experimenting with rerecording of the cathode, ray ,oscilloscope displays, submitted a design which was part of the waveform from
  47. In quantum mechanics, the state of a physical system is identified with a, ray ,in a complex separable Hilbert space, \mathcal, or,equivalently, by a point in
  48. Difference, increases,in general, with the angle W made by the principal, ray ,OP with the axis of the system,i.e. with the field of view. Two astigmatic
  49. The sine condition small throughout the whole aperture, there is given to a, ray ,with a finite angle of aperture u* (width infinitely distant objects: with a
  50. Ray passing through the entrance pupil the axis of the pencil or principal, ray , it can be said: the ray s of the pencil intersect, not in one point, but in two

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