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  1. Road. The Armada and CEPA malls on the highway, the Galleria in Unity, and a, huge ,mall, Real in Silent Center, offer North American and European style shopping
  2. Extending the house and adapting the garden and landscape to cope with the, huge ,numbers that visited. These early adaptations are considered to be of
  3. Historic houses to become a public attraction) and from the outset, it was a, huge ,hit with visitors. This resulted in his descendants extending the house and
  4. Worldwide is not much larger than the population of a small town, there is a, huge ,community of amateur astronomers. Most cities have amateur astronomy clubs that
  5. Is much more powerful and just as intelligent. He commands his army wielding a, huge ,shield made of seven cow-hides with a layer of bronze. Most notably, Ajax is
  6. Found in caves north of the White River. " The mammoth cavern consists of many, huge ,caves and underground galleries, arranged over five floors, with a total length
  7. Hated England, but its material gains were minimal and its financial losses, huge , It was already in financial trouble and its borrowing to pay for the war used
  8. Either a nuclear reactor or a particle accelerator. Particle accelerators use, huge ,amounts of energy, while nuclear reactors produce energy, so only methods
  9. The dictates of the Dominican order—instead walking back and forth across his, huge ,diocese. This earned him the affectionate sobriquet," boots the bishop," from
  10. In the USA, the IMA Camel GTP series boasted close competition between, huge ,fields of manufacturer-backed teams and privateer squads – the cars were
  11. John Singer Sargent's Madame Pierre Gateau (Madam X) (1884),caused a, huge ,uproar over the reddish pink used to color the woman's ear lobe, considered
  12. 1814 – Indian Wars: the Creek sign the Treaty of Fort Jackson, giving up, huge ,parts of Alabama and Georgia. *1842 – The Webster-Ashburton Treaty is signed
  13. His next New Year's reception for diplomats on January 10, 1939. This was a, huge ,undertaking, especially since the existing Chancellery was in full operation.
  14. Visually flamboyant final battle of Jimbo takes place in the main street, as, huge , clouds of dust swirl around the combatants ... The winds that stir the dust ...
  15. Way, Ford innovated its way to a lower price point and by doing so turned a, huge ,potential market into a reality. Not only did this mean that Ford enjoyed much
  16. The same model. Anaximander was the first astronomer to consider the Sun as a, huge ,mass, and consequently, to realize how far from Earth it might be, and the
  17. Seen in Leni Riefenstahl's propaganda masterpiece Triumph of the Will. This, huge ,work was capable of holding 340,000 people. The tribune was influenced by the
  18. Newfound Akkadian wealth may have been based upon benign climatic conditions, huge ,agricultural surpluses and the confiscation of the wealth of other peoples. The
  19. Andes produce principally tin although historically silver mining had a, huge ,impact on the economy of 17th century Europe. There is a long history of mining
  20. Word is derived from the Dutch words stadiums (city hall) and opera. This, huge ,modern complex, opened in 1986,lies in the former Jewish neighborhood at
  21. 2002,mainly thanks to the fast-rising earnings of the oil sector, Angola faces, huge ,social and economic problems. These are in part a result of the almost
  22. Up to of natural gas liquids. Other recent reports show that the country has, huge ,amounts of gold, copper,coal, iron ore and other minerals. In 2010,Pentagon
  23. Including city walls, temples,irrigation canals and waterways, producing, huge , agricultural surpluses. In later Assyrian and Babylonian texts, the name Akkad
  24. Those slain in battle, the Interwar (Section 20). Sorry quips:" There is a, huge ,crowd there, and there will be many more still ...." ( Section 39). They
  25. Theory in plasma physics and atmospheric physics even though both deal with, huge ,numbers of atoms. Electronic configuration Electrons form notional shells
  26. Amenities. Nevertheless, many of these gecekondus have been replaced by, huge ,public housing projects in the form of tower blocks such as Blanket, Eryaman
  27. S number 1 1975 solo album Frida ENSAM (Frida Alone). After Lyngstad's, huge ,success with the song in Sweden, the group decided to record an English version
  28. From to — still too" hot" to produce study-effective antihydrogen, but a, huge ,leap forward. In late 2002 the ATHENA project announced that they had created
  29. Were held. Speer also made plans to reconstruct Berlin on a grand scale, with, huge , buildings,wide boulevards, and a reorganized transportation system. As Hitler
  30. Atoms in a gas or plasma then the time-scales for atom-atom interactions are, huge ,in comparison to the atomic processes that we are concerned with. This means
  31. His design to include a cubic mass which would check their advance, with a, huge ,eagle on top looking down on the Soviet figures. Both pavilions were awarded
  32. This led to a rapid swelling of the size of armies. For the first time, huge ,masses of the population could enter combat, rather than just the highly
  33. Same time as they benefit from dramatic market growth, countries in Asia face, huge ,sustainability challenges: environmental degradation, resource constraints and
  34. Taken up by Picasso and to some extent by Matisse. Similarly, the west has had, huge ,impacts on Eastern art in the 19th and 20th centuries, with originally western
  35. S poems. Milne was a noted writer, primarily as a playwright, before the, huge ,success of Pooh overshadowed all his previous work. Life A. A. Milne was born
  36. Elected through free and direct elections for a four-year term. However, due to, huge ,election costs, mayoral and municipal elections have never been held. Instead
  37. In the late summer or autumn of 376. It now presented Emperor Valets with a, huge ,dilemma-tens of thousands of displaced Goths had suddenly arrived at his
  38. Built especially for the tropics, it was delivered by river in a, huge ,dug-out canoe to Nazarene, packed in a zinc-lined case. At first, he regarded
  39. Battle of Carnal. Nader Shah and his army abandoned Delhi but took with them, huge ,treasure, which included the Kohinoor and Darya-ye Noor diamonds. After the
  40. Version has been used since 2003. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were, huge ,Beatles fans, however Apple Inc. has had trademark issues between themselves
  41. Much uncertainty about the composition of those audiences. They were certainly, huge , with seating for at least 10 000 at the Theatre of Dionysus, but it is not
  42. Accused and convicted of sorcery, is burned alive in Lou dun, France. *1783 – A, huge ,fireball meteor is seen across the United Kingdom as it passes over the east
  43. Established cultures within the Seljuk realm, and allowed Alp Asian to field a, huge ,standing army, without depending on tribute from conquest to pay his soldiery.
  44. And embroidery. Up the hill to the castle gate, there are many shops selling a, huge ,and fresh collection of spices, dried fruits, nuts,and other produce. Modern
  45. Watering a dry stick, day after day, for months, or endeavoring to remove a, huge ,rock immensely exceeding his powers. Appointments When a vacancy occurred, the
  46. To shut down or sell Bebop. This has been successfully concluded but with a, huge ,loss on investment. * In February 2011,AOL purchased The Huffington Post for
  47. Many of his stories. In 1939 Arkham House published The Outsider and Others,a, huge ,collection that contained most of Lovecraft's known short stories. Delete and
  48. Through the Nidau-Büren channel and then runs east to Burden. The lake absorbs, huge ,amounts of eroded gravel and snowmelt that the river brings from the Alps, and
  49. Soviet era, the unemployment rate still hovers near 30 % and there remains a, huge ,gulf between actual and potential Gross Domestic Product. Global
  50. Against an impending attack by bandits, was given a full epic treatment, with a, huge ,cast (largely consisting of veterans of previous Kurosawa productions) and

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