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  1. Existence and make no use of the concept, or may present the universe without, explanation ,to its existence. Major writers explore alternate histories In 1962,Philip K.
  2. S discovery and 1909,this" plum pudding model" was the most widely-accepted, explanation ,of atomic structure. Shortly after Thomson's discovery, Hantaro Nagoya, a
  3. Their students. Markov initially refused to accept this decree and wrote an, explanation ,in which he declined to be an" agent of the governance ". Markov was rejected
  4. In alternate cycles from an experimental observation, through to a theoretical, explanation ,followed by some predictions which may or may not be confirmed by experiment
  5. Years out of step, there is functional magic in the fair world. Even with such, explanation , the more explicitly the alternate world resembles a normal fantasy world, the
  6. Accepted into the consumption sectors of the economy. Hummel notes that this, explanation ,makes peculiar assumptions about demand curves for labor. Hummel provides a
  7. Popular belief in this story to the fact that it provides" the most plausible, explanation ,for the rapid eclipse of the Peripatetic school after the middle of the third
  8. A slow combustion of organic material using inhaled oxygen. Lavoisier's, explanation ,of combustion disproved the florist theory, which postulated that materials
  9. Because of Belgium's occupation by Germany (which provided a valid, explanation ,of why such a skilled detective would be out of work and available to solve
  10. Credited it to Poisonous (c. 135-50 BC) Ptolemy may also have offered this, explanation ,in his Optics, but the text is obscure. Alhazen's writings were more widely
  11. And a- negative—“the uncreated Father. ” *Giuseppe Brazil goes back for, explanation ,to the first verse of the prayer attributed to Rabbi Kenya Ben Hannah, the
  12. Are not yet fully understood, although the baryogenesis theories may offer an, explanation , ) As a result, no antimatter atoms have been discovered in nature. Name
  13. Was still considered somewhat controversial, it was officially bestowed for his, explanation ,of the photoelectric effect. He also received the Copley Medal from the Royal
  14. S life and art. Sonatas was arrested the day after the assault. By way of, explanation , she said that Warhol" had too much control over my life. " She was eventually
  15. And a derivation of *man-also found in Slavic much) has been proposed,an, explanation ,deemed" unlikely" by Jamar Frisk. 19th century scholarship also connected
  16. Social work. Anthropology has been used in Britain to provide an alternative, explanation ,for the Financial crisis of 2007–2010 to the technical explanation s rooted in
  17. Has been investigated, the smaller the size of the residue open to the genetic, explanation ,has tended to become. According to many scholars it only comprises a small
  18. The laws of INE that form an integral part of the code. Patrick Wormald's, explanation ,is that Alfred's law code should be understood not as a legal manual, but as
  19. In the great controversy on the subject of personal immortality, adopted the, explanation ,of the De Anima given by Alexander of Aphrodisiac. According to the orthodox
  20. Who is also sometimes described as fire arising from water which in a natural, explanation ,may have referred to flames from natural gas or oil seepage surfacing through
  21. Altruism (ethics) – perception of altruism as self-sacrifice. * Compare, explanation ,of alms in various scriptures. Evolutionary explanation s In the science of
  22. In real wages. However, this solution is inconsistent with the Austrians ', explanation ,of the business cycle as being caused by a distribution of labor. In
  23. Luminous source, the speed of light must be finite. " He also provided a wrong, explanation ,of the rainbow phenomenon. Carl Benjamin Boyer described Avicenna's (" In
  24. Worship this idol and seized his brother by his beard, but Aaron then gave his, explanation , after which Moses prayed to God to forgive both of them. As God says in the
  25. Sound timbre. See the accordion reed ranks & switches article for further, explanation ,and audio samples. All but the smallest accordions usually have treble switches
  26. 17th century. Although Alien is often credited with the perceived distance, explanation , he was not the first author to offer it. Comedies (c. 2nd century) gave
  27. Is that the symbol is a star encased in a diadem, and it is a religious, explanation , Biblical law forbids the making of graven images (especially see Deuteronomy
  28. e., the actually existing entity) with what he termed" will" deserves some, explanation , The Simenon was what Kant called the Ding a Such, the " Thing in Itself "
  29. The prime witness of her cure. Alexis Carrel refused to discount a supernatural, explanation ,and steadfastly reiterated his beliefs, even writing a book describing his
  30. Are hints, not well substantiated, of treachery; surprise is a more likely, explanation , However, this may be—for our information at this point of the story is
  31. They stand out more prominently in the modern imagination. Female lovers In, explanation ,of the connection of Apollo with δάφνη (Daphne),the laurel whose leaves his
  32. Of it appears in Eric Partridge's Dictionary of Historical Slang. * His second, explanation ,was that it was a pun on the Malay word orange, meaning " man. " The novel
  33. The north-western provinces and assigned to completing invasion of Anatolia. An, explanation ,for this choice can only be conjectured from In al-Bashir’s account of the
  34. So that Apollo would be the god of political life, and he also gives the, explanation ,σηκός (seats)," fold ", in which case Apollo would be the god of flocks and
  35. By a distribution of labor. In addition, Hummel argues that the Austrian, explanation ,of the business cycle fails on empirical grounds. In particular, he points out
  36. Or shortcuts, so the FRQ (meaning cutting) was seen as the etymological, explanation ,for Farouk: so the Saver was one who cut (separates) the truth from falsehood.
  37. Father Panel. While the other main characters believe there is no rational, explanation ,for the outbreak of plague, Paneloux believes there is. In his first sermon
  38. Through works by Roger Bacon, John Pelham and Widely based on Alhazen's, explanation , the Moon illusion gradually came to be accepted as a psychological phenomenon
  39. Observations, solstice marking, and agricultural cycles. This religious, explanation ,is supported by modern Pueblo beliefs about a North Road leading to their place
  40. Diadem),seem to be the most probable source for this symbol. The most likely, explanation ,is that the symbol is a star encased in a diadem, and it is a religious
  41. A subdiscipline and precursor to modern psychology. Alien offered an, explanation ,of the Moon illusion, an illusion that played an important role in the
  42. Visibly mutated cells have been obtained by other experimenters, a more likely, explanation ,is deliberate introduction of new cells into the culture, possibly without
  43. Then can be accounted for by solar radiation, +15±4 meters per century. Another, explanation ,for the earth recession rate could be solar tidal friction. The moon's
  44. Only Senator from the seceded states to continue participation in Congress. His, explanation ,for this decision was," Damn the Negroes, I am fighting those traitorous
  45. A note in the Sudan (also given in the lexicon of Photos) offers a different, explanation ,apparently given by Marshal, son of gives the following definition: a city of
  46. Find reasons for such municipal extravagance in such a small town. One possible, explanation ,provided by the historian André Boulanger is that an increasing ‘ willingness ’
  47. Conquest of Peru. The working principle of a Yuan is unknown, but in 2001 an, explanation ,of the mathematical basis of these instruments was proposed by Italian
  48. Smith defined" sympathy" as the feeling of moral sentiments. He bases his, explanation ,not on a special" moral sense ", as the third Lord Shaftesbury and Hutches on
  49. There is, in the body of thought known as 'Austrian economics ', a scientific, explanation ,of the workings of the free market (and of the consequences of government
  50. Distortion on the part of the popular mind of his attempted scientific, explanation ,of pederasty as a personal advocacy of a phenomenon Schopenhauer otherwise

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