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  1. And only collector babies and the chimpanzees who make abstract paintings would, bother ,to pick one up. ": :- Cut-Ups: A Project for Disastrous Success *:" I Am the
  2. Decision to add a laugh track. Before the show even aired, he told fans not to, bother ,watching it. His first prominent role came in 1998 with the film Belly along
  3. Preferred to use that symbol. Today, many native speakers of Hawaiian do not, bother , in general, to write any symbol for the glottal stop. Its use is advocated
  4. Are stiff like a nail. ), this is a play of Ks and glottal stops. *" Don't, bother ,the beggar's son and the beggar's son won't bother you. " *Korean:" 간장공장
  5. Or modification, so the system was essentially an alphabet that did not, bother ,to write the most common vowel. Shorthand Several systems of shorthand use
  6. Of languages with generally phonemic orthographies generally do not, bother ,with indicating the pronunciation of most words, and tend to use respelling
  7. A professional musician there. Like Frank before him, Reutter did not always, bother ,to make sure Haydn was properly fed. As he later told his biographer Albert
  8. On April 12. St. Laurent was so confident of victory that he did not even, bother ,to make recommendations to the Governor General to fill the 16 vacancies in the
  9. They will decide to move on to some other unprotected village, rather than, bother ,with an all-out battle. Upon reaching the village the group begins training the
  10. Come to a head. Finally, given a vote, the apathetic population mostly don’t, bother ,and of those that do, the majority favor keeping the Judges in control. A
  11. Forests, fish of the water areas, and mineral deposits of the subsoil — do not, bother ,about the later effects of their mode of exploitation. For them, erosion of the
  12. Which is considered to be too weak. Small beer today Few commercial breweries, bother ,to make small beer today. However, one of these rarities is produced by the
  13. A restaurant. She has also been quoted as saying that" His dressing up didn’t, bother ,me — we all have our little queer habits" and giving Wood's drinking as the
  14. Glottal stops. *" Don't bother the beggar's son and the beggar's son won't, bother ,you. " *Korean:" 간장공장 공장장은 강 공장장이고, 된장 공장 공장장은 장 공장장이다. (Ganjang-gongjang
  15. Have to take a dive first. In a match against Billy Fox, Jake does not even, bother ,to put up a fight. He is suspended shortly thereafter from the board on
  16. A list of tips to help better enjoy the book (including several tips not to, bother ,reading large sections of the book),and a guide to its symbols and metaphors.
  17. The new team, which offered contracts that the Bean eaters' owners didn't even, bother ,to match. They only managed one winning season from 1900 to 1913,and lost 100
  18. The Aventine with the ancient kingdom of Alba Long: Remus, the murdered, bother ,of Romulus in Rome's founding-myth): the Sabine's who were thought to have
  19. Material appeared in it, there was less of a practical reason for anyone to, bother ,to learn Latin; as fewer people knew Latin, there was less reason for material
  20. Event than actual participants. When asked in what way the Dissenters' Marches, bother ,him, Putin answered that such marches" shall not prevent other citizens from
  21. Angry that he is being neglected. Crete barely cleans his room and does not, bother ,very much with his food anymore. When his mother tries to clean the room in
  22. The summary to the mediation. If preparation for mediation is voluntary, why, bother , Research uncovered the following potential benefits of preparing. Disputants
  23. There was no such act by Libya. It was charged that the United States did not, bother ,to exhaust the Charter provisions for settling disputes under Article 33.
  24. Florentina supporters are largely left wing oriented, but this doesn't seem to, bother ,both sides. In decades there have never been any tensions related to this
  25. His pragmatic advice include suggestions such as" Don't let the doctors, bother ,him too much; let him rest. " This was thought to have helped Alexei to relax
  26. Bhacaigh is NI bhacfaidh mac a brackish left. (Literal translation) Don't, bother ,with son the beggar's and not will- bother son the beggar's with-you.
  27. In his hands; by the end of his reign they were so useless that he didn't even, bother ,appointing one. At this time, Charles again marched against the Saxons. Then
  28. And half dead. He feels that can't correspond to reality. But that doesn't, bother ,me. I don't demand that a theory correspond to reality because I don't know
  29. A TV show, if you want to do one of those two things, call me, otherwise don’t, bother ,me. ' About a month ago the phone rang. I don’t know where this is going to go yet
  30. Not without difficulties; among the criticisms was that" the players did not, bother ,to pay any attention to the soloist. " While Mozart and Haydn were undeniable
  31. His claims as panic-mongering and quickly left, ordering him," Don't, bother ,us,don't cause a panic and don't disturb Comrade Stalin! " This decision to
  32. Goals were minor, the professional side of my relationship with Kurt wouldn't, bother ,me that much. " Prior to her relationship with Cobain, she married" Falling "
  33. 5 ft. (1.5 m) above the marsh. In the provinces, the Romans often did not, bother ,with a stone causeway, but used log roads (pontes long). Military and
  34. A thunderstorm on May 13, 2006. In Nubian settlements, they generally do not, bother ,to roof all the rooms in their houses. In winter the temperatures average
  35. Boxes in a single find count, while some exclude them. Many letterboxes do not, bother ,to keep count at all. The" PFX count" is not a term associated with Dartmoor
  36. To an Assyrian General ('Tartan' ) named Shamshi-ilu who does not even, bother ,to mention his king. Shamshi-ilu also scored victories over the Ara means and
  37. The musical opened to" unanimously glowing reviews, one of which said 'Don't, bother ,reading this review now. You'd better sit right down and send for those
  38. They manage to make the two seem so similar that life’s hardly worth the extra, bother , The visual style makes everyone look fresh from the Wax Museum, and all the
  39. Of the language as library macros, and so the language designers do not even, bother ,to say which portions of the language must be implemented as language
  40. From the overall sketch quality. They decided that they would simply not, bother ,to" cap" their sketches in the traditional manner, and early episodes of the
  41. Problem of supply in the barren peninsula was a dire one. The French did not, bother ,to deal with it, and simply looted whatever supplies they needed. Wellesley
  42. Policy amounted to a rebuff of Honecker's appeals. The message was:" don't, bother ,us with your problems, work them out yourselves. " The proclamation of the "
  43. Sexual kinks are basically okay – so okay, the sub-work group doesn’t actually, bother ,to define paraphilia. But a paraphilia disorder is defined: that’s when an
  44. Except mistletoe. Frigga had thought it too unimportant and nonthreatening to, bother ,asking it to make the vow (alternatively, it seemed too young to swear). When
  45. To do his job at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and as long as the Nazis did not, bother ,him was able to do so. He recalls that his mother urged him (the son) to stay
  46. In other varieties of English speech: * The merger of and, making father and, bother ,rhyme. This change is nearly universal in North American English Exceptions are
  47. Huey noted. In TIME critic Josh Tyrangiel's opinion," Metallica didn't, bother ,with hooks or pop discipline" in writing Master of Puppets. The album is
  48. Case, the victory at the battle of Mediolanum was decisive. Alemannic didn't, bother ,the Empire for the next 10 years. A historian in the 19th century suggested
  49. Of deputy sheriff in Kansas City, with the understanding that he need not, bother ,to actually come to work in the sheriff’s office. The purpose of the charade
  50. Had set fire to the Reichstag came from a certain foreign press. That could not, bother ,me because it was not consistent with the facts. I had no reason or motive for

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