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  1. Overview The typical amateur astronomer is one who does not depend on the, field ,of astronomy as a primary source of income or support, and does not have a
  2. School of the 1950s. Agricultural science is a broad multidisciplinary, field ,that encompasses the parts of exact, natural,economic and social sciences that
  3. His own, and in fact, describes the need for anthropology as a corollary, field ,to his own primary field of philosophy. He did, however,begin teaching an
  4. Describes the need for anthropology as a corollary field to his own primary, field ,of philosophy. He did, however,begin teaching an annual course in anthropology
  5. Of the country's lawyers and 60 percent of its judges, and also dominate the, field ,of medicine. Increasingly, women are contributing more to household income than
  6. Of lower power than the majority of telescopes, also tend to provide a wider, field ,of view, which is preferable for looking at some objects in the night sky.
  7. Reconcile the laws of classical mechanics with the laws of the electromagnetic, field , This led to the development of his special theory of relativity. He realized
  8. The body with oils. Since alchemy eventually became engrained in the vast, field ,of Indian erudition, influences from other metaphysical and philosophical
  9. Pacific (1922) advocated an approach to field work that became standard in the, field ,: getting" the native's point of view" through participant observation.
  10. He formulated an argument that led him to conclude that a general relativistic, field ,theory is impossible. He gave up looking for fully generally covariant tensor
  11. Word agriculture is the English adaptation of Latin agricultural, from age," a, field ,", and cultural," cultivation" in the strict sense of" tillage of the soil ".
  12. Cost of the democratic constitution, the democratic process and process in the, field ,of human rights especially women's rights. Dr. Abdullah stated::" I should
  13. Antecedents to modern social anthropology in Britain. Though Taylor undertook a, field ,trip to Mexico, both he and Fraser derived most of the material for their
  14. The dead general. Johnston and his wounded horse, Fire Eater, were taken to his, field ,headquarters on the Corinth road, where his body remained in his tent until the
  15. exception to theoretical agronomy, research in agronomy, more than in any other, field , is strongly related to local areas. It can be considered a science of
  16. Housed in separate departments and are seen as distinct disciplines - with the, field ,corresponding to American sociocultural anthropology being simply anthropology
  17. By the Macmillan government. During the 1950s Huxley's interested in the, field ,of psychical research grew keener, and his later works are strongly influenced
  18. With the exploitation of Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli oil field and Shah Deniz gas, field , Aliyev's presidency was criticized due to suspected vote fraud and corruption
  19. Ascent stage was not tracked after it was jettisoned, and the lunar gravity, field ,is sufficiently non-uniform to make the orbit of the spacecraft unpredictable
  20. Conflict. Once this was over, a massive development cooperation in the, field ,of health and education brought in numerous civil personnel from Cuba. However
  21. Like other researchers (especially historians and scientists engaged in, field ,research),have over time assisted state policies and projects, especially
  22. Exercised some degree of influence. Perhaps the best-known effort in this, field ,was Francisco Ferrer's Modern School (Estela Moderna),a project which
  23. Do not conduct electricity, nor are they substantially polarized by an electric, field , For this reason they do not form hydrogen bonds and are insoluble in polar
  24. Or a member may submit a name based on other significant contribution to the, field ,of motion pictures. New membership proposals are considered annually. The
  25. Of the interior ", although theoretically weak; but the connotation of the, field ,deeply changed after World War II, when a wave of Anglo-American
  26. Production. Proudhon Bay on Alaska's North Slope is the highest yielding oil, field ,in the United States and on North America, typically producing about. The
  27. Observation and other techniques often take anthropologists" into the, field ," which means traveling to a community in its own setting, to do something
  28. Of the soil ". Thus, a literal reading of the word yields" tillage of a, field ,/ of field s ". Overview Agriculture has played a key role in the development of
  29. Economy, particularly with the exploitation of Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli oil, field ,and Shah Deniz gas field ,Aliyev's presidency was criticized due to suspected
  30. Was to model elementary particles with charge as a solution of gravitational, field ,equations, in line with the program outlined in the paper" Do Gravitational
  31. Using the Fibonacci sequence would keep the number of grains within anyone, field ,at minimum. Russian abacus The Russian abacus, the school (счёты),usually
  32. A renowned physicist. During this period Einstein tried to develop a unified, field ,theory and to refute the accepted interpretation of quantum physics, both
  33. Evolutionary biologists, and ethologists. While ideas about altruism from one, field ,can have an impact on the other field s, the different methods and focuses of
  34. Economics, sociology,and history, though it is used in almost every academic, field ,to some extent. For example, per capita GDP gives an approximation of the
  35. Mugham is more free-form and less rigid; it is often compared to the improvised, field ,of jazz. UNESCO proclaimed the Azerbaijani Maugham tradition a Masterpiece of
  36. Ready availability of Native American societies as ethnographic subjects. The, field ,was pioneered by staff of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Smithsonian
  37. Offers additional gas supplies to the European market from the Shah Deniz gas, field , Shah Deniz is expected to produce up to 296 billion cubic meters of natural
  38. Over the death of Patrols, Achilles ended his refusal to fight and took the, field ,killing many men in his rage but always seeking out Hector. Achilles even
  39. Landing site through Eagles twin triangular windows, which gave them a 60°, field , of view. Preparation required longer than the two hours scheduled. Armstrong
  40. In fact, the interaction between these two approaches provide a fertile, field ,for deeper understanding in agricultural science. New technologies, such as
  41. Of about 15000 species, the text concludes:" It will require many detailed, field ,surveys before it is possible to provide a reliable estimate of the total
  42. Earth orbit; the first to be captured by and escape from the gravitational, field ,of another celestial body; and the first crewed voyage to return to Earth from
  43. And especially kinship patterns proved to be influential contributions to the, field ,of anthropology. Like other scholars of his day (such as Edward Taylor)
  44. Amino took over as Prime Minister of Afghanistan, retaining the position of, field ,marshal and becoming Vice-President of the Supreme Defense Council. Tarawa
  45. And sometimes planetariums as a public service and to encourage interest in the, field , Asteroids are single-celled life-forms characterized by an irregular shape. "
  46. Philosophy, and religious studies, it is difficult to characterize the entire, field ,in a brief article, although attempts to write histories of the entire field
  47. And drink, a greater likelihood of displaying obsessional behavior. In the, field ,of leadership David Wilkinson (2006) found strong correlations between an
  48. Field in a brief article, although attempts to write histories of the entire, field ,have been made. Because of the holistic nature of anthropological research, all
  49. At http://www.amphibians.org). Developed by over 80 leading experts in the, field , this call to action details what would be required to curtail amphibian
  50. United States oil production. Proudhon Bay (North America's largest oil, field ,) alone accounts for 8 % of the U. S. domestic oil production. Permanent Fund

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