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  1. Of imposture or of imbecility, as of any weight when opposed to the repeated, observation ,of facts by other men, admittedly sane and honest. The whole history of science
  2. And Brooke FOSS Westcott. Their orientation is best summed up by Lightfoot's, observation ,that" Life which Christ is and which Christ communicates, the life which fills
  3. Phraseology rejects the empirical methods of the natural sciences, because the, observation ,of how humans act in simple situations cannot predict how they will act in
  4. On spherical and parabolic mirrors and spherical aberration. He made the, observation ,that the ratio between the angle of incidence and refraction does not remain
  5. Of supernovae. * Clinton B. Ford (1913–1992),who specialized in the, observation ,of variable stars. *Will Hay, the famous comedian and actor, who discovered a
  6. Been criticized for its choice of a unique, non-standard character set. The, observation ,that some who learn it usually become ardent adherents shows that there is some
  7. Of the Republic is Amir Topi. The President has the power to guarantee, observation ,of the constitution and all laws, act as commander in chief of the armed forces
  8. Its rounded appearance drops dramatically down to the ocean. An old British, observation ,post, built during World War I to prevent the Germans from landing arms for the
  9. Parent interview, and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADDS) uses, observation ,and interaction with the child. The Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) is
  10. In modern cameras, this is analogous to the diaphragm. Aristotle also made the, observation ,that when the distance between the aperture and the surface with the image
  11. But not always, that progress goes in alternate cycles from an experimental, observation , through to a theoretical explanation followed by some predictions which may or
  12. And conditioned responses. The technique can improve performance, self, observation , and impulse control and relieve chronic stiffness, tension and stress. The
  13. Years. This has cooled it down to approximately 1 K, as deduced by astronomical, observation , which is the lowest natural temperature ever recorded. * In May 2005,the
  14. Distribution, adding that" without speculation there is no good and original, observation ," while commenting that" I believe I go much further than you ". Wallace
  15. Places, Aristotle goes too far in deriving 'laws of the universe' from simple, observation ,and over-stretched reason. Today's scientific method assumes that such
  16. Limestone formation overlooking Lake Austin on the Colorado River, with an, observation ,deck about below its summit. From the observation deck, many homes are visible.
  17. Is the invention of the tale and dyadic cohomology theories, which explain an, observation ,of André Weil's that there is a deep connection between the topological
  18. Fire aboard USS Belong that gutted her aluminum superstructure, as well as, observation ,of battle damage to British ships during the Falklands War, led to many navies
  19. many methods of study, but modern population genetics, participant, observation , and other techniques often take anthropologists" into the field," which means
  20. In the field: getting" the native's point of view" through participant, observation , Theoretically, he advocated a functionalist interpretation, which examined how
  21. For self-defense. Non-combat roles include search and rescue, reconnaissance, observation , transport, training,and aerial refueling. These aircraft are often variants
  22. Subcontinent. Like modern anthropologists, he engaged in extensive participant, observation ,with a given group of people, learnt their language and studied their primary
  23. Prevalent popular illusions he may have imbibed were soon dispelled by personal, observation ,in Bulgaria, where he commanded the left wing of the invading army. Never
  24. Number of socks, but not an infinite number of shoes. " — Bertrand Russell: The, observation ,here is that one can define a function to select from an infinite number of
  25. Aristotelian natural philosophy, Alhazen was mainly concerned with empirical, observation ,and the internal contradictions in Ptolemy's works. In his Arias against
  26. The source of our knowledge of necessary connections as arising out of, observation ,of constant conjunction of certain impressions across many instances. In this
  27. The transit of Venus across the Sun on May 24, 1032. He used his transit, observation ,to demonstrate that Venus was, at least sometimes, below the Sun in the
  28. Hanger. A total of 46 people were sent to the hospital for 24 to 48 hours, observation , most suffering from inhalation of toxic fumes. Most seriously injured was a
  29. Physiology, phrenology and others; all of which were the result of logic and, observation , He was perhaps the most well-read author of his time. He digested, interpreted
  30. Is added over time. Before CDs, photographic plates were a common method of, observation , Modern astronomers spend relatively little time at telescopes - most spend a
  31. On the Acropolis in Athens takes its name from this title. It was not merely an, observation ,of her virginity, but a recognition of her role as enforcer of rules of sexual
  32. Will to live * knowledge of the essential nature of life in the world through, observation ,of the suffering of other people However, Buddhist nirvana is not equivalent to
  33. In independent Poland he advocated expropriation of gentry estates. His, observation ,of with peasant individualism convinced him that Poland should combine
  34. That generates maps of the sky, software to assist with astrophotography, observation ,scheduling software, and software to perform various calculations pertaining to
  35. Directly). Jeremiah Horrors had attempted to produce an estimate based on his, observation ,of the 1639 transit (published in 1662),giving a solar parallax of 15
  36. Created in these reactions. In 2011,the STAR detector reported the, observation ,of Antihelium-4 nuclei (). Preservation Antimatter cannot be stored in a
  37. Theory, put forward by Sir E. B. Taylor, early humans initially, through mere, observation , recognized what might be called a soul, life-force,spirit, breath or animus
  38. Is used widely in clinical environments to assess severity of autism based on, observation ,of children. A differential diagnosis for ASD at this stage might also consider
  39. An ability to employ dialects, accents and body language, improvisation, observation , and emulation, mime,and stage combat. Many actors train at length in special
  40. The Colorado River, with an observation deck about below its summit. From the, observation ,deck, many homes are visible. The soils of Austin range from shallow, gravelly
  41. Have also been used as military aircraft; for example, balloons were used for, observation ,during the American Civil War and World War I, and military gliders were used
  42. Ascension and declination of the" epoch of date" to the exact instant of, observation , GoTo telescopes have become more popular since the 1980s as
  43. And mistakes. The most striking passages are about the sea-life visible from, observation ,on Lesbos and available from the catches of fishermen. His observation s on
  44. Desperation. '" A blend of nature writing, philosophic musings, and careful, observation ,of the people and place of" Sac Prairie. " Of this work, George Vukelich
  45. Of memory ... the sounds and odors of the country ... and Thoreau's, observation ,that the 'mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. '" A blend of nature
  46. And the High Renaissance developed their characteristic styles from the, observation ,of nature and the formulation of a pictorial science. When Mannerism matured
  47. And beer garden featuring the Kuchlbauer Tower, a colorful and unconventional, observation ,tower designed by Viennese architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The brewery
  48. Measure angular separation of objects in degrees from their point of, observation , * 1° is approximately the width of a little finger at arm's length. * 10° is
  49. See also Neurasthenics) leads to improved data compression such that the, observation ,sequence can be described by fewer bits than before, the temporary
  50. Has led men to" inquire into their causes ". Case also notes Smith's, observation ,that" superstition first attempted to satisfy this curiosity, by referring all

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