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  1. War II persecuted and suppressed religious observance and institutions and, entirely ,banned religion to the point where Albania was officially declared to be the
  2. And repeated these rites for seven days, during which Aaron and his sons were, entirely ,separated from the rest of the people. When, on the eighth day, the high priest
  3. Most estimates also omit the microscopic Algae, such as the phytoplankton, entirely , Distribution The topic of distribution of algal species has been fairly well
  4. By Spencer and Darwin) portrayed an objective world process devoid of ethics, entirely ,an expression of the will-to-live. Schweitzer wrote:" True philosophy must
  5. Other chemical reactions which degrade the products are retarded or prevented, entirely , Bottles of high-purity chemicals and certain pharmaceutical products are
  6. Society – while there was a single legal system, enforcement of law was, entirely ,private and highly capitalist; and so provides some evidence of how such a
  7. To appeal on the basis of court misconduct, or that a finding of fact was, entirely ,unreasonable to make on the evidence. The appellant in the new case can be
  8. Data. Others work with radio telescopes like the Very Large Array, which is, entirely ,automated, although it is maintained by telescope operators. Astronomers who
  9. By symbols the metaphysical significance of life, the religion of the Jews is, entirely ,immanent and furnishes nothing but a mere war-cry in the struggle with other
  10. In healthy condition without their endosymbiosis. Zooxanthellae belong almost, entirely ,to the genus Symbiodinium. The loss of Symbiodinium from the host is known as
  11. Not yet exist to distinguish the various types. Some alphabets disregard tone, entirely , especially when it does not carry a heavy functional load, as in Somali and
  12. It from raw data to processed images) and analyzing it. Many astronomers work, entirely ,from astronomical survey or space observatory data. Others work with radio
  13. The philosopher's connection between the soul and body is explained almost, entirely ,by his understanding of perception; in this way, bodily perception interrelates
  14. The Contractual Society –" ... a society based purely on voluntary action, entirely ,unhampered by violence or threats of violence. " There are limits to the right
  15. Reaching all the way to the modern border with Georgia. Though Anatolia lies, entirely ,within Turkey, the two are not coterminous as the territory of the Republic of
  16. At the time. A simple numbering based on periodic table position was never, entirely ,satisfactory. Besides iodine and tellurium, later several other pairs of
  17. Proceeded smoothly, but getting the completed film past the censors was an, entirely ,different matter. The censorship considered the work too" British-American" (
  18. These predecessors. By the middle of the seventh century alchemy was almost an, entirely ,mystical discipline. It was at that time that Khalid In Yazidi sparked its
  19. The Greek genocide (especially in Pontus),and the Assyrian Genocide almost, entirely ,removed the Armenian and Assyrian populations of Anatolia, as well as a large
  20. Necessarily make them soar. As long as this terminological confusion is not, entirely ,wiped out, there cannot be any question of stopping inflation. Following their
  21. The square, as well as a supermarket. He Museumplein is covered almost, entirely ,with a lawn, except for the northeastern part of the square which is covered
  22. That the plan was perfect and that the failure of their father's company was, entirely ,due to the workers. *Andrew Stockton runs the Stockton Foundry in Stockton
  23. Either by osmotrophy, myzotrophy, or phagotrophy. Some unicellular species rely on, entirely ,on external energy sources and have limited or no photosynthetic apparatus.
  24. Highest point: Bazarduzu Magi 4,485 m (on border with Russia): * The Highest peak, entirely ,within Azeris territory: Shah Magi 4,243 m Islands Resources and land use;
  25. Then migrated to their current location. Migration from the homeland It is not, entirely ,clear why the Ancestral Puebloans migrated from their established homes in the
  26. By a strip of Armenian territory, and the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region, entirely ,within Azerbaijan. (The status of Nagorno-Karabakh was under negotiation in
  27. Creation of many works to employed artisans. Hirst's celebrity is founded, entirely ,on his ability to produce shocking concepts. The actual production in many
  28. The Areas Burke class was the first such U. S. ship, being constructed, entirely ,of steel. Aluminum wire was once widely used for domestic electrical wiring.
  29. Arcade machine is a vector game. This means that the game graphics are composed, entirely ,of lines which are drawn on a vector monitor. The hardware consists primarily
  30. Via mathematical methods that polarization could be explained only if light was, entirely ,transverse, with no longitudinal vibration whatsoever. He proposed the either
  31. This section gives examples of mathematical theories that are developed, entirely ,from a set of non-logical axioms (axioms, henceforth ). A rigorous treatment
  32. Some retain plastids, but not chloroplasts, while others have lost plastids, entirely , The singular form is alga. Phylogeny based on plastid. Not nucleocytoplasmic
  33. To the pregnant woman's life or health. In countries where abortion is banned, entirely , such as Nicaragua, rises in maternal death directly and indirectly due to
  34. On physiology, which means his account of the soul is one that deals almost, entirely ,with the natural science of the body and its abilities of perception. Thus, the
  35. Despite this, other scholars such as Dalian and Milton reject this view as, entirely ,historically inaccurate, drawing examples of historical spiritual alchemy from
  36. Angel and Kagemusha) had included brief dream sequences, Dreams was to be, entirely ,based upon the director's own dreams. Significantly, for the first time in
  37. Animals but not humans; his ideas on how the human body works have been almost, entirely ,superseded. Empirical research program Aristotle is the earliest natural
  38. In order to pose the figures. Alternatively, the figures may be made, entirely ,of clay, such as in the films of Bruce Pickford, where clay creatures morph
  39. From the horse's mouth ', so to speak. However, these facts relate almost, entirely ,to his career as a dramatist and the plays contain few clear and unambiguous
  40. Mostly Christian religious communities in Angola. While reliable statistics are, entirely ,nonexistent, estimates have it that more than half of the population are Roman
  41. Economy, contributing about 45 % to GDP and 90 % of exports. Growth is almost, entirely ,driven by rising oil production which surpassed in late-2005 and which is
  42. May limit or reduce the effects of ataxia, but it is unlikely to eliminate them, entirely , Recovery tends to be better in individuals with a single focal injury (such
  43. Agnostics in Principle (Paps). Dawkins considers temporary agnosticism an, entirely ,reasonable position, but views permanent agnosticism as" fence-sitting
  44. Union Party. He was the first president from the Republican Party. Winning, entirely ,on the strength of his support in the North and West, no ballots were cast for
  45. Either medically or socially necessary. Other jurisdictions ban abortion almost, entirely , However, many,but not all, of these will allow them to be performed in the
  46. Of the production, Ron Daniels, and envisioned a musical score that was, entirely ,classical. Unhappy with the decision to abandon that score, he heavily
  47. Story (1995,USA) is the first feature-length film to be created and rendered, entirely ,using 3D graphics. Terms * Photo realistic animation, is used primarily for
  48. The city would be reduced by Sherman's capture of Atlanta and cut off almost, entirely ,when Grant besieged Petersburg and its railroads that supplied the Southern
  49. Optional vowel diacritics, or both. The term" pure" ahead refers to scripts, entirely ,lacking in vowel indicators. However, most modern beads, such as Arabic
  50. all the country's revenue and are its dominant exports. Growth is almost, entirely ,driven by rising oil production which surpassed in late 2005 and was expected

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