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  1. Twenty-nine years in the film industry (which includes his five years as, assistant ,director),he had directed twenty-three films, while during the remaining
  2. A full-time professional position). The larger branches also have full-time, assistant ,secretaries and organizers. In the past the ratio of conference delegates
  3. Doctoral degree there in 1843. A new opportunity arose in 1845,when he became, assistant ,to Lyon Play fair at the new Museum of Economic Geology in London, where he
  4. Support from Sanders and Hubbard, Bell was able to hire Thomas Watson as his, assistant ,and the two of them experimented with acoustic telegraphy. On June 2,1875
  5. Verse and whimsical essays to Punch, joining the staff in 1906 and becoming an, assistant ,editor. During this period he published 18 plays and 3 novels, including the
  6. In Two for the Seesaw by William Gibson, at the Civic Theatre in Rotterdam. The, assistant ,stage manager on the production, Bill Ken wright, would become one of the UK's
  7. Landing-place. The Schweitzer's had their own bungalow, and employed as their, assistant ,Joseph, a French-speaking Gala (Sponge) who first came as a patient. When
  8. Still writing in the Sherlock Holmes tradition – eccentric detective, stooge, assistant , with a Lestrade-type Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Lapp ". For his part
  9. Writer and poet The Messaged was the first series of personal digital, assistant ,devices developed by Apple for the Newton platform in 1993. Some electronic
  10. Noemi served as script supervisor, production manager, associate director or, assistant ,to the producer on all Kurosawa’s films from Fashion to the end of the
  11. Editing and second-unit directing. In the last of Kurosawa's films as an, assistant ,director, Horse (UMA,1941),Kurosawa took over most of the production, as
  12. Warhol relinquished his personal involvement in filmmaking. His acolyte and, assistant ,director, Paul Morrissey, took over the film-making chores for the Factory
  13. Greatly admired. After passing his exams in 1927,Speer became Tessenow's, assistant , a high honor for a man of 22. As such, Speer taught some of Tessenow's
  14. Alcott, after her own mother. In July 1835,Peabody published her account as an, assistant ,to the Temple School as Record of a School: Exemplifying the General Principles
  15. Suggested that he join the research department at St Mary's, where he became, assistant ,bacteriologist to Sir Alioth Wright, a pioneer in vaccine therapy and
  16. v. HM Advocate wherein the accused was found guilty of assaulting a shop, assistant ,by simply jumping over a counter wearing a ski mask. The court said: Scottish
  17. Humour magazine Punch, where Milne was to become a contributor and later an, assistant ,editor. Milne joined the British Army in World War I and served as an officer
  18. Order to study with the famous chemist Friedrich Wöhler. In 1842, he became an, assistant ,to Robert Bunsen at the University of Marburg; he took his doctoral degree
  19. A brief stint as a painter. After years of working on numerous films as an, assistant ,director and scriptwriter, he made his debut as a director in 1943,during
  20. Infant School two months later on June 23. Abby May applied as his teaching, assistant ,; instead, the couple were engaged, without consent of the family. They were
  21. Was« St. Gabriel» under the authority of the surveyor M. S. Golden and, assistant ,navigator I. Fyodor on August 21, 1732 during expedition of Siberian Cossack
  22. By the talent of his student, Chukhrai offered Tchaikovsky a position as, assistant ,director for his film Clear Skies. Tchaikovsky initially showed interest, but
  23. Geronimo Rinaldi and help with supervising its construction from his, assistant ,Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi. The casino was a showcase for the Camphill
  24. The resulting work. In 1931,Speer surrendered his position as Tessenow's, assistant ,because of pay cuts and moved to Mannheim, hoping to use his father's
  25. Scientific school of the same institution in 1857; and in 1859 became an, assistant ,in the United States Coast Survey. Thenceforward he became a specialist in
  26. To earn money, he also took odd jobs: as private tutor, car parts clerk and, assistant ,at the Meteorological Institute. He completed his license de philosophies (BA)
  27. Of Arts and Sciences in 1862. Up until the summer of 1866,Agassiz worked as an, assistant ,in the museum of natural history that his father founded at Harvard. That
  28. 1865,when the Bell family moved to London, Bell returned to Weston House as an, assistant ,master and, in his spare hours, continued experiments on sound using a minimum
  29. He is also a senior faculty member of the Miles Institute. * Jeremy Sapiens:, assistant ,webmaster and senior editor of Antiwar. Com. * Joseph So bran: journalist and
  30. Rhapsody in August, Madadayo). Art Department: Ohio Mural served as either, assistant ,art director, art director or production designer for all Kurosawa’s films (
  31. Of Abbey Road Studios in the summer of 1974. Parsons had already acted as, assistant ,engineer on The Beatles' Abbey Road and Let It Be, had recently engineered
  32. Married architect Elissa Mäkiniemi (died 1994),who had been working as an, assistant ,in his office. In 1952 Alto designed and had built a summer cottage, the
  33. Farther away were normal. Fleming showed the contaminated culture to his former, assistant ,Merlin Price, who reminded him," That's how you discovered lysosome. "
  34. Public opinion and, by the summer of 1837,he had only 11 students left and no, assistant ,after Margaret Fuller moved to Providence, Rhode Island. The controversy had
  35. El rincón de leis Diogenes (" The Virgins' Corner" ), where he played the, assistant ,of a fake mystical doctor traveling from town to town, who reminisce about
  36. Classes were held at the Masonic Temple on Tremont Street in Boston. His, assistant ,was Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, later replaced by Margaret Fuller. Mary Peabody
  37. And Gödel would take long walks together discussing their work. His last, assistant ,was Burial Kaufman, who later became a renowned physicist. During this period
  38. Starring the comedian Broken, with whom Kurosawa had often worked during his, assistant ,director days, was completed in September 1945. By this time, Japan had
  39. Returned without his wife but with an Oxford undergraduate, Noel Gillespie, as, assistant , Everything was heavily decayed and building and doctoring progressed together
  40. Bern, at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property, the patent office, as an, assistant ,examiner. He evaluated patent applications for electromagnetic devices. In 1903
  41. Yamamoto nurtured Kurosawa's talent, promoting him directly from third, assistant ,director to chief assistant director after a year. Kurosawa's responsibilities
  42. Earnings from his scripts were much higher than what he was paid as an, assistant ,director. Kurosawa would later write or co-write all of his own films. He also
  43. Citizenship reinstated and became a French citizen. Then, working as medical, assistant ,and assistant -pastor in Strasbourg, he advanced his project on The Philosophy
  44. Cockburn joined Wolf it on tour to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as an acting, assistant ,stage manager (meaning a role that involved both acting and stage management)
  45. The story, Professor Laban Shrewsbury (a recurring Delete character) and his, assistant ,at the time, Nayland Column, discover Alhazred's burial site. While the two are
  46. Technician and then as a director. His television work led to assignments as an, assistant ,director for several Latin American film productions including, and in 1991,he
  47. Living, together with his three surviving sisters. During his five years as an, assistant ,director, Kurosawa worked under numerous directors, but by far the most
  48. After the crew of Apollo 10 named their spacecraft Charlie Brown and Snoopy, assistant ,manager for public affairs Julian Sheer wrote Manned Spacecraft Center
  49. After seeing the consequences of back-alley abortions, and his orphan medical, assistant ,Homer who is against abortion. Feminist novels such as Braided Lives (1997)
  50. S talent, promoting him directly from third assistant director to chief, assistant ,director after a year. Kurosawa's responsibilities increased, and he worked at

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