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  1. Winter quarters at Analyst. For the next 100 years the Andy was the main, route ,from the Arctic to the Pacific and Kamchatka. In the 18th century, the Andy
  2. And can lead to an explosion. These reactions are an important industrial, route ,to alienated hydrocarbons. There are three steps: * Initiation the halogen
  3. Anagram servers "," anagram solvers" or" programmers ", offer a much faster, route ,to creating anagrams, and many these programs are available on the
  4. The provision of para transit services by public entities that provide fixed, route ,services. Title III - Public Accommodations (and Commercial Facilities): See.
  5. This mixture is often called" bitumen feedstock ", or BFS. Some dump trucks, route ,the hot engine exhaust through pipes in the dump body to keep the material warm
  6. In Syria were in need of urgent reinforcement, Khalid avoided the conventional, route ,to Syria via Dumas UL Sandal because it was a long route and would take weeks
  7. And the Aegean Sea to the west. From the neolithic age Asia Minor was the, route ,of the forward-Asiatic cultural stream which moved from the Near East to the
  8. Charged ions, the total fraction of their energy converted to neutrinos by one, route ,or another would be about 0.22 + (2/3)*0.78 = 0.74). Gamma radiation can be
  9. Would be to die. A voice stopped her at the last moment and told her a, route ,that would allow her to enter and return still living, as well as telling her
  10. The predominant source of arsenic in our diet is through seafood. An additional, route ,of exposure is through inhalation. In 2005,China was the top producer of white
  11. In Acapulco as rival drug traffickers fight each other for the Guerrero coast, route ,that brings drugs from South America as well as soldiers that have been
  12. Sea inside the Bad Amanda, as the first European fleet to have sailed this, route , Albuquerque attempted to reach Jeddah, but the winds were unfavorable and so
  13. Support in ratifying the Corwin Amendment as a means to avoid secession. En, route ,to his inauguration by train, Lincoln addressed crowds and legislatures across
  14. In Sic yon,Antony's wife Julia died of a sudden illness while Antony was en, route ,to meet her. Fulvia's death and the mutiny of their centurions allowed the two
  15. Near Plaza, and finishes just beyond the Temple of Hephaestus in This. The, route ,in its entirety provides visitors with views of the Parthenon and the Agora (
  16. Railroad provided the only land access to most of the region along its entire, route , In northern Southeast Alaska, the White Pass and Yukon Route also partly runs
  17. Into slavery. Egypt When Alexander destroyed Tyre, most of the towns on the, route ,to Egypt quickly capitulated,except Gaza. The stronghold at
  18. First Lady of the Philippines Aurora Quezon,61,is assassinated while en, route ,to dedicate a hospital in memory of her late husband; her daughter and 10
  19. The crew in great danger and causing major damage to the spacecraft while en, route ,to the Moon. *1972 – The Universal Postal Union decides to recognize the People
  20. The conventional route to Syria via Dumas UL Sandal because it was a long, route ,and would take weeks to reach Syria. He also did not take the Mesopotamian
  21. Among others, the chief of police and the chief of the tsar's guards. The, route , as always, was via the Catherine Canal and over the Peaches Bridge. The
  22. The period. Alexandria became an increasingly important center on the trade, route ,with the orient, as exotic luxuries were in high demand in Rome. Although the
  23. How to pass the three-headed dog Cerberus, Charon and the other dangers of the, route , She was to not lend a hand to anyone in need. She baked two barley cakes for
  24. Agassiz Medal in his memory. He died in 1910 on board the RMS Adriatic en, route ,to New York from Southampton. Publications Marathon (; gen.: Ἀγάθωνος) (ca.
  25. Gateway to the only all-Canadian route to the Yukon gold fields, and the only, route ,which did not require gold-seekers to travel the exhausting and dangerous
  26. Aeropagitou street has been pedestrianized, forming a scenic route . The, route ,starts from the Temple of Olympian Zeus at Basilisks Olga's Avenue, continues
  27. In the railroad on the grounds that the company had changed its original train, route , Lincoln successfully argued that the railroad company was not bound by its
  28. On its surface in 2001. Other asteroids briefly visited by spacecraft en, route ,to other destinations include 9969 Braille (by Deep Space 1 in 1999),and
  29. Enough to happen on the universe in which they did not choose the cowardly, route , take the stupid action, fumble the crucial activity, etc.; few writers focus
  30. In the Persian Gulf, one of the eastern chief centers of commerce. On this, route ,he conquered the cities of Curiati (Kurt),Muscat in July 1507 and Thor
  31. world's first" true" alphabet. Aquinas developed along a slightly different, route , The basic consonant symbol was considered to have an inherent" a" vowel
  32. Armenia and Georgia, which he conquered in 1064. Byzantine struggle In 1068,en, route ,to Syria, Alp Asian Push invaded the Byzantine Empire. The Emperor Romano's IV
  33. S ammonia was produced from the Hydro plant at Memory, via the electrolysis, route , Various renewable energy electricity sources are also potentially applicable.
  34. The villages of Downriver and Skill have very picturesque scenery and the cycle, route ,is popular with Tourists. Economy While a number of attempts at setting up
  35. Formerly Klondike Days). Edmonton was the gateway to the only all-Canadian, route ,to the Yukon gold fields, and the only route which did not require gold-seekers
  36. The" Serum Run" is another sled dog race that more accurately follows the, route ,of the famous 1925 relay, leaving from the community of Nevada (southwest of
  37. From DNA studies are several times older than that given by linguists. The, route ,map of the people with haplogroup O2b,speaking this language can be seen in
  38. Amended in the public interest to provide a newer, superior,and less expensive, route , and the corporation retained the right to demand Barret's payment. The
  39. Landmark Dionysian Aeropagitou street has been pedestrianized, forming a scenic, route , The route starts from the Temple of Olympian Zeus at Basilisks Olga's Avenue
  40. Roads in Adelaide that have resulted from the original design. The inner ring, route ,(A21) borders the parkland, and the outer route (A3/A13/A16/A17)
  41. Driving Confederate forces out of Tennessee and opening a, route ,to Atlanta and the heart of the Confederacy. Trans-Mississippi theater
  42. 243 Ida and its moon Dactyl, all of which were imaged by the Galileo probe en, route ,to Jupiter. The first dedicated asteroid probe was NEAR Shoemaker, which
  43. Late 880’s was marred by the death of Alfred's sister,Æthelswith, who died en, route ,to Rome in 888. In the same year the Archbishop of Canterbury, Æthelred also
  44. And only lasted for four years. *1799 – Napoleon leaves Egypt for France en, route ,to seize power. *1813 – At the Battle of Crossbeam, the Prussians under On
  45. Speech ", Lincoln declared his opposition to slavery, which he repeated en, route ,to the presidency. Speaking in his Kentucky accent, with a very powerful voice
  46. Geography, he began in northern Germany, passed through Asia by a southern, route ,before entering Siberia, then crossed the Bering Strait and continued
  47. 2001 – Air Transit Flight 236 runs out of fuel over the Atlantic Ocean (en, route ,to Lisbon from Toronto) and makes an emergency landing in the Azores. *2004 –
  48. Linking the central population centers and the Alaska Highway, the principal, route ,out of the state through Canada. The state capital, Juneau,is not accessible
  49. To superstition about women on ships, as well as the unsafe nature of the sea, route , In 1511,the Portuguese government encouraged their explorers to marry local
  50. Design. The inner ring route (A21) borders the parkland, and the outer, route ,(A3/A13/A16/A17) completely bypasses the inner city via (in clockwise order

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