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  1. Is required for landing (1999 est. ) Flights to the continent in the, permanent ,darkness of the winter are normally only undertaken in an emergency, with
  2. Was followed by the feudal nobles, sometimes by making a temporary concession, permanent , sometimes without any form of commendation whatever. In England the abuse was
  3. Forces rotation or increase in personnel. During peacetime the Army maintains, permanent ,combat and mobilization readiness. They become part of multinational military
  4. To FAO definition, additionally includes land under permanent crops as well as, permanent ,pastures. In 2008,the world's total arable land amounted to 13,805,153 km²
  5. Due to wind or current. Anchors can either be temporary or permanent . A, permanent ,anchor is used in the creation of a mooring, and is rarely moved; a specialist
  6. Money damages or some other kind of equitable remedy such as restitution or a, permanent ,injunction. Criminal cases may lead to fines or other punishment, such as
  7. About 30 countries maintain about seventy research stations (40 year-round or, permanent , and 30 summer-only) in Antarctica, with an approximate population of 4000 in
  8. Peace but with an unsettled governmental structure. The Articles envisioned a, permanent ,confederation, but granted to the Congress—the only federal institution—little
  9. Costumes Agrippa, who had been exiled by Augustus in AD 7,his banishment made, permanent ,by senatorial decree, and Augustus officially disowned him. Costumes Agrippa
  10. That projectile motion in a vacuum would not cease. He viewed inclination as a, permanent ,force whose effect is dissipated by external forces such as air resistance. His
  11. Strong agnosticism (also called" hard,"" closed,"" strict," or ", permanent ,agnosticism" ): The view that the question of the existence or nonexistence of
  12. However, using pure mass to resist the forces of a storm only works well as a, permanent ,mooring; a large enough rock would be nearly impossible to move to a new
  13. Coupé which was also the first German large-scale production vehicle to feature, permanent ,all-wheel drive through a center differential. Commonly referred to as the "
  14. For the USSR in 1917,declared that the ancient dramatist would have a, permanent ,place in proletarian theater and yet conservative, Prussian intellectuals
  15. Player may counter the next spell played, or put an additional counter on a, permanent ,that has already been played, but not countered ". Songs and poetry often rely on
  16. Amendment, name "/IN"> Whorled"/> which made emancipation universal and, permanent , Enslaved African Americans did not wait for Lincoln's action before escaping
  17. Equipment. Weight for weight, screw anchors have a higher holding than other, permanent ,designs, and so can be cheap and relatively easily installed, although may not
  18. Create civil rights law protections for people with disabilities that would be, permanent , would not be able to be reversed or weakened, and would prohibit all
  19. Nubia, occupied Memphis, and sacked the temples of Thebes. Late Period With no, permanent ,plans for conquest, the Assyrians left control of Egypt to a series of vassals
  20. Ethanol, methanol is extremely toxic: One sip (as little as 10 ml) can cause, permanent ,blindness by destruction of the optic nerve and 30 ml (one fluid ounce) is
  21. Considers temporary agnosticism an entirely reasonable position, but views, permanent ,agnosticism as" fence-sitting, intellectual cowardice. " Argon is a chemical
  22. From which he had just graduated),and in 1903 his appointment was made, permanent , Since the mid-1890s Schweitzer had formed the inner resolve that it was
  23. Of gold, copper,molybdenum, zinc,bauxite Land use: arable land: 16.78 %, permanent ,crops: 2.01 % other: 81.21 % (2005) Irrigated land: 2,860 km² (2003 est. )
  24. Land ", which,according to FAO definition, additionally includes land under, permanent ,crops as well as permanent pastures. In 2008,the world's total arable land
  25. Was along the Rhine and Danube rivers. Victory in battle was not always a, permanent ,success, as newly conquered territories were constantly retaken by Rome's
  26. They required the physical remains (or a substitute, such as a statue) as a, permanent ,home. The ultimate goal of the deceased was to rejoin his key and BA and become
  27. Opened its doors at around the same time the Museum Square was created. The, permanent ,collection consists of works of art from artists like Paid Mondrian, Karel
  28. Long, Maiden and York Islands and further south, the island of Redmond). The, permanent ,population number approximately 85,000 (2010) and the capital and largest
  29. Alabama for a $3.7 billion steel production plant, with the promise of 2,700, permanent , jobs. When ThyssenKrupp's new facilities reach full production capacity
  30. To sail from the shores of Siberia towards the Aleutian islands. The first, permanent ,European settlement was founded in 1784. Between 1774 and 1800 Spain sent
  31. Los Angeles County Music Center. In 2002,Hollywood's Kodak Theatre became the, permanent ,home of the award ceremonies. Academy Awards of merit Current awards * Best
  32. To a movie prop collector, the Academy won the legal battle by getting a, permanent ,injunction. Although Oscar sales transactions have been successful, some buyers
  33. To obey Agrippa. Soon after his bout of illness subsided, Augustus gave up his, permanent ,consulship. Both times to introduce his grandsons into public life. Although he
  34. Profound and prolonged. Wesley sees two primary pathways that could result in a, permanent ,fall from grace: unconfessed sin and the actual expression of apostasy. "
  35. And can supplement or replace speech and writing as necessary. AAC can be a, permanent ,addition to a person's communication or a temporary aid. Which can be used
  36. Bishops, clergy,and laity chosen by the thirty-eight provinces. The body has a, permanent ,secretariat, the Anglican Communion Office, of which the Archbishop of
  37. A national standards organization. According to Paul G. Agnew, the first, permanent ,secretary and head of staff in 1919,AEC started as an ambitious program and
  38. The Standoff–Berry Computer at a cost of $350,000. The replica ABC is now on, permanent ,display in the first floor lobby of the Durham Center for Computation and
  39. Last scenario has long been discarded because of the lack of any evidence of a, permanent ,army. The economic purpose of the Chico road system is shown by the presence of
  40. Of the equivalent mushroom anchor. Screw anchors can be used to anchor, permanent ,moorings, floating docks, fish farms, etc. These anchors must be screwed into
  41. Vessel from drifting due to wind or current. Anchors can either be temporary or, permanent , A permanent anchor is used in the creation of a mooring, and is rarely moved;
  42. Force, fire fighting force, and the establishment of the municipal prefect as a, permanent ,office. With Rome's civil wars at an end, Augustus was also able to create a
  43. Rights. The situation may become widespread and result in more serious and, permanent ,consequences. The lack of basic security leads to chronic poverty when it
  44. The building was designed by Gerrit Raised. This building is where the, permanent ,collection is displayed. A new building was added to the museum in 1999. This
  45. Widest point, together with a number of much smaller islands and cays with no, permanent ,population. The island's capital is The Valley. The total land area of the
  46. Assembly (or Speaker) has two deputies and chairs the Assembly. There are 15, permanent , commissions,or committees. Parliamentary elections are held at least every
  47. Devices. In 1903,Einstein's position at the Swiss Patent Office became, permanent , although he was passed over for promotion until he" fully mastered machine
  48. Thereby making the work an alternate history. Pad way is depicted as making, permanent ,changes and implicitly forming a new time branch. Time travel as the cause of a
  49. Providing at least 1 year has passed since the date of the procedure with no, permanent ,adverse after effects. For those applicants under final consideration, an

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