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  1. Clients were predominantly Americans and, more im port antly, operated out of, port ,facilities throughout the United States. Olmstead, Commissioner,Georgia
  2. Of Atari's systems (Atari 2600,7800,Atari Lynx) and many others. The 2600, port , was the first game to use a bank-switched cartridge, doubling available ROM
  3. Now afford to travel here. In the 70s there was a significant expansion of the, port , In the 2000s,the drug war in Mexico has had a negative effect on tourism in
  4. As an eternal" guest" of Koch and had been coveting Goa as the best trading, port ,in the region. A first assault took place in Goa from March 4 to May 20, 1510.
  5. As well as the mate 300) have a small, proprietary Newton Interconnect, port , However, the development of the Newton hardware/software platform was canceled
  6. Fastest ferries in the world (100 km/h) operate up to 10 times daily from the, port ,of Aarhus to the port cities of Sjællands Odde and Lundberg on Zealand. The
  7. Of institutions involved with the sea, both naval and commercial, as well as of, port ,cities and seacoast regions and provinces in various countries. There also
  8. Although it is not a single body of code, being typically written anew for each, port , A number of Unix variants use GAS. Within processor groups, each assembler has
  9. Torpedo. *1947 – Texas City Disaster: An explosion on board a freighter in, port ,causes the city of Texas City, Texas,to catch fire, killing almost 600. * 1947
  10. Has been a port since the early colonial period of Mexico’s history. It is a, port ,of call for shipping and cruising lines running between Panama and San
  11. In a series of letters he later wrote," Like an unwary sailor who quits his, port ,just before a rising storm, I renounced the hopes and comforts of the gospel at
  12. Already upset at other British actions, and benefited from trade through the, port ,), to open the Second Anglo-Mysore War in 1780. Ali, and later his son Tip
  13. In the 1784 peace treaty between the two nations, the Dutch lost the Indian, port ,of Megakatal and were forced to make trade concessions. The Dutch Republic
  14. Can also be used via the dongle on Newton devices with a Newton Interconnect, port , most notably the Apple Messaged 2000/2100 series, as well as the Apple mate
  15. Is Izmir, which is also the country's third-largest city and second largest, port ,after Istanbul. Olive and olive oil production is particularly im port ant for
  16. And abroad (Istanbul, Sofia,and Bucharest). Ferries departing from the major, port ,of Piraeus connect the city to the numerous Greek islands of the Aegean Sea.
  17. Symbol of freedom becomes more pronounced, as the beaches are closed, as is the, port , In summer, the inhabitants lose touch with the sea altogether:" for all its
  18. Pondicherry after two months of siege. The capture of the French-controlled, port ,of Mahé on India's west coast motivated Mysore's ruler, Hyder Ali (who was
  19. Creek Bridge. In June, he tried to seize Charleston, South Carolina, the leading, port ,in the South, hoping for a simultaneous rising in South Carolina. It seemed a
  20. River in the south. In this context, they established a small trade post at the, port ,of Mind, in Solo. The Portuguese explorer Paulo Dias de Novais founded Luanda
  21. A direct connection to the Rhine, and the North Sea Canal was dug to give the, port ,a shorter connection to the North Sea. Both projects dramatically improved
  22. The emperor while he was visiting Trieste to oversee the construction of a new, port , Charles admired the music of the Red Priest so much that he is said to have
  23. Population number approximately 85,000 (2010) and the capital and largest, port ,and city is St. John's, on Antigua. Separated by a few nautical miles, Antigua
  24. First game to use a bank-switched cartridge, doubling available ROM space. A, port ,was in development for the 5200 and advertised as a launch title but never
  25. An operating staff of 730 and a fleet of 44 trains and 243 cars. Connecting the, port ,of Piraeus with the northern suburb of IFISI. The line is set to be extended
  26. Greek forces to sail for Troy. Preparing to depart from Rules, which was a, port ,in Boeotia,Agamemnon's army incurred the wrath of the goddess Artemis. There
  27. Second Battle of Fort Fisher in January 1865 closed the last useful Southern, port ,and virtually ended blockade running. Conscription and desertion In the first
  28. PlayStation, Nintendo 64,Windows, and the Game Boy Color in the late 1990s. A, port ,was also included on Atari's Cosmos system, but the system never saw release.
  29. Of Athens is centered on the rocky hill of the acropolis. In ancient times the, port ,of Piraeus was a separate city, but it has now been absorbed into forming a
  30. In 2007. ) Trans port ation The Port of Mobile,Alabama's only saltwater, port , is a busy sea port on the Gulf of Mexico with inland waterway access to the
  31. Laity accompanied the vicarious Italian to find a safe haven in the Byzantine, port ,of Genus (Genoa). Albion counted the years of his reign from the capture of
  32. Toulon revolts and admits the British fleet, which lands troops and seizes the, port ,leading to Siege of Toulon. *1798 – Wolfe Tone's United Irish and French
  33. Platform was canceled by Steve Jobs on February 27, 1998,so the Interconnect, port , while itself very advanced, can only be used to connect a serial dongle. A
  34. World (100 km/h) operate up to 10 times daily from the port of Aarhus to the, port ,cities of Sjællands Odde and Lundberg on Zealand. The ferries take both
  35. Advice of Always, instead heading off to America. Stopping off at the Japanese, port ,of Kobe along the way, Crowley had a vision which he interpreted as meaning
  36. The British usually had logistical problems whenever they operated away from, port ,cities. Additionally, ocean travel meant that British communications were
  37. Serve 48 stations, Further extensions are planned towards the major commercial, port ,of Piraeus. Eleftherios Denizens International Air port Athens is served by the
  38. Preserved in the temple of Athena on the acropolis of Phases, Lycia,a, port ,on the Amphibian Gulf. The city was visited in 333 BC by Alexander the Great
  39. By the small Portuguese contingent. Albuquerque then burned some ships at the, port ,and four coastal buildings as a demonstration. The city being divided by the
  40. And helicopters. A few stations have a basic wharf facility. All ships at, port ,are subject to inspection in accordance with Article 7,Antarctic Treaty.
  41. a thousand men and women enlisted and shipbuilding was expanded at the nearby, port ,of Wheatley. The South Australian Government in this period built on former
  42. Never, needs to be lifted, only for example if the vessel is to be towed into, port ,for maintenance. An alternative to using an anchor under these circumstances
  43. And other classics. In 2004,Asteroids (Including both the Atari 2600, port , and the arcade original, along with Asteroids Deluxe) were included as part of
  44. Sacrifice. To Achilles of Luce were dedicated a number of im port ant commercial, port ,cities of the Greek waters: McMillan in Yessenia (Stephan us Byzantines)
  45. Map Aarhus or Århus () is the second-largest city in Denmark. The principal, port ,of Denmark, Aarhus is on the east side of the peninsula of Jutland in the
  46. Under General George Washington. *1793 – French counter-revolution: the, port ,of Toulon revolts and admits the British fleet, which lands troops and seizes
  47. Litter removals—from state and related efforts. Ports Alabama has one sea, port ,in Mobile on the Gulf of Mexico. The state's other port s are on rivers with
  48. Mexico City. Acapulco is located on a deep,semicircular bay and has been a, port ,since the early colonial period of Mexico’s history. It is a port of call for
  49. To the metro system, and 2 express bus services connect the air port to the, port ,at Piraeus and the city center respectively. Eleftherios Denizens accommodates
  50. Officially known as Acapulco de Juárez) is a city, municipality and major sea, port ,in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico, southwest from Mexico

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