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  1. Just horrible. Then they challenged me to quit smoking – because if I can quit, smoking , anyone can quit smoking . So while I am smoking a cigarette right now, I have
  2. Percentage of tobacco smokers than the national average, with 24.0 % of adults, smoking , Religion Arkansas, like most other Southern states, is part of the Bible Belt
  3. Estimates of excess deaths in China from environmental pollution (apart from, smoking ,) are placed at 760,000 people per annum from air and water pollution (
  4. As Kellogg's did not want to associate with him after he was photographed, smoking ,marijuana.; Radio advertising: Radio advertising is a form of advertising via
  5. Tupakalta::: stop smoking (in the sense of putting out the cigarette one is, smoking ,now; literally 'leave from the tobacco' ): :later hippasilta::: stop playing
  6. She commented, saying:" Someone compared me to Bette Davis in that I make, smoking ,cool for kids. And I think it was a tragic and truthful statement. And it made
  7. Investment. In 2004,Bhutan became the first country in the world to ban, smoking ,and the selling of tobacco. Other statistics Industrial production growth rate:
  8. Pressure levels, maintaining a low-fat diet, exercising regularly, quitting, smoking , avoiding recreational drugs, and moderating alcohol intake. However, there
  9. Have added little if any additional value to the conventional risk factors of, smoking , diabetes and hypertension. Angina (chest pain) that occurs regularly
  10. Challenged me to quit smoking – because if I can quit smoking , anyone can quit, smoking , So while I am smoking a cigarette right now, I have written 'The Last Pack '
  11. And perform with the band, despite his medical burdens. After years of heavy, smoking , Carl Wilson succumbed to lung and brain cancer on February 6,1998, after a
  12. Months. Exercise is a main component of cardiac rehabilitation along with diet, smoking ,cessation, and blood pressure and cholesterol management. Beta blockers may
  13. I should lose to this idiot! "). Nimzowitsch was annoyed by his opponents ', smoking , A popular, but probably apocryphal, story is that once when an opponent laid a
  14. Baking - direct and indirect dry heat in a furnace or oven, faster than, smoking ,but slower than grilling. **Grilling - direct heat on a shallow surface
  15. Malta::: From the land: :Malta::: From the sea: :later Takata::: stop, smoking ,(in the sense of putting out the cigarette one is smoking now; literally
  16. To the story by writer Stephen Moves, Charles spent four hours in the taxi, smoking ,crack cocaine from an old drinks can, while instructing the driver to buy him
  17. Held a successful petition drive in November–December 2009 to call for a total, smoking ,ban. The CSU dismissed the petition and demands as unnecessary and frivolous
  18. In cigarette smoke, there seems to be little exposure to cadmium from passive, smoking , No significant effect on blood cadmium concentrations has been detected in
  19. Me feel, as you can imagine, just horrible. Then they challenged me to quit, smoking ,– because if I can quit smoking , anyone can quit smoking . So while I am smoking
  20. And frivolous, but the referendum proceeded, and the voters voted for the, smoking ,ban. Minister-presidents of Bavaria since 1945 German-Bavarian relations The
  21. There is evidence against acupuncture being useful for rheumatoid arthritis, smoking ,cessation and weight loss, and inadequate evidence for most other conditions
  22. Photograph was printed in the Daily Mirror newspaper purporting to show Charles, smoking ,crack cocaine in the back seat of a taxi. According to the story by writer
  23. Of carbon monoxide in the air. Some carbon monoxide binds to hemoglobin when, smoking ,tobacco. Medical treatments Blood products Blood for transfusion is obtained
  24. Factors for coronary artery disease (for example, hypertension,diabetes, or, smoking , ) are at increased risk for heart disease and may wish to consider aspirin
  25. It is also important to keep blood pressure normal, exercise and stop, smoking , These measures reduce the development of heart attacks. Recent studies have
  26. It was unique not only in being a triple Decker but having a separate, smoking ,compartment on the third level. The buses to be found in countries around the
  27. Into ventricular fibrillation leading to death. CAD is associated with, smoking , diabetes, and hypertension. A family history of early CAD is one of the less
  28. Is extensively used for the production of cheap jewelry and articles for, smoking , This pressed amber yields brilliant interference colors in polarized light.
  29. Risk factors such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia,diabetes mellitus and, smoking ,can contribute to its development. Most patients with Syndrome X are
  30. Induction of childbirth, rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder pain, schizophrenia, smoking , cessation,acute stroke, stroke rehabilitation, tennis elbow, and vascular
  31. I don't mind" often means," I'm not annoyed" ( for example, by someone's, smoking ,), while " I don't care" often means," The matter is trivial or boring ".
  32. Red osier dogwood, or chokecherry, was also used by Native Americans in their, smoking ,mixtures, known as kinnikinnick, to improve the taste of the barberry leaf.
  33. To support the argument. For example, a father may tell his son not to start, smoking ,as he will regret it when he is older, and the son may point out that his
  34. Skank, Britney is the girl next door cutting loose at college, drinking and, smoking ,and dancing and sexing just a little too recklessly, since this is the first
  35. These foods are rarely preserved by drying; instead, they are preserved by, smoking , salting or fermenting. Even less fatty foods such as fruits are sprayed with
  36. To the World Health Organization, physical inactivity is second only to tobacco, smoking ,as a health risk in developed countries, and this is associated with many tens
  37. Based on age, gender,diabetes, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, tobacco, smoking , and systolic blood pressure. Prevention Coronary artery disease is the most
  38. Risk factors can be classified as #Fixed: age, sex,family history #Modifiable:, smoking , hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity,etc. There are various risk
  39. Pulled her onto his lap and asked her about a sex act. Schwarzenegger is shown, smoking ,a marijuana joint after winning Mr. Olympia in the 1975 documentary film
  40. Used in plastic products, pesticides,brominated flame retardants, alcohol, smoking , illicit drugs, vaccines,although no links have been found, and some have been
  41. Father is or was a smoker. This does not alter the fact that his son may regret, smoking ,when he is older. Guilt by association Guilt by association can sometimes also
  42. Since antiquity. These include baking, roasting,frying, grilling,barbecuing, smoking , boiling, steaming and braising. A more recent innovation is microwaving.
  43. Forms of cancer, in particular when other risk factors, such as cigarette, smoking , are present. These effects have been demonstrated to persist below 50 parts
  44. An alternative way to visualize the herdsman, in which he is seated and, smoking ,a pipe. The stars ε Boo, δ Boo, μ Boo, β Boo, γ Boo, ρ Boo, and σ Boo form the
  45. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, making healthy dietary choices, and stopping, smoking , There is some evidence that lowering homocysteine levels may contribute to
  46. Smoking – because if I can quit smoking , anyone can quit smoking . So while I am, smoking ,a cigarette right now, I have written 'The Last Pack' with a Sharpie on every
  47. With age, and its progression can be compounded by many causes including, smoking , high blood pressure, excess circulating lipids (hyperlipidemia),and
  48. Of particular hormonal disorders and other chronic diseases or as a result of, smoking ,and medications, specifically glucocorticoids, when the disease is called
  49. Aimed at pre-empting another terrorist attack on the U. S. but discovering a, smoking ,gun linking Iraq and alpha'Ida. So furious was this effort that on one
  50. The Vienna amber factories, which use pale amber to manufacture pipes and other, smoking ,tools, turn it on a lathe and polish it with whitening and water or with rotten

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