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  1. On the focusing-screen and the correct adjustment of the photographic sensitive, plate ,are not in register; in astronomical photography this difference is constant
  2. In connection with Abraham; the following inscription is found upon a metal, plate ,in the Karlsruhe Museum: АВРАΣАΞ ΑΒΛΑΝΑΘ ΑΝΑΛΒΑ Origin In the absence of other
  3. Cavalry who likewise used helmets and armor. By that period, the shiny armor, plate ,was covered in dark paint and a canvas wrap covered their elaborate Napoleonic
  4. Block just mentioned. The plate s moved in straight lines, the movement of one, plate ,at right angles to that of the other. The slots were at right angles to the
  5. And as these excursions became increasingly dangerous, they improvised boiler, plate ,armoring on the vehicles provided by a local shipbuilder. In London Murray
  6. An armor made of large plate s sewn inside a textile or leather coat. Early, plate ,in Italy, and elsewhere in the 13th–15th century were made of iron. Iron armor
  7. Hydraulic pressure; the softened amber being forced through holes in a metal, plate , The product is extensively used for the production of cheap jewelry and
  8. Are available with transistors. * Plate Modulation. In plate modulation,the, plate ,voltage of the RF amplifier is modulated with the audio signal. The audio power
  9. Works of Hermann Block, Helmut Schuster and Singer Oder. Besides, the stove, plate ,collection of the Schwäbische Hüttenwerke steel mill is exhibited, with artists
  10. Of the other. The slots were at right angles to the direction of movement. Each, plate , by itself, was like a Scotch yoke, known to steam engine enthusiasts. During
  11. Including, scale armor, lamellar armor, laminar armor, plate d mail, mail, plate , armour and brigantine. Around the dynastic Tang, Song,and early Ming Period
  12. Illustrations. He often combined etching and engraving techniques in a single, plate , and produced about 122 intaglio prints altogether. Public life As the
  13. Charged electron collector. In a tube, the anode is a charged positive, plate ,that collects the electrons emitted by the cathode through electric attraction.
  14. Inserts (E-S. A. P. I) in the chest, sides and back of the armor. Each, plate ,is rated to stop a range of ammunition including 3 hits from a 7.62×51 NATO AP
  15. The economic and technological necessities of armor production. For instance, plate ,armor first appeared in Medieval Europe when water-powered trip hammers made
  16. Ancient sources credited her with poisoning Claudius on October 13,54 with a, plate ,of poisoned mushrooms at a banquet, thus enabling Nero to quickly take the
  17. For example, Carnegie allowed his steel works to fill large orders of armor, plate ,for the building of an enlarged and modernized United States Navy; while he
  18. The Pacific Ocean bottom gets dragged and ends up under the continental, plate , Water at such depths would normally escape upwards but the unusual conditions
  19. Product. To provide the product as an output, a third element, another slotted, plate , also moves parallel to the (trig. ) opposite side of the theoretical triangle
  20. Of the Americas as well as the Asia-Pacific region. The Andes are the result of, plate ,tectonics processes, caused by the subduction of oceanic crust beneath the
  21. Generally determined by the margin of one of the lenses or by a hole in a thin, plate ,placed between, before,or behind the lenses of the system. This hole is termed
  22. The horse was afforded protection from lances and infantry weapons by steel, plate ,boarding. This gave the horse protection and enhanced the visual impression of a
  23. Culinary traditions. Some Chinese dishes are typically served as part of, plate ,lunches in Hawaii. The names of foods are different as well, such as Managua
  24. Is exhibited, with artists, modellers and the production sequence of a cast, plate ,from design to final product being presented. The“ House of Civic History” (
  25. Making of fire in Scandinavia has been theorized from a depiction on a stone, plate ,on a Bronze Age grave in Civil, Scania,Sweden. Caroline Harrington theorizes
  26. Bodies. The underground ocean, discovered in 2007,has been formed when the, plate ,carrying the Pacific Ocean bottom gets dragged and ends up under the
  27. Have mutated to gain the ability to produce its own histamine will survive. The, plate ,is incubated for 48 hours. The antigenicity of a substance is proportional to
  28. Would any bullet unless fired from close range. In effect, rather than making, plate ,armor obsolete, the use of firearms stimulated the development of plate armor
  29. Plate, such as the armpit, crook of the elbow and groin. Another advantage of, plate ,was that a lance rest could be fitted to the breast plate . The small skull cap
  30. Of Enlightenment in all European countries. By about 1400 the full harness of, plate ,armor had been developed in armories of Lombardy Heavy cavalry dominated the
  31. Making plate armor obsolete, the use of firearms stimulated the development of, plate ,armor into its later stages. For most of that period, it allowed horsemen to
  32. Processes, caused by the subduction of oceanic crust beneath the South American, plate , The main cause of the rise of the Andes is the compression of western rim of
  33. And windows shook. At one point, Cronkite was forced to dampen the booth's, plate ,glass window to prevent it from shattering. This launch showed that additional
  34. A modest distance. Crossbow bolts, if still used, would seldom penetrate good, plate , nor would any bullet unless fired from close range. In effect, rather than
  35. Side. The second input variable in this type of multiplier positions a slotted, plate ,perpendicular to the adjacent side. That slot contains a block, and that block
  36. But similar options are available with transistors. * Plate Modulation. In, plate ,modulation, the plate voltage of the RF amplifier is modulated with the audio
  37. Is fed through a“ choke” ( high value inductor). The AM modulation tube, plate ,is fed through the same inductor, so that the modulator tube diverts current
  38. Roman legions, the mail hauberk of the early medieval age, and the full steel, plate ,harness worn by later Medieval and Renaissance knights, and breast and back
  39. Used in parade armor. Later Gradually starting in the mid-16th century, one, plate , element after another was discarded to save weight for foot soldiers. Back and
  40. Towards the end of World War I, armies on both sides were experimenting with, plate ,armor as protection against shrapnel and ricocheting projectiles. The first
  41. Until the early 20th century. From their introduction, muskets could pierce, plate ,armor, so cavalry had to be far more mindful of the fire. In Japan armor
  42. Beams are laid across the top of the bricks to provide a horizontal bearing, plate ,for the roof to distribute the weight more evenly along the wall. To protect
  43. RF carrier power. * Having (Constant-Current) Modulation. The RF amplifier, plate ,voltage is fed through a“ choke” ( high value inductor). The AM modulation
  44. To be used to protect those joints which could not be adequately protected by, plate , such as the armpit, crook of the elbow and groin. Another advantage of plate
  45. For low flow speeds. Newton also developed a law for the drag force on a flat, plate ,inclined towards the direction of the fluid flow. Using F for the drag force, ρ
  46. Important" body parts instead of covering their whole body since too much, plate ,armor hinders their martial arts movement. The" Other" body parts were
  47. Themselves but their metabolic products are. The bacteria are spread on an agar, plate ,with a small amount of histamine. This small amount of histamine in the growth
  48. More widely accepted during the 1960s,and the increased understanding of, plate ,tectonics demonstrated the impossibility of a lost continent in the
  49. Another advantage of plate was that a lance rest could be fitted to the breast, plate , The small skull cap evolved into a bigger true helmet, the bassinet, as it was
  50. Century. Probably the most recognized style of armor in the World became the, plate ,armor associated with the knights of the European Late Middle Ages, but

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