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  1. For amber waves of grain, : For purple mountain majesties: Above the fruited, plain ,!: America! America!: God shed His grace on thee, : And crown thy good with
  2. In the northern portions and along the shore, and encompassing a great, plain ,of an oblong shape in the south" extending in one direction three thousand
  3. For the 12 gods, Gladsheim, and another for the 12 goddesses, Vingólf. The, plain ,of Idaho is the center of Asgard (Section 14). The gods hold court there
  4. But he had no such ambitions; in fact he disliked whatever went beyond, plain ,common sense. He never moved above the heads of even the dullest readers. He
  5. Powers across the region. The Greek cognate of Assume first describes a, plain ,near the Master river in Homer. In early Greek testimonial Asia indicated
  6. The people disappear in a clap of thunder and Golf finds himself alone on the, plain , having been deluded (Section 59). In Gylfi's delusion, ancient Asgard was
  7. Suez and Assist. Many ancient quarries are found in the hills overlooking the, plain ,of Tell El Maria. Algerian onyx-marble has been quarried largely in the
  8. That separate it from the Routes valley in Greater Syria and the Mesopotamian, plain , The northern coast of Anatolia stretches farther east than the central region
  9. Combined with their historical usage, created problems when transferring ", plain ,text" files between systems. The best example of this is the newline problem
  10. Lowe. " (Salem, Massachusetts ). * St. Paul sandwich — Egg foo young patty in, plain ,white sandwich bread (St. Louis, Missouri ). * Springfield-style cashew
  11. Abraham awoke and went to the elevation that looked over the River Jordan, plain , at the very spot where he stood before God, the day prior. From his vantage
  12. Of his father, Jannaeus led a Judea army that conquered the entire coastal, plain ,except for Ashkelon. Antaeus toppled Western Samaria, the Galilee and the
  13. Lively religion which emphasized grace, holy and charitable living, and for the, plain ,use of the 1662 Common Prayer without additional rituals. Frederick Denison
  14. The day prior. From his vantage point, he saw what became of the cities of the, plain ,as“ dense smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a furnace. ” () This
  15. Mount Aigaleo lies the Thracian plain , which forms an extension of the central, plain ,to the west. The Sardonic Gulf lies in the southwest. Mount Parish is the
  16. Was Captain of the Home Guard in Hatfield & Forest Row, insisting on being, plain ,'Mr. Milne' to the members of his platoon. He retired to the farm after a
  17. In Anatolia in modern Turkey, in the present Fukuoka (or classical Again, plain ,) about 15 km west of the main stream of the present Mahan River (or
  18. But they are different: the first is aspirated, and the second is aspirated (, plain ,). Plain also occurs as the p in cap, or the second p in paper. Chinese
  19. Of the earliest dynasties were placed about a mile into the great desert, plain , in a place now known as Umm Elena'ab, The Mother of Pots, because of the
  20. Airport (AIR) located near the town of Sparta, in the eastern Messoghia, plain , some east of Athens. The airport was awarded the" European Airport of the
  21. World War II. There are many aspects of the narrative that make the allegory, plain , The town Oran, which gets afflicted by pestilence and cut off from the outside
  22. Similarly, older Macintosh systems, among others, use only carriage returns in, plain ,text files. Various IBM operating systems used both characters to mark the end
  23. Captor with his cultured demeanor and persuaded him to let him go by making it, plain ,that it was not in Milan's interest to prevent the victory of the Aragonite
  24. Farming villages. Central Plateau Stretching inland from the Aegean coastal, plain , the Central Anatolian plateau occupies the area between the two zones of the
  25. The sea in the western part of the region. East of Adana, much of the coastal, plain ,has limestone features such as collapsed caverns and sinkholes. Other than
  26. Following year obtained a decisive victory over him at After, probably in the, plain ,of Sharon at Antipathies (1 Kings 20). A treaty was made whereby Ben-hadad
  27. Type among the limited monocots. Compared to Lilies, they usually have, plain ,sepals without markings in the form of dots. If nectarines are present, they are
  28. Had said that the first articulate sound made is" alpha ", because it is very, plain ,and simple — the air coming off the mouth does not require any motion of the
  29. And turrets were prohibited. The triforium was omitted. The windows were to be, plain ,and undivided, and it was forbidden to decorate them with stained-glass. All
  30. And backsliding. Religion was stripped of ornament and ceremony, and made as, plain ,and simple as possible; sermons and songs often used repetition to get across
  31. Mountains. The south facing slopes rise steeply from the Mediterranean coastal, plain , but slope very gently on the north side towards the Anatolian plateau. In the
  32. Of the reservoir provide hydroelectric power and irrigation of the Kura-Aras, plain , Most of the country's rivers are not navigable. About 15 % of the land in
  33. The navigable river Arachnids (or Acanthus),in the midst of a fertile wooded, plain , History It was founded between 650 and 625 BC by Gorges, son of the Corinthian
  34. Childhood objects, even used plane tickets and food – which was sealed in, plain ,cardboard boxes dubbed Time Capsules. By the time of his death, the collection
  35. Hills,Crowley's Ridge rises from 250 to above the surrounding alluvial, plain ,and underlies many of the major towns of eastern Arkansas. Northwest Arkansas
  36. To try his hand at hymns, which had become popular through the language, made, plain , for common people to understand. Several prolific hymn writers were at their
  37. Alexei, and suspected Peter of harboring murderous designs against his son, is, plain , from his confidential letter to George I of Great Britain, whom he consulted on
  38. A similar diversity of plant and animal communities. The mountains and coastal, plain ,of northern Anatolia, with its humid and mild climate, is home to temperate
  39. To how to interpret each character when encountered alone. To simplify matters, plain ,text files on Unix and Amiga systems use line feeds alone to separate lines.
  40. The two closest Roman camps were behind hills and in the other option behind a, plain ,near a valley. Sabin us and Gotta chose for the easy solution and crossed the
  41. And Mount Hymettus to the east. Beyond Mount Aigaleo lies the Thracian, plain , which forms an extension of the central plain to the west. The Sardonic Gulf
  42. System in the United States. About three-fifths of the land area is a gentle, plain ,with a general descent towards the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.
  43. Of the Kitchen by a major canyon, before reaching Marine, situated on a, plain , A little past Marine, near Brain, the river expands into Lake Brain where
  44. Its first important tributary, the Outshine. It then runs across the swampy, plain ,of the Model between Interlaced and Intervene before flowing into Lake Thun.
  45. Also meant the collapse of Byzantine defenses in the northern part of the Po, plain , and large movements of refugees to Byzantine areas. Several explanations have
  46. Summer Olympics with great success. Geography Athens sprawls across the central, plain ,of Attica that is often referred to as the Athens or Attica Basin (Greek:
  47. With some others from France and Malta moved in to farm the Algerian coastal, plain ,and occupied significant parts of Algerian cities. These settlers benefited
  48. Halicarnassus, Alexander proceeded into mountainous Lucia and the Amphibian, plain , asserting control over all coastal cities in order to deny the Persians naval
  49. Was created simultaneously by God, and not in seven calendar days like a, plain ,account of Genesis would require. He argued that the six-day structure of
  50. Algeria's population—and its suburbs now cover most of the surrounding Militia, plain , Algiers was the host city for both the 1978 and 2007 All-Africa Games. The

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