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  1. Spreadsheets, video games, and most existing iPhone apps. It also includes a, mobile ,version of Safari for web browsing, as well as access to the App Store, iTunes
  2. Studio, a suite of music production tools; the Safari web browser; and iOS,a, mobile ,operating system., the company operates 317 retail stores in ten countries, and
  3. Were no longer the main focus of the company, which had shifted its emphasis to, mobile ,electronic devices. The event also saw the announcement of the iPhone and the
  4. Whilst heavier armor provides better protection, it makes vehicles less, mobile ,(for a given engine power),limits its air-transportability, increases cost
  5. Lines in use: 6,200 (2002): country comparison to the world: 212 Telephones -, mobile ,cellular: 1,800 (2002): country comparison to the world: 211 Telephone system
  6. To its online marketing suite. At PhotoShop World 2011,Adobe unveiled a new, mobile ,photo service. Carousel is a new application for iPhone, iPad and Mac that uses
  7. Vikings returned in force in 892 they found a kingdom defended by a standing, mobile ,field army and a network of garrisoned fortresses that commanded its navigable
  8. Resumed in 892,Alfred was better prepared to confront them with a standing, mobile ,field army, a network of garrisons, and a small fleet of ships navigating the
  9. Ordnance," Gun Motor Carriage ". The designs were intended to be very, mobile ,and heavily armed. Most retained a turret, but left it open on top both to save
  10. In use: 37,500 (2006): country comparison to the world: 168 Telephones –, mobile ,cellular: 110,200 (2006) (APA PCS, Cable & Wireless, Digicel ): country
  11. Weapon (SPAN) or self-propelled air defense system (SPAD),is a, mobile ,vehicle with a dedicated anti-aircraft capability. The Russian equivalent of
  12. As did a capital letter. Widespread use of electronic communication through, mobile ,phones and the Internet during the 1990s allowed for a marked rise in
  13. The World Wide Web, email,Bulletin board systems, IRC,instant messaging and, mobile ,phone text messaging. Most of these technologies originally had the ability to
  14. Complete with a full artificial ecology, agriculture,and public transport by, mobile ,roadways. An arcology is also depicted in the 1968 futuristic novel" The World
  15. People to spread acts of random kindness. Agriculture * Chicken ark,a, mobile ,shelter for domestic chickens Narratives * Ark (Transformers),a spacecraft
  16. The RENFE's -gauge line to Barcelona. Media and telecommunications In Andorra, mobile ,and fixed telephone and internet services are operated exclusively by the
  17. Feat was repeated on February 11, 2007. Iron Dome (Hebrew: כיפת ברזל‎) is a, mobile ,air defense system in development by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems designed
  18. Strafing runs directed at large infantry and field artillery units. Interest in, mobile ,AA turned to heavier vehicles with the mass and stability needed to easily
  19. Educational platform, Kay is considered to be one of the first researchers into, mobile ,learning, and indeed, many features of the Yearbook concept have been adopted
  20. Chassis. By the time Rolls-Royce armored cars arrived in December 1914,the, mobile ,period on the Western Front was already over. World War II By the Second World
  21. Innovation The Acadia Advantage In 1996,Acadia University pioneered the use of, mobile ,computing technology in a post-secondary educational environment. This academic
  22. Mechanised formations, but it also is looking to lighten and make more, mobile ,and self-sustainable a few other formations. It must develop these
  23. Into submission, but this allowed the king time to send assistance with his, mobile ,field army or garrisons from neighboring Burns. In such cases, the Vikings
  24. 3 categories: Light Tanks (small, thinly armored, weakly gunned, but highly, mobile ,tanks intended for the armored reconnaissance role),Medium Tanks (mid-sized
  25. Kites are aircraft that are tethered to the ground or other object (fixed or, mobile ,) that maintains tension in the tether or kite line; they rely on virtual or
  26. She warned against drawing favorable cultural implications from upwardly, mobile ,black immigrants who are not the sons and daughters of American slavery and
  27. Serge Parisian) Former major monopolies in Armenia include: # Wireless (, mobile ,) telephony, held by Arrested until 2004 # Internet access, held by Arrested
  28. And Heavy Tanks (large, thickly armored, powerfully gunned, but barely, mobile ,tanks intended for the breakthrough role against fortified lines, particularly
  29. Medium Tanks (mid-sized, adequately armored, respectably gunned, fairly, mobile , tanks intended to provide an optimum balance of characteristics for maneuver
  30. To bear on an attacking enemy unit that uses AFIS. They can be complemented by, mobile ,units of AH-64 Apache Helicopters armed with TOW or Hellfire antitank missiles.
  31. Technology. AMD recently announced DirectX 11-compatible versions of its, mobile ,processors. *Firearm is AMD's line of professional graphics processors for
  32. Forces for the defense of several strongholds. A different type of unit was the, mobile ,group (grup-i-mutaharek),a lightly equipped commando-like formation
  33. To further develop its armed forces into a professional,well-trained, and, mobile , military. Azerbaijan has been undergoing extensive modernization and capacity
  34. Towns (Burns) along the rivers and Roman roads of Wessex; the creation of a, mobile ,(horsed) field force, consisting of his nobles and their warrior retainers
  35. Not be embedded. The ASCII art phenomenon continues to exist in the social and, mobile ,web, even when constrained to only 140 Unicode characters, as exhibited by
  36. Cars with heavier guns. As air power became a factor, armored cars offered a, mobile ,platform for anti-aircraft guns. In 1914,the Belgians fielded some early
  37. Then quickly move on to a new position. This ability is very useful in a, mobile ,conflict and particularly on the advance. Conversely, towed artillery was and
  38. 2 android. The height of the human body part of DER2 is 165 cm. There are 47, mobile , points. DER2 can not only change its expression but also move its hands and
  39. The existing system he could not assemble forces quickly enough to intercept, mobile ,Viking raiders, the obvious answer was to have a standing field force. If this
  40. Entertainment prototypes for film, television,video games, broadband and, mobile ,phones. AFI Screen Nation AFI Screen Nation is a Website featuring AFI-produced
  41. A policy of developing its armed forces into a professional,well-trained, and, mobile , military. In 2000,Center for International Studies and Research reported that
  42. The war effort. *1973 – Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first handheld, mobile ,phone call to Joel S. Angel of Bell Labs, though it took ten years for the
  43. Units – the tank destroyer (TD) battalions – should be concentrated and very, mobile , In actual practice, such German attacks rarely happened; indeed, throughout
  44. Five GSM providers: Fiercely, Bakcell, Azerfon (Near Mobile),Amtrak, Catel, mobile ,network operators and one CDMA. In the 21st century a number of prominent
  45. Such as check dams and terraces. The population of the region continued to be, mobile , abandoning settlements and fields under adverse conditions. Along with the
  46. Self-propelled guns (or howitzers) and rocket artillery. They are highly, mobile , usually based on caterpillar track carrying either a large howitzer or other
  47. The tag. Security Recent developments in the coding of applications including, mobile ,and embedded systems have led to the awareness of the security of applets. Open
  48. As of 2009,the country has 129,300 fixed telephone lines, about 12 million, mobile ,phone subscribers and 1 million internet users. Demographics As of July 2010
  49. Antibiotic resistance and virulence, and beyond genes residing within the, mobile ,genetic elements. Resistant pathogens Staphylococcus aureus Staphylococcus
  50. Three months later, it was announced that Apple had become the third-largest, mobile ,handset supplier in the world due to the popularity of the iPhone. On December

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