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  1. DiFranco has been toasted by the Buffalo News as the" Buffalo's leading, lady ,of rock music. " The News further said:" Through the Righteous Babe Foundation
  2. The newspapers report children being stalked in the night by a" blooper, lady ," (as they describe it),i.e." beautiful lady ". Van Helsing, knowing that
  3. Friend Elizabeth Roy lance in Camden Town. Mrs. Roy lance was" a reduced old, lady , long known to our family ", whom Dickens later immortalized," with a few
  4. Boarding houses who were used to renting rooms by the hour to sailors and their, lady ,companions. Beatty died after catching a chill as pallbearer at the funeral of
  5. That he did so in order to fund theatrical shows on Broadway for his actress, lady ,friend is unfounded. No, No,Nanette was indeed first produced in 1925 by Harry
  6. Whom he served at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. St. Clair met young, lady ,Phoebe Bayard, a member of one of the most prominent families in Boston and
  7. Also in another volume from the times of Pope John XV, Dagome, lord,and One, lady , and their sons Music and Lambert (I do not know of which nation those people
  8. In The Murder at the Vicarage in 1930. Character Miss Jane Marple is an elderly, lady ,who lives in the little English village St. Mary Mead. Superficially
  9. Of Amass: his mother was a certain Tashereniset as a bust statue of this, lady , which is today located in the British Museum, shows. A stone block from
  10. Years older than Beatrix, who tutored Beatrix in German as well as acting as, lady ,'s companion. She and Beatrix remained friends throughout their lives and Annie
  11. Crimson veins, but pink or purple also occur naturally. The common name" naked, lady ," stems from the plant's pattern of flowering when the foliage has died down.
  12. She gives fascinating glimpses into women's lives in 1400,from the great, lady ,in the castle down to the merchant's wife, the servant, and the peasant. She
  13. Dressed in pure white. The other, to whom he played his fateful song, is the ", lady ,in red. " This symbolism might imply that Reuben was Pierrot's companion
  14. Was in Donald's Diary (March 5,1954). There she played the role of a young, lady ,who manages to start a long-term relationship with Donald. But after having a
  15. Starring Rutherford. She presented the character as a bold and eccentric old, lady , different from the prim and birdlike character Christie created in her novels.
  16. And the legendary material makes him Roland's maternal uncle through a, lady ,Bertha. Much of what is known of Charlemagne's life comes from his biographer
  17. Taught his business or having suggestions made to him by an elderly spinster, lady ,". The evidence of Christie's working methods, as described by successive
  18. After it was originally written. While Miss Marple is described as 'an old, lady ,' in many of the stories, her age is mentioned in" At Bertram's Hotel "
  19. Such as the Hyde Park Bar & Grill fork, the Mania dinosaur, the Local Maria, lady ,at Taco Press on South Lamar, the 'migrating' pink flamingos on the lawn in
  20. 1864–1945)," the daughter of a Königsberg merchant, an outspoken young, lady ,with an independence of mind that matched his own ". While at Königsberg they
  21. Set into a variety of handles, some of which were better designed to show off a, lady ,'s hands than they were to work with thread. By the early 1840s,instructions
  22. A. M., The Pawnshop, and The Adventurer. Edna Pursuance remained the leading, lady , and Chaplin added Eric Campbell, Henry Bergman, and Albert Austin to his stock
  23. Plays an important part, as those of the higher classes refer to a woman as a ", lady ,", while the lower classes use the word" wench ", with no exceptions. At
  24. Guy who came to fix one of the beer keg taps – surprising for a" high-class ", lady ,– who happened to be Tom Banger. Leah Remini played one of Carla's daughters
  25. Presumably in the 1929 or 1931 General Elections. On knocking on one door the, lady ,of the house, presuming him to be a sailor in search of" horizontal
  26. To Mariana in Liguria. Later, he is supposed to have lived in Lucca with a, lady ,called Kentucky, who made his stay comfortable (and was later gratefully
  27. A tongue-in-cheek jibe at the other (e.g., a character meeting an elderly, lady , and stating that she's" older than the jokes in The Dandy" ). In the strips
  28. Greek as πρύτανις. This would make the theonym in origin an honorific," the, lady ,". Jamar Frisk rejects this etymology as implausible. The Etymological Magnum
  29. The Book of the Courtier) laid out his vision of the ideal gentleman and, lady , while Machiavelli cast a jaundiced eye on" la verity effectual Dell come" —
  30. Relations between the two countries continued to suffer when Cypriot first, lady ,Antonella Vasileios, the wife of President George Vasileios, was declared Persona
  31. Of the coastguard. The Eiffel Tower (, nickname La dame de fer, the iron, lady ,) is a puddle iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris. Built
  32. To be introduced to" ( I want you to meet the CEO; she is such a fine, lady ,)," to come together with (someone, somewhere )" ( Meet the CEO at the train
  33. In the night by a" blooper lady " ( as they describe it),i.e." beautiful, lady ,". Van Helsing, knowing that this means Lucy has become a vampire, confides in
  34. Duet with Guy Marc hand, in Boulevard Du rum (1971,Barclay) *"Vows ma, lady ,", duet with Laurent Verge, and " Tues venue Mon amour" ( 1973,Barclay)
  35. Dominant ". He designates a neighboring farm girl, Aldonza Lorenzo, as his, lady ,love, renaming her Dulcinea del Tobago, while she knows nothing about this. He
  36. The meaning of Acropolis denotes an Asiatic goddess with lunar attributes, lady ,of the herds. The only possible interpretation Greece of high antiquity
  37. His very first words to her were:" You all going to get sunburned out there, little, lady , " Dean, who runs an asphalt road-surface-paving business in Nashville, has
  38. Ended any possibility of reconciliation. Pursuance would continue as leading, lady ,in Chaplin's films until 1923,and would remain on Chaplin's payroll until
  39. To Max Hayward, Identified only by her initial in Safe Conduct, the young, lady ,'s name was Ida Vysotsky, who came from the well-known Moscow family of tea
  40. Haven in the domain of Benders, the lord of Terranen. However, Serret,the, lady ,of Terranen, is the same girl who taunted him years ago, and she is determined
  41. Story of Mayo, Castlebar 2003 Carney, James: The Playboy & the Yellow, lady , 1986 POOLE Irwin Allen Ginsberg (June 3,1926 – April 5,1997) was an
  42. A father figure to these three. Akston's name is so hallowed that a young, lady , on hearing that Francisco had studied under him, is shocked. She thought he
  43. 1981,after John Hinckley's attempted assassination of President Reagan, first, lady , Nancy Reagan commissioned astrologer Joan Google to act as the secret White
  44. Cellists sometimes played side-saddle, since it was considered improper for a, lady ,to part her knees in public. A player's handedness does not alter the way the
  45. With it. Several of Ochino's Predicted were also translated into English by a, lady , Anna Cooke (or Anne Cooke; b.1533) afterwards second wife of Sir Nicholas
  46. Fragile and haunting Essay Lee, and the very private and mysterious leading, lady ,Adelina Kane, idol of the American stage. In the company of Edwin and his loves
  47. Notes Amaryllis (pronounced) is also known as the belladonna lily, the naked, lady , or an Amarillo. The genus has two species and the more famous of the two
  48. One male and one female, referred to as the gent, gentleman or man, and, lady , or woman. Couples interact primarily with an adjacent couple for each round of
  49. Nobleman and maid of the Crown Princess Constance, became the lover of her, lady ,'s husband: Peter, the heir of Portugal. Alfonso IV was displeased with his son
  50. PM Hun Sen of Cambodia visited Seoul while President Row Moorhen and first, lady ,Won Yang-suk in November 2006. Investment from South Korea has been increased

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