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  1. After her thirteenth birthday in 28,Tiberius arranged for Agrippina to, marry ,her paternal second cousin Gaels Domitian Ahenobarbus and ordered the marriage
  2. Shiver, saying," Maybe I wouldn't have got into it if he said 'I'm going to, marry ,Maria' and this is dead serious, but he didn't, and our affair carried on. "
  3. S southeastern Crimea). After learning the Scythian language, they agreed to, marry ,Scythian men, on the condition that they not be required to follow the customs
  4. Him for his lack of care for his wife's feelings, persuading him to recant and, marry ,Jockeyed again. Despite the legend of his divorce and remarriage, Amram was
  5. Law head alters the standard Arthurian story somewhat, in that he has Aurelius, marry ,Migraine and become the true father of King Arthur (Other does marry his
  6. Known increase in mutation burden in older sperm, and the hypothesis that men, marry ,later if they carry genetic liability and show some signs of autism. Several
  7. His sister Julia Calvin. Agrippina did this hopefully to secure Octavia to, marry ,her son. Consequently, Claudius broke off the engagement and forced Sinus to
  8. 1907–1938),a hemophiliac, he renounced his rights to the throne in 1933 to, marry ,a commoner, Edelmira Ignacio Adriana Sampedro-Robato, and became Count of
  9. A sixteen-year-old dairymaid. They eloped to London but apparently did not, marry , In March 1717 he again went off to sea. While on a visit to Plymouth, he
  10. He was purified by Creon for accidentally killing Electron. Alcmena refused to, marry ,Amphitryon until he had avenged the death of her brothers. However, during
  11. Agreed and went that very night to Pygmalion, and asked him to pick a woman to, marry , She told him that if he did not pick one, she would do so for him. Not wanting
  12. A sword guard, and a woven basket (hokey). If the man and woman agreed to, marry , the man and his father would bring her to their house or the man would stay at
  13. S former sister-in-law instead. Dallas advised Claudius that he should, marry ,Agrippina. Dallas stated to the emperor that as Lucius was the grandson to
  14. The Elder (Lucius' first paternal aunt) to divorce so that Crispus could, marry ,Agrippina. When Agrippina returned, she had nothing to return to. Agrippina
  15. Aurelius marry Migraine and become the true father of King Arthur (Other does, marry ,his brother's widow, though ). In Valerie Massimo Manfredi's The Last Legion
  16. The Infant Don Pedro to bring a group of artisans to Ethiopia where he would, marry ,Yeshaq's daughter. In return, Alfonso sent a party of 13 craftsmen, all of
  17. Bride kidnapping, a practice in which a man abducts the woman he wishes to, marry ,** Child abduction, the abduction or kidnapping of a young child (or baby) by
  18. With Agrippina alive, Nero decided to kill Agrippina. Yet, Nero did not, marry ,Poppaea until 62,calling into question this motive. Additionally, Suetonius
  19. Where he was advised by Martin Luther to abandon the rules of his Order, to, marry , and to convert Prussia into a hereditary duchy for himself. This proposal
  20. Lived grew angry that he had not married. They asked Aphrodite to force him to, marry , Aphrodite agreed and went that very night to Pygmalion, and asked him to pick
  21. Temporary and it is generally assumed that brothers, at least, will leave and, marry ,in due course – making the average age 40 to 50 years younger than their
  22. She and Iglesias have been together for over eight years but have no plans to, marry ,in the near future. Kournikova has a younger brother, Allan. He became an
  23. Expressed the wish that his affianced bride, Princess Dagmar of Denmark, should, marry , his successor. This wish was swiftly realized, when on in the Imperial Chapel
  24. At the age of thirty they were released from the barracks and allowed to, marry ,and have a family. After that, men devoted their lives to war until their
  25. To install sons as provincial ENSI governors in strategic locations; and to, marry ,their daughters to rulers of peripheral parts of the Empire (Fresh and
  26. The richest men in Europe. To secure his position as regent, Peter had Alfonso, marry ,his daughter, Isabella of Cobra, in 1445. But on 9 June 1448,when the king
  27. Empire. At first Alexios III received Alexios V well, even allowing him to, marry ,his daughter Eudora Angelina. Later Alexios V was blinded and deserted by his
  28. Became Alfred Nobel's secretary. But after only a brief stay she left him to, marry ,her previous lover, Baron Arthur Gundaccar von Sutter. Though her personal
  29. To distrust Agrippina. In 26,Agrippina requested Tiberius to allow her to, marry ,her brother-in-law, Roman Senator Gains Sirius Gallup Saponins. However
  30. And pubic hair for a man. In Ancient Rome, it was very common for girls to, marry ,and have children shortly after the onset of puberty. The first recorded
  31. Actaeon's hubris that has been largely ignored, has it that Actaeon wanted to, marry ,Artemis. Other authors say the hounds were Artemis' own; some lost
  32. Senator Gains Sirius Gallup Saponins. However, Tiberius didn’t allow her to, marry ,Saponins, because of political implications the marriage could have. Tiberius
  33. To discover he actually wanted to finish, even though he knew he would have to, marry ,someone when he finished. The reason he wanted to finish it was that he had
  34. That time Claudius’ advisers were discussing which noblewoman Claudius should, marry , Claudius had a reputation that he was easily controlled by his wives and
  35. Not immediate, but he contacted Polly's family and announced his intentions to, marry ,her. Her parents were hesitant as he was known to be unreliable and impetuous.
  36. Came to imply a person of low moral character, often someone trying to, marry ,for money. In comic books such as Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and
  37. Wives had taken place in the days of and Amman were allowed to convert and, marry ,into the Jewish people immediately. Relation to Assyria Amman maintained its
  38. Kidnapping of Cunimund's daughter Rosamond, that Albion proceeded then to, marry , The tale is treated with skepticism by Walter Goff art, who observes that it
  39. Claim to the Kingdom of Thessalonica. Androids II also attempted to, marry ,off his son and co-emperor Michael IX Palaiologos to the Latin Empress
  40. Foster child, born and bred, in my lap, so to speak ". When Claudius decided to, marry ,her, he persuaded a group of senators that the marriage should be arranged in
  41. The sea route. In 1511,the Portuguese government encouraged their explorers to, marry ,local women, under a policy set by Albuquerque. To promote settlement, the King
  42. Local marriage was the norm while the elite had been much more likely to, marry ,abroad as a part of aristocratic alliance building. A habit of one group in
  43. On the other hand, she was inordinately jealous. She arranged for Alexander to, marry ,Sallust Briana, the daughter of a noble Patrician family, but grew so
  44. And tentatively suggested that couples where both parties were deaf should not, marry , However, it was his hobby of livestock breeding which led to his appointment
  45. Least, but cherished as a son and allowed to live quietly on his estates and, marry ,Abyssinia. On 31 January 1718,the service reached Moscow. Peter had already
  46. First stepson Tiberius to end his happy first marriage to Visalia Agrippina to, marry ,Julia the Elder. The marriage of Julia and Tiberius was not a happy one. In 2
  47. Gains Sirius Gallup Saponins after Tiberius was forced to divorce her and, marry ,Julia the Elder. Visalia Marcella was Agrippa’s second child from his second
  48. Then together in a Florida restaurant where Sure supposedly asked Kournikova to, marry ,him. As the story made headlines in Russia, where they were both heavily
  49. Which" a wealthy soap manufacturer … poisoned his wife in order to be free to, marry ,his secretary ". We do not know whether this case resulted in a successful
  50. Deacons who may be married only before ordination, deacons are permitted to, marry ,freely both before and after ordination, as are priests. Most deacons are

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