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  1. Only a few streets remained widened. The new city hall was built on the almost, completely ,demolished Waterlooplein. Meanwhile, large private organizations, such as
  2. Based on the vigesimal system (base 20). For the Aztec the count by 20s was, completely ,natural. The amount of 4,5,13,20 and other cycles meant cycles. The
  3. Brother of Hank Rear den. He lives in his brother's home in Philadelphia and is, completely ,dependent on him. He is resentful of his brother's charity. *Dwight Sanders
  4. Of the soil is mixed into a clear container with some water, creating an almost, completely ,saturated liquid. After it is sealed, the container is shaken vigorously for at
  5. Respond to either separately In a study of 16 children with ADAM,10 recovered, completely ,after high-dose methylprednisolone, one severe case that failed to respond to
  6. Aims high enough ... Mizoguchi seems to be the only Japanese director who is, completely ,Japanese and yet is also the only one that achieves a true universality, that
  7. A kind of" grandfather's car" image, the type 89 was introduced. This, completely ,new development sold extremely well. However, its modern and dynamic exterior
  8. Hosted the Summer Olympics. The Olympic Stadium built for the occasion has been, completely ,restored and is now used for cultural and sporting events, such as the
  9. Appeal to circuit court is to" annul the judgment of the inferior tribunal as, completely ,as if there had been no previous trial. "' The only exception to this is that
  10. The structural formula and the bond angles are not usually sufficient to, completely ,describe the geometry of a molecule. There is a further degree of freedom for
  11. For decades. It has been characterized by Sergei Starting as" an idea now, completely ,discarded ". In 1857,the Austrian scholar Anton Bowler suggested adding
  12. Kurosawa is said to cloister himself in his own small world, which is, completely ,cut off from the everyday reality of the majority of Japanese. The nickname
  13. Abandoned due to disease. The Spanish colonial leaders, in turn, could not, completely ,eliminate British influences along the Mosquito Coast. Except for the French
  14. Since the 1970s,when natural gas succeeded town gas, asphalt (bitumen) has, completely ,overtaken the use of tar in these applications. Other examples of this
  15. And set you free. " Alp Arslan's victories changed the balance in near Asia, completely ,in favor of the Seljuk Turks and Sunni Muslims. While the Byzantine Empire was
  16. Characters are two to four heads tall. Some anime works like Crayon Shanahan, completely ,disregard these proportions, such that they resemble Western cartoons. For
  17. Father saw the model for the new Berlin, he said to his son," You've all gone, completely ,insane. " In January 1938,Hitler asked Speer to build a new Reich Chancellery
  18. Published similar works regarding spiritual alchemy. Both forwarded a, completely ,esoteric view of alchemy, as Atwood claimed:" No modern art or chemistry
  19. Of which might describe antimony) are not yet translated, and their content is, completely ,unknown. The first natural occurrence of pure antimony ('native antimony' )
  20. Picked out mechanically... More recently however I have reduced the system to a, completely ,mechanical form, and have thus embodied the whole of the indirect process of
  21. Had started, and the group came together for more recordings. Plans were not, completely ,clear, but a new album was discussed and the prospect of a small tour suggested
  22. Imagery known to Alchemy and relevant to the person's situation. Jung did not, completely ,reject the material experiments of the alchemists, but he massively downplayed
  23. Electrons. ) The elements at the far right of the table have their outer shell, completely ,filled with electrons, which results in chemically inert elements known as the
  24. Kant stated in the Critique of Pure Reason that Aristotle's theory of logic, completely ,accounted for the core of deductive inference. History Aristotle" says that
  25. Government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as, completely ,satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them
  26. It merely a logical-diagram machine ... but I suppose that it could do very, completely ,all that can be rationally expected of any logical machine ". Jacquard loom
  27. Illicit drugs, vaccines,although no links have been found, and some have been, completely ,disproven. Parents may first become aware of autistic symptoms in their child
  28. One again, as the mate and the Messaged 2000/2100 devices erase their memory, completely ,after replacing the chip),the result will be the Newton OS saying that this
  29. Count of Gas is the same as a pair of Si atoms, but the band structure is, completely ,different, which results distinct bulk properties. Other arsenic alloys include
  30. From eastern and southern states). Before the" Status Apart" ( a separate, completely ,autonomous country/state within the Kingdom),oil processing was the dominant
  31. Ironically, the original source of the term" abused" ) have been so, completely ,assimilated into their consonants that the modifications are no longer
  32. Some cases, an appellate court may review a lower court decision de Nova (or, completely ,), challenging even the lower court's findings of fact. This might be the
  33. Lives. Though faithful to the play, this adaptation of Russian material to a, completely ,Japanese setting—in this case, the late Do period—unlike his earlier The Idiot
  34. John Byrne as artist. After vol. 2,#58 (Nov. 2003),the title reverted, completely ,to its original numbering for #500 (Dec. 2003),with vol. 2,#1-58 considered
  35. 860 Broadway (near 33 Union Square) 1973–1984 (the building has now been, completely ,remodeled and was for a time (2000–2001) the headquarters of the dot-com
  36. Of coal and is chemically distinct from bitumen). Chemistry The substance is, completely ,soluble in carbon disulfide, and composed primarily of a mixture of highly
  37. Known as the Azerbaijani language from the 11th century onward until it became, completely ,extinct in the 16th century. To distinguish it from the Turkic Azerbaijani or
  38. Sources, as well as the filmmaker’s own comments, confirm that Kurosawa was a, completely ,“ hands-on” director, passionately involved in every aspect of the filmmaking
  39. Thousands of ships, and long stretches of coast in Spain and Italy were almost, completely ,abandoned by their inhabitants. Pirate raids discouraged settlement along the
  40. The order and rare outside it. The inner portion of the seed coat is usually, completely ,collapsed. In contrast, the morphologically similar seeds of Lilies have no
  41. Differ in the form of the stem (e.g. past vs. non-past),and also use, completely ,different sets of affixes for indicating person, number and gender: In the past
  42. During the day and comes out at night to search for food. Its diet almost, completely ,consists of termites, other insect larvae and carrion. Physical characteristics
  43. And algorithm advances in one field may improve those of other, sometimes, completely , unrelated,fields. For example, dynamic programming was invented for
  44. The release of the new line of iPod devices for the year, Apple released a, completely ,redesigned Apple TV. The new device is 1/4 the size, runs quieter, and replaces
  45. State in which possession of one ounce or less of marijuana in one's home is, completely ,legal under state law, though the federal law remains in force. The state has
  46. Kurt Gödel's paper (1931)—he specifically cites the paradox of the liar—that, completely ,reduces rules of recursion to numbers. Effective inoculability: In an effort to
  47. Grandfather worked for the Taggers, and he followed in their footsteps. He is, completely ,loyal to Deign and to Haggard Transcontinental. He is also secretly in love
  48. Miami composed a Persian epic poem about Standard which is considered to be, completely ,fictional and marks the finally evolved figure of Alexander which remained
  49. In the Venetian Lagoon. His army sacked numerous cities and razed Aquila, completely , leaving no trace of it behind. Legend has it he built a castle on top of a
  50. An ecological and evolutionary adaptation that has allowed them to be, completely ,independent of freestanding water. Almost all of these frogs live in wet

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