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  1. Ball and run with it at the same time towards the infield and only completely, catch ,it when he is within a good throwing distance to home plate. As addressed in
  2. Striking the strings with a fingernail. Failing techniques use the thumb to, catch ,the fifth string for a drone after each strum or twice in each action ("
  3. Risk, patients prescribed clozapine may need to have regular blood checks to, catch ,the condition early if it does occur, so the patient is in no danger. * One of
  4. The god of fire and the house guardian god to convey their wishes for a large, catch , and safe hunting to the god of mountains. The Ainu usually hunted bear during
  5. To large-scale disaster scenes to discourage ambulance chasers, and to, catch ,any who attempt to solicit business from disaster victims at the scene.
  6. Heat ray ", was used to focus sunlight onto approaching ships, causing them to, catch ,fire. This purported weapon has been the subject of ongoing debate about its
  7. A pitch out, a ball thrown deliberately off the plate, allowing the catch er to, catch ,it while standing and throw quickly to a base. Facing a batter with a strong
  8. Under the snow. When it finds prey, it pounces and punches through the snow to, catch ,its victim. Its fur changes color with the seasons: in the winter it is white
  9. S space program, and into programs that could offer NASA the opportunity to, catch ,up. Johnson responded approximately one week later, concluding that" we are
  10. Feature of the game is the mark, where players anywhere on the field who, catch ,a ball from a kick (with specific conditions),are awarded a free kick.
  11. Or intransitive in BRE, strictly intransitive in AME (to catch SB up/to, catch ,up with SB). A transitive form does exist in AME, but has a different meaning:
  12. Hits a line drive, the outfielder is solely responsible for deciding to try to, catch ,it or play it on the bounce and for succeeding or failing. The statistical
  13. On some trips the men would take several women with them and their duty was to, catch ,the birds and prepare them for future use. They caught Puffins, Lunda Errata
  14. Roughly equivalent to the modern Scorpius) falls they prepare to, catch ,the pupating caterpillars of the forest as they fall from the trees. The
  15. The foot of Atlantic Street (later Atlantic Avenue),where passengers could, catch ,ferries to Manhattan. The construction of the tunnel also lowered the LIRR's
  16. They drove deer into a river or sea and shot them with arrows. For a large, catch , a whole village would drive a herd of deer off a cliff and club them to death.
  17. 5.25-inch disks, yielding 160 KB of storage per disk, but the format did not, catch ,on widely, and no known software was published on 40-track media. Most drives
  18. Is able to close to a self-homing distance where it will be close enough to ", catch ," the target aircraft in the basket (the missile's radar field of view in
  19. Apollo 2 and Apollo 3 would go unused. The manned flight hiatus allowed work to, catch ,up on the Saturn V and Apollo Lunar Module, which were encountering their own
  20. Again some charring occurred, along with a small amount of flame. In order to, catch ,fire, wood needs to reach its autoignition temperature, which is around 300 °C
  21. Return after finishing studies they can move their nation forward and quickly, catch ,up with the rest of the world. Crime and law enforcement The National
  22. Captains have been known to bet with a potential customer that if he does not, catch ,anything the trip is free. Today the fort serves as the Muse Historic de
  23. Diving for abalone in the state of New South Wales is illegal; a free-diving, catch ,limit of two is allowed). California Sport harvesting of red abalone is
  24. Small fish from Málaga, is now banned because the techniques used to, catch ,them trap too many immature fish of other species. The mountainous regions of
  25. Explosion on board a freighter in port causes the city of Texas City, Texas,to, catch ,fire, killing almost 600. * 1947 – Bernard Baruch coins the term" Cold War "
  26. Char, and so on. ). Besides salmon and trout, sport-fishers in B. C. also, catch ,halibut, steelhead, bass,and sturgeon. On the coastlines, Harbor Seals and
  27. The ball that has travelled more than from another player's kick, by way of a, catch , it is claimed as a mark and that player is then awarded a free kick (meaning
  28. And reached 28 when he hit a ball to Jack Skin; England believed it was a, catch , but Brahman stood his ground, believing it to be a bump ball. The umpire ruled
  29. Pledged their support for a crash program aimed at ensuring that America would, catch ,up. Kennedy, however,was circumspect in his response to the news, refusing to
  30. On a New York City street with Program Trunk Roche (they both tried to, catch ,the same cab),a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master of the Kay and Cinema
  31. But ancient transitions, due to the lack of literary contexts, are difficult to, catch ,in the act. The most likely vehicles were the ancient geographers and
  32. With SB). A transitive form does exist in AME, but has a different meaning: to, catch ,SB up means that the subject will help the object catch up, rather the opposite
  33. Tube floats or directly off the shore. There has been a trade in diving to, catch ,abalones off parts of the United States coast from before 1939. The largest
  34. A different meaning: to catch SB up means that the subject will help the object, catch ,up, rather the opposite of the BRE transitive meaning. * cater (" to provide
  35. Reported the incident to Aphrodite's Olympian consort. Hephaestus contrived to, catch ,the couple in the act, and so he fashioned a finely-knitted and nearly
  36. Disk. The Disk was plagued by reliability problems, however,and did not, catch ,on as well as the Apple Die itself. The Apple Die was the most popular Apple II
  37. Disassembly Dismantling the rifle involves the operator depressing the magazine, catch ,and removing the magazine. The charging handle is pulled to the rear and the
  38. Expressed concerns in a letter to Nature, that China was overreporting its, catch ,from wild fisheries in the 1990s. They said that made it appear that the global
  39. And inaugurated a dominant post-war era. The controversy over the Skin, catch ,was one of the biggest disputes of the era. In 1948 Australia set new standards
  40. From wild fisheries in the 1990s. They said that made it appear that the global, catch ,since 1988 was increasing annually by 300,000 tonnes, whereas it was really
  41. Test flight until January 1968. NASA was able to use the 18-month hiatus to, catch ,up with development and unmanned testing of the LM and the Saturn V Moon launch
  42. Appeal against the decision to the Court/appeal the decision to the Court). *, catch ,up (" to reach and overtake" ): Transitive or intransitive in BRE, strictly
  43. Achilles and a tortoise, by which he attempted to show that Achilles could not, catch ,up to a tortoise with a head start, and therefore that motion and change were
  44. Of the experiments, the sail failed to reach the 210 °C (410 °F) required to, catch ,fire, and the verdict was again" busted ". The show concluded that a more
  45. In virginal white robes and a veil (much like Philia's) in order to try and, catch ,Senex being unfaithful. Pseudos convinces Hysteria to help him by dressing
  46. Mines. If possible, a subsidiary ambush may be planned along the exit route to, catch ,pursuing troops, and,if available, the egress may be covered by mortar or
  47. S personal life, cutting all the courtroom plots. The repackaged show did not, catch ,on and was canceled partway through its initial run. While 13 episodes of Ally
  48. Transitive or intransitive in BRE, strictly intransitive in AME (to, catch ,SB up/to catch up with SB). A transitive form does exist in AME, but has a
  49. On al-Qaeda and terrorism plots. Abu Zubaydah was touted as the biggest, catch ,of the War on Terror until the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Immediately
  50. Of Jackie Mason. It depicts the Aardvark attempting, and failing, to, catch , and eat his antagonist, the Ant, also voiced by Boner impersonating Dean Martin

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