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  1. Included in make-ready is the time taken to mount the plate onto the machine, clean ,up any mess from the previous job, and get the press up to speed. The main part
  2. a billion of the world’s population lack access to proper sanitation. Access to, clean ,water has actually decreased in the world's the poorest nations, often those that
  3. In China planned to sue iPhone contractors over poisoning by a clean er used to, clean ,LCD screens. One worker claimed that he and his coworkers had not been informed
  4. Of the Neptune Beach closing around 1940 was a total dearth of quality, clean ,swimming facilities in town. A grassroots effort to create swimming pools at
  5. Are crucial to avoid pain or damage to the anus. Ensuring that the anal area is, clean ,and the bowel is empty (for both aesthetics and practicality) is also advised
  6. That Chlorhexidine remains the most effective mouthwash when used on an already, clean ,tooth surface or immediately after surgery. As chlorhexidine has difficulty in
  7. The use of solvents such as mineral spirits or turpentine to thin the paint and, clean ,up; these generally have some level of toxicity and are often found
  8. The provision of infrastructure to supply basic services, the development of, clean ,power, and the reduction of air and water pollution. In addition to providing
  9. Balks or by being forced off. In short, shall include all bases made by a, clean ,steal, or through a wild throw or muff of the ball by a fielder who is directly
  10. Of Apple's packaging for the Apple II series looked similar, featuring lots of, clean ,white space and showing the Apple rainbow logo prominently. For several years
  11. Grading to reduce aggressive behavioral interactions. Keeping nets and cages, clean ,can assist positive water flow to reduce the risk of water degradation. Not
  12. By self-assembly a highly regular mesh after high-temperature exposure of a, clean ,rhodium or ruthenium surface to moraine under ultra-high vacuum. The Animesh
  13. Water, also containing excess ammonia, will evaporate completely, leaving a, clean ,surface. Acidity Although ammonia is well known as a weak base, it can also act
  14. Laboratory at the Manned Spacecraft Center),the astronauts were given a, clean ,bill of health. On August 13, 1969,the astronauts exited quarantine to the
  15. After the runner who has reached on catcher's interference exclusively on, clean ,plays score earned runs; the base runner cannot be assumed to have been put out
  16. A paper presented to the 1969 Spring Joint Computer Conference. The language is, clean , consistent, powerful,and portable. It thus proved possible to write small and
  17. Pointing out that the U. S. airbase in The Gang, alone,will cost $14 million to, clean ,up, and that three others are estimated to require $60 million for clean up.
  18. Adaptation to mass production. It is inexpensive to manufacture, and easy to, clean ,and maintain. Its ruggedness and reliability are legendary. The AK-47 was
  19. You) into" Virgo Serena, pia, munda et immaculate" ( Serene virgin, pious, clean , and spotless),and the diagrammatic answer to Pilate's question," Quid est
  20. Huts out of pimento trees. He used his musket to hunt goats and his knife to, clean ,their carcasses. As his gunpowder dwindled, he had to chase prey on foot.
  21. To maintain equipment and work with the population on the importance of, clean ,water and sanitation. Food security ACF distributes seeds and tools as well as
  22. Removed all the oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen from a sample of, clean ,air. They had determined that nitrogen produced from chemical compounds was
  23. To the temple and sprinkle it. And after they finish the sprinkling, they, clean , the hearth of the temple with their wings. Other people say still more, that
  24. And licensed for North America and Australia by Animation. Toriyama's, clean ,line and design sense led to jobs designing characters for the phenomenally
  25. Other governments, foundations,businesses, and nonprofits in a partnership to, clean ,up dioxin" hot spots" in Vietnam and to expand humanitarian services for
  26. Objects, the voice replies," Do not call anything impure that God has made, clean , " When Peter awakes from his vision, he meets with Cornelius the Centurion
  27. Can use a cistern as small as. In many areas, it is difficult to keep a roof, clean ,enough for drinking. To reduce dirt and bad tastes, systems use a metal
  28. Couple of decades the town has been transformed from industrial relic into the, clean , modernized area it is today – this has largely been achieved due to large
  29. Of Intel's microcode. In the face of uncertainty, AMD was forced to develop, clean ,room designed versions of Intel code. In 1991,AMD released the Am386,its
  30. His unique style of HOL playing with the album HOL Beat. He added a very, clean ,style of HOL playing and helped create the sound for artists such as Jasmine
  31. A helping hand to the victims of the flood. As a result of the flood, access to, clean ,water has been difficult for survivors. Cinema The cinema of Burkina Faso is an
  32. Results in a relatively streak-free shine, one of its most common uses is to, clean ,glass, porcelain and stainless steel. It is also frequently used for clean ing
  33. Of art in 1918 as the destruction of a mad social order. “ We must sweep and, clean , Affirm the clean liness of the individual after the state of madness
  34. Fueled internal combustion engines, is fueled by liquid hydrogen and emits only, clean ,water vapor. The latest generation (F01) debuted in 2009. Based on the 5
  35. Lip, bad hair day, throw a monkey wrench, under the weather, jump bail, come, clean , come again?, it ain't over till it's over, what goes around comes
  36. He answered," Yes! " So he took one of the sheep, after that I ordered him to, clean ,the breasts of the sheep first from dirt and dust, then I ordered him to blow
  37. Amounts in the finished product. This process makes the beer appear bright and, clean , rather than the cloudy appearance of ethnic and older styles of beer such as
  38. Use the term" violet crown" in their name. Lastly, Austin is known as a ", clean ,air city" for the city's stringent no-smoking ordinances that apply to all
  39. Per capita as well as the percentage of the population with access to, clean ,water. However, 1.4 billion people still live without clean drinking water and
  40. Allows students to give back some time by helping residents and communities, clean ,up, rebuild,and/or serve each other. Faculty, staff,alumni, members of the
  41. With access to clean water. However, 1.4 billion people still live without, clean ,drinking water and 2.6 billion of the world’s population lack access to proper
  42. Prisoners; they nearly starved to death in captivity. When Jackson refused to, clean ,the boots of a British officer, the officer slashed at the youth with a sword
  43. On 11 December 2007,the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court gave a, clean ,chit to Bachchan in a case pertaining to alleged fraudulent allotment of
  44. Two cases above," on an error" includes situations where the batter makes a, clean ,hit (or walks, is hit by pitch, reaches base on a fielder's choice in which
  45. Which resulted in protests and rioting among those who could no longer afford, clean ,water. Amidst Bolivia's nationwide economic collapse and growing national
  46. Of Communism caused him to lose socialist friends, especially when he made a, clean ,break with it in Detour de L'U. R. S. S. in 1936. He was also a contributor to
  47. Passports stamped. This probably followed their return to Saudi Arabia to get ", clean ," passports. An associate of a senior Hezbollah operative is thought to have
  48. Was then named after her. Water from this spring was sacred; it was used to, clean ,the Delphi an temples and inspire poets. By Crane, Apollo had a son named
  49. The user was attempting to draw a circle, a line, a polygon, etc., and it would, clean ,them up into perfect vector representations (with modifiable control points
  50. What Scott was doing at the time. Scott told mission control he was doing some, clean ,up activities around the rover, so they wouldn't know what he was doing. They

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